I'm gonna take you with us to Trader Joe's I'm going to show you a Trader Joe's haul explain a little bit how we budget how we stay healthy this has been a requested video so I'm super excited to do it hey you guys welcome back to our Channel today's a good day for a good day I'm gonna take you with us to Trader Joe's I'm going to show you a Trader Joe's haul explain a little bit how we budget how we stay healthy this is kind of an a requested video so I'm super excited to do it so I get the question a lot how much money do you spend per month on groceries now this is going to change based on how many people live in your home where you live what kind of food you eat for us we spent about $100 per week on groceries now we live in an expensive city to live in Miami it's very expensive so that may be you know for you Wow or depending on where you live that babies you know great you know cheaper than what you guys spend so anyways I'm gonna link in the description box below Rachel Cruise has a great video on how to allocate you know your money and she gives it a suggestion on how to budget your groceries so check that out the link is in the description box below this week I'm going to be honest we're going to spend probably a little more than we usually spent because we've been on track for the last three months three four months so what we are going to do is kind of go outside of our normal you know eating and try to do some a little more exciting dishes because when you when you stay on budget here's the confused one of the tricks just stick to the whole foods in stick to that are you know get rid of all the fluff just stick to the whole that's it that's how you save money at the grocery store if you eat me stick to your your chicken your turkey steaks whatever it is you you eat and then your grains your fruits and you won't see a huge difference on your grocery bill will you get rid of all of the extra stuff which is usually not that healthy anyway so you're totally winning in every area if you're a vegetarian same thing stick to the whole food that you eat and get rid of all the other fluff condiments sauces whatever and you will see a huge difference on your grocery bill so instead of going to a grocery store with like I feel like having this or I'm feeling like we're not really eating anything exciting stick to it stick to the plan not only will you save money but you're going to be eating healthier which is like just pure winning yeah we I feel like I'm at Walley world I don't know why this place excites me but it totally does [Applause] Olivia okay so we're finally back home and of all the groceries here in the kitchen what I'm gonna do is set it all on the countertop go through it really really fast and show you what we got and tell you kind of how we eat and how we plan things during the week so look here I am here is all of our groceries a lot a lot this is more than usual but like I said we are planning some interesting well not interesting just some different things to eat this week okay so this is all the grocer's we got this is more than usual I am currently working on trying to gain some muscles so that requires me eating more food so that is why we hopefully did not overdo it but we hopefully will hit it perfectly on the mark this week to allow us to eat some more meals but I'll start back here this is the non-perishable items we've got kodiak pancakes pick this up at Target 14 grams of protein Olivia likes to eat these in the morning so we get this like every other week 2 cans of tuna here quick easy for lunch if I don't have anything pre-made I can just grab these and whip them up in the morning and bring them to my office we got some organic tahini here chickpeas we're doing some food prep I might do a video on that tomorrow but we might make we're going to make some homemade hummus so that is what these items are for I got coconut cream I make chocolate milk with that chocolate milk no hot hot chocolate with that yeah hot chocolate with that so got that rice cakes Olivia likes that for snacks beans can't go wrong with that again this is put this this for my daughter also us but this is just like a good thing for her to eat and then it's already pre-made I got these canned tomato sauce I add this to the turkey meat no added sugar so one gram of sugar which is what is anyways I'm not gonna go through the macros but that is a very low on sugar and it adds color and taste to the turkey meat some raisins I got this yogurt I'm switching off my breakfast I'm gonna do Greek you which has high protein very very low sugar I'm gonna do that with a banana hard-boiled egg avocado I'm switching up my breakfast so anyways got one and a half of these we got some raw almonds we're gonna make some almond butter with that some garlic powder this is Tomatoes tougher sweet potato broccoli oranges been loving oranges lately I guess they might be in season I don't know their price really well and they're so delicious so I eat like one of those a day we've got some red onions another thing of broccoli some lemon throw that on anything and some olive one makes it taste super yummy some cabbage already cut up brussel sprouts to things that avocado and this is such a good source of healthy fat and I add this to like almost everything so you don't really have to add a dressing which saves you like money and then also is just great as far as like preserve them and stuff like that you can make anything tastes really good with avocado and olive oil also got some cauliflower flour I'm doing more of a keto thing again so I'm gonna be using this as a rice two racks a banana I eat a one banana almost every single day it's so good I don't know that's how I usually start my day bag of snail bag of spinach two bags of chicken breast three dozen eggs I've been having hard-boiled eggs in the morning so that's why we have so many we found this Trader Joe's usually gifts you know they have a little section where they like try this try that usually I don't buy into it but this was really good beet strawberry juice it has no added sugar and I don't know it was one of those things that like it tasted really good on the spot so wasn't part of the list however we got it sparkling water this is really good if you just don't want to like drink water and you need something a little bit like a little bit fun this is just an easy thing to get a fix besides water I don't know what I'm talking about forget everything I just said and he hates some liquid liquid egg whites two things a turkey bacon one thing of bacon and then some of these what are these breakfast sausage maple chicken breakfast sausage anyways these have really high protein and they are good for a nice keto breakfast and we got some of this it's my husband is gonna do something with this we never really get that but I know it's gonna be really good whatever he puts together we have these two things of turkey meat watermelon cheese another thing of this sparkling water this is kind of like what's that a halo top kind of like that feel of it so anyways Trader Joe's sell something now high in protein low in sugar so it's a good yummy snack that is a good buy and then this little section over here Olivia goes to her aunt's house her cousin's house twice a week so we just got some fun snacks for her to take popcorn some cookies all this stuff is low on sugar even though it's super healthy but it's still going sugar and it's a good fun snack and then these are some like applesauce things and then this coconut cream her aunt wants a trick so we got that for her to take over and that is everything guys this lighting is like horrendous I work solely on natural lighting and it is dark and it's probably about 8 p.m. right now so anyways I was like the video if you did give it a thumbs up if you want to subscribe and you know not a subscriber please hit that subscribe button I'd love to see you guys next week and have an awesome rest of the weekend on site

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