Tragic Details That Have Come Out About Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton's name is definitely among the greatest musicians of the 20th century he's been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times for goodness sake but great art often comes at a steep price here's the true tragic story of how Eric Clapton made it to where he is today when Clapton was a preteen his world turned upside down when it was revealed that the people he thought were his parents were actually his grandparents and the woman he thought was his older sister Patricia was actually his mother it turned out Patricia had become pregnant with Eric at the age of 16 after an encounter with a Canadian servicemen named Edward fryer who was stationed in England during World War two according to the book guitar gods the revelation hit Clapton hard he became Moody and distant but at the age of 13 he found a place to channel his emotions after being mesmerised by the sight and sounds of Jerry Lee Lewis performing great balls of fire on TV he asked for a guitar for his birthday making music soon became his primary hobby many years later Clapton lifts the song my father's eyes about his absentee dad who died in 1985 without ever meeting Eric Clapton told the Ottawa Citizen I never met my father and I realized that the closest I ever came to looking into my father's eyes was when I looked into my son's eyes Clapton became so obsessed with playing the guitar that he was eventually kicked out of art school for failing to complete his assignments working for his grandfather by day to pay the bills plucked and joined a band and played gigs at night his first band the Roosters lasted less than a year he soon joined at the yardbirds but quit the same day their first top 10 single came out unhappy with a band's new mainstream sound after a pair of influential stints with the Bluesbreakers Clapton joined the new supergroup cream in 1966 launching him to international superstardom at the tender age of 21 and spawning the Clapton is God meme that still lives on today when you think of God you see Jesus no man it's Clapton oh my god man had you clapped into success doesn't mean happiness though even gods get depressed by the late 1960s Clapton had become addicted to heroin and as if that wasn't bad enough he also fell in love with his best friend's wife the friend was none other than legendary Beatles guitarist George Harrison and the woman was Pattie Boyd according to Boyd's autobiography wonderful today things came to a head when drunk Clapton played her new song he had written for and about her Layla when Harrison asked what was going on Clapton said I have to tell you man that I'm in love with your wife that led to a crazy incident where Clapton showed up on their doorstep and challenged Harrison to a petard duel for Boyd's love without a word the two musically battled for two hours but though Boyd said Clapton won the faceoff she stayed with Harrison and Clapton continued his descent into drugs and alcohol at one point reportedly spending an incredible sixteen thousand dollars a week on heroin Clapton hit rock bottom in 1976 with the public meltdown that still haunts his legacy today during a 1976 concert in Birmingham England an inebriated Clapton went on a racist and xenophobic rant that included the statement England is for white people public reaction was Swift with fellow musicians speaking out against Clapton and forming The Rock Against Racism movement for his part Clapton has since apologised for us outburst he told Rolling Stone I just have to face the guy that I became when I was fueled on drugs and alcohol it's incomprehensible to me in a way that I got so far out in 1977 Harrison and Boyd divorced after years of marital issues two years later Boyd and Clapton finally married it should have been perfect especially since Clapton had finally kicked his heroin addiction but it didn't work out though he was off heroin Clapton was hitting the bottle harder than ever the couple also had issues conceiving children that would have been painful enough but both later learned that Clapton had not only been cheating on her he actually fathered children with two other women Clapton and Boyd separated and then finally divorced in 1989 there was one upside to Clapton's difficult personal life in 1986 girlfriend Laurie delsanto gave birth to their son Connor which eventually prompted Clapton to get completely sober as he didn't want his son to see him drunk in 1991 though Clacton and delsanto experienced a heartbreaking tragedy when the four-year-old connor fell 49 stories to his death the boy was playing in a Manhattan apartment when housekeeper opened the window to clean it Connor reportedly ran past the housekeeper and straight out the open window Clapton wrote in his autobiography I remember walking down Park Avenue trying to convince myself that everything was really all right as if anyone can make a mistake about something like that even after seeing the police and paramedics and identifying Connors body he was still in disbelief Clapton was traumatized by his son's death eventually channeling his grief into the classic song tears in heaven after history of rocky relationships death and addiction Clapton finally found the family life he always craved in 2002 he married Malia McHenry together the couple have had three children all girls and he's even become a grandfather Clapton described his surprisingly domestic new life to USA Today as a quiet time in the country it sounds like he doesn't love today's pop stars though my girls go to school and meet other kids who will talk about a certain pop star and that has its own life what I try to do is redirect by playing in the background or having music in the background blues country music New Orleans jazz opera classical I think it's important that they hear old music welcome to old age Gramps in 2016 Clapton revealed that he had been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy which can cause numbness shooting pain and a lack of coordination in the extremities luckily though so far Clapton is mostly experiencing the symptoms in his legs rather than his hands meaning it hasn't affected his ability to create and play the music he loves and in 2018 Clapton revealed on BBC Radio 2 that he is suffering from both hearing loss and tinnitus which can cause a high-pitched ringing in the ears he said he has no plans to retire though as long as people keep coming out to see him I'm hoping that people will come along and see me just because or maybe more than because I'm a curiosity it's amazing to myself that I'm still here check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more grunge videos about your favorite musicians are coming soon subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell so you don't miss a single one you


