good morning guys to be honest I don't know well come on cuz when you're in the middle of meet Brett were supposed to know exactly like 13 weeks out seven weeks out and I did no but I went to Vegas and then I got the most insane bronchitis an ever felt where like it would take me 20 seconds to get a full breath I'm like they fell I got screamed through a straw so much to the point we're in the middle of Vegas I was looking up those like 24-hour doctors that come to your room those little expensive as fuck on my fuck this war so I'm going to emergency room they thought I had even pneumonia to get chest x rays x rays long story short it's not a medical Channel it's a training Channel so we'll bring back to training so obviously I didn't train for like two weeks I was just trying to heal I can't even go up the stairs at my house I get out of breath so last week was my first week back and I thought okay cool maybe I'm just gonna be two weeks behind jump right back to the numbers I was supposed to hit I'm supposed to hit 365 for eight guess how many a hit that's right now when we hit two there's nothing like an awesome it's alright book I'm so fucked I have a meet that I've committed myself to I don't want to do another meet this is a homie I'm doing with bleed so I don't give a fuck even if I put up bad numbers I'm still gonna clean my house off and try to have the best meat possible so in total honesty I think and net push back I'm probably like five weeks behind when I started meat prep I think I had like 335 345 on the squat for five reps and over the last eight to 12 weeks I bumped it all the way up to you saw me with Omar my god 405 profiles so happy it's like pretty close to my bed you know my best I think I hit 405 for eight and a 425 for seven so it's getting close to there but today hit 365 four five like I was gonna die I don't even know if how boom hit death or not so I just you know I'm I got Japan coming up oh my god damn it I'm gonna be so fucking weak I'm gonna be like squatting 200 pounds at the meet but fuck it I vote good me um so one of the things I like to do when I know there's a trip coming up there's a lot of times there's no gym or you're you have a pack tour schedule you can't really train during the tour I like to over train a little bit more so that it covers me during that week and I come back feeling not as weak so if you just do your normal shit like let's say you're benching and you're doing like a 3 by 10 when you come back you know sometimes that same way feels hella have you know like damn so what I would like to do is I'll try to do I've got a 4 by 10 or 5 I can just over train a little bit yes you're gonna be exhausted this week but at least when you come back you'll put yourself there's such a stuff up in a better position so that's what I did today I said 3:15 I'm in a 365 for three sets of five and then I did two more sets of five but 315 and then for even more leg volume I did a couple sets of 20 on the Bulgarian split squats and I'm gonna keep this up on Wednesday when I come back I'm going to do a ton more leg volume and then on Friday I'm gonna really kill my legs because I'm gonna be gone for like a good week and a half and for those of you guys for power lifter or even bodybuilding those games go away for like my crazy for no reason like you're like benching 315 one day and I feel pretty good let's go check out the Grand Canyon I was so beautiful and you come back with what the fuck was my bench at 200 yet it's fucking ridiculous so that's so I'm gonna try to do just try to really build a ball game this week lower the intensity a little bit what I'd like to do is uh it's cuz me up high-intensity you have to recover from that so it's really hard to recover from a ton of logging and high intensity so I'm putting that tensity a little bit down I'm not hitting my top set of where I was supposed to hit like qualify for a single I might not I'm gonna save myself so I can come back and get on Wednesday come back and get on Friday cuz when they're strategizing overall volume you got to really take to take into account the weekly accumulated volume and not just the volume in that training so I'm really trying to hit in terms of lower body like maybe a hundred fifty to two hundred total reps and that's gonna be put together by squats then the Bulgarian split squats hamstring curls all that stuff trying to get hundred fifty to two hundred solid reps on my lower legs and then hopefully when I'm out in Japan I'm gonna do some lunges here and there maybe something like like 100 or 200 air squats a days that keep it going cuz it's if you can't even move you don't come back that much weaker because your CNS is still frightened I mean not frying with the helmet I'm I'm fried just see if CNS is still firing so yeah that's miles my strategy Jay so I hit that I hit my squats in my incline bench that's been helping me with my lockouts and and then I hit a neutral grip pull-ups superset on some Arnold presses I switch to neutral grip is because of muy Thai and like ejj and stuff there's more crossover this it's very it's very like rare where you're gonna have someone by the shoulders and then need them like this it's more usually a plumb or a clinch of some sort so your hands are in the palm facing each other position like a neutral grip so I've been practicing my lap hold downs more like this just to be more sport specific and then I finished up with some abs and lace but that's pretty much my workout of the week and if you guys are going on vacation tie this up you're like fuck I'm gonna go to Santorini and I don't think there's gonna be a gym there for two weeks try this off over train a little bit a week or two leading up to it and when they're there I do as much body weight exercises as you can and come back and see if you're actually not as weak as you thought you're gonna be thank you guys for always watching our content


  1. What is your diet while you are training

  2. You got 666k subs lol

  3. J Dilla – The world is yours as the background music, got to respect the music choice on this one.

  4. Annnd its off to the gym

  5. bart got lumbago

  6. Oh my god first John then you I wouldn’t be able to handle it

  7. Jesus wept, and I thought I was ugly…

  8. Damn I think I just got bronchitis yesterday. Just trying to drink a lot of water tho

  9. LOL “wow i feel good i benched 315, i wanna go check out the grand canyon. Come back and youre like wtf why is my bench at 200 again”

  10. Bart! Where do you buy your training weight belt at? I like the snap ons just dont know which one is good.

  11. Bart i know u a successful business man and you deserve to live your life to the fullest, but it seems like u just came back from vegas to go to japan, if u want this meet to be legendary you cant be on a week and gone 2 the next, but u know that

  12. I had similar bronchitis but it ended up being pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs) which you can't see through a chest x-ray, only through CAT scan. Be safe!

  13. What camera is this bruh

  14. Hey Bart. what program are you running??

  15. Well you got one only way to get back to where you were fast , pro hormones or da juice 😉😏

  16. Just do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10k-run everyday and you'll have superhuman strength. Might lose some hair though

  17. Glad all is good be safe on your vacation guys

  18. I sprained my foot January then broke it Febuary so I feel that pain I'm on the high school weightlifting team too….

  19. (Ik it's old but)when you bust a nut and she keeps sucking :25

  20. There one Filipino guy on Twitter @sonnyleyba pretty built muscles. He also a crypto invester.

  21. I know how that feels Bart.
    It stresses your cardiovascular system in many ways because even breathing enough feels like it’s gonna kill you.

  22. Lord he gots da bronchitis

  23. Bronchitis? Aint nobody got time for that!

  24. Train with dom mazzetti and Bradley martyn

  25. Bart "I GoT BrOnChItIs" Kwan

    But lowkey glad your feeling better lol

  26. Get your adequate food intake, workout, rest, repeat …you will get back a lot of your strength quicky

  27. one hundred and seventh

  28. Fifth

  29. fourth

  30. Third

  31. Second

  32. First

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