  1. What are your thoughts on Clapton after hearing about his life?

  2. Wow, that's sad. All those wives, affairs and kids? I didn't realize he was such a loser!

  3. Clapton is god started when he was playing with Bluesbreakers.

  4. Clapton is God
    I was named after him

  5. I think he is not the only one to find out about secrets re: Family He has done well….better than some.

  6. What a dumb housekeeper. Omfg. I knew he fell out an open window. But I didn’t know it was the housekeeper.

  7. Lol. I never knew about the guitar dual. That’s kind of pathetic.

  8. Haha. I didn’t know he quit the same day.

  9. Please stop hating on Clapton he made a whole rebhelation center and made his own island so I advise u to stop saying he is a racist because in another video of this channel The title was Musicians you wouldn't want to meet in real life like fr tho stfu 🙂

  10. Clapton never saw JLL on television – they didn't have a television.

  11. He is a true shit, not only because used women but the way he treated his band mates. When The Yardbirds made a record that was gaining popularity, Clapton quit because they weren’t gut bucket enough, as if he didn’t know beforehand. That was true assholeism. When Cream was becoming one of the first supergroups Clapton got off the ride early, breaking them up. He then became a side man for Delaney and Bonnie who mentored him. They had a hit with “Only You Know and I Know” and then EC left soon after.

  12. It's about the music, we all have a personal life.I have seen him perform live twice, not because I like him as a man, I don't know him and I won't appreciate his music any more or less because of that which I have just watched.

  13. He's playing a huge Karmic debt ….same as Zappa, Lennon.

  14. Zzz.

  15. WGAS….*who gives a shit* about Eric Clapton. Is he going to give you his MONEY ?? FUCK HIM. 🖕

  16. I bet he hates all those barbaric muslims that have taken over his country.

  17. Clapton is one of the most overrated musicians 🙄

  18. Boring….just like Clapton's playing and sound

  19. No mention of Cross Roads??

  20. 1:14 Relatable, I'm also obsessed and sounds like something I'd do.

  21. Clapton is overrated to say the least. I wish he woulda been on that helicopter instead of Vaughan.

  22. Very old news. Where you been?

  23. Well Ted Bundy and the Dunblane Shooter thought their mom was their sister so it must mess with your head. I m sure plenty of others have taken it better but that was about the only thing here that l didn't already know about Eric Clapton. For years l thought (well presumed) Clapton wrote 'l shot the Sherrif ' which is supposedly a parable with a hidden message???

  24. Wishe he go back on smack, his guitar playing sucks when he is sober.

  25. After everything Eric has been through he’s still here. Kiddos to you Eric. Happiness is yours and I am so happy for you. 👌💗😉

  26. I'm happy for him that he had more children after the loss of his little boy. I can't imagine that on any level. I wonder how hard it was for him to kick a $16,000 Heroine habit. I bet that struggle was real. Congrats to him for escaping the Addiction Merry-Go -Round that has destroyed some truly great people.

  27. Now I don't care what anyone on here says I know for sure no one can spend £16.000 dollars a week on heroin not in a million years . One ounce only cost £1200 dollars and know one can spoke more than an ounce a week so how the fuck can somebody spoke £16.000 dollars a week??? Not unless they are puff the magic dragon or talking loads of bollox???

  28. As soon as a white person says something racist she/he gets heavily attacked. When a dark person says something racist everybody thinks she/he is only a victim. The far leftists are acting like dictators, & dominate the western society today. They only think about how bad Hitler was, & think with their feelings. Bunch of idiots.

  29. Quote from my brother when I showed him this…
    "Yes & more that I was privey to having getting to talk quite a lot with him. We used to go for a coffee quite often, sometimes with others, sometimes the two of us . There was a definite affinity between us, but I felt that affinity with him before I met him. It was as if we had suffered the same loneliness & had become simerley rebellious. After AA I went searching along a different route and lay down my companion that was music where i used to find some comfort up until then, it was all I had, until Jesus came into my life & I realized that he was who & what I had been searching for all my life without obviously having knowing it. The two worlds are incompatible, he continues to live in the world that I had lived in, l left, & could never return."

  30. Somebody asked this dick to shut up and keep making money off real talent, poast toastie

  31. He is a piece off shit waw waw ,stealing from others and benefiting off others is all he ever did even there death , poast toastie

  32. I used to dig Clapton; till I found out he’s a racist asshole. Fuck him. Still reeling from that ass cuttin’ Jimi put on him apparently.

  33. "Tears in Heaven" is NOT a classic song

  34. A Freemason Illuminati Ritual. Conor Clapton was ritually murdered. Conor was born to be killed. The price of fame and money. See Gematria Effect News YOUTUBE. See the story on Conor Clapton.

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