Tovala Cooks Healthy Meals At Home

tovahleh is a countertop oven that aims to cook healthy meals at the perfect temperature it can bake boil and steam pre-prepped feast for up to 4 people in under 30 minutes I grab my fork for a chat with co-founder David Ravi to find out more I'm selling something really delicious exactly what is going on right now so we have a miso baked sea bass with a side of roasted broccoli that's been cooked automatically in this smart oven comes with a companion meal service and basically you scan a unique barcode under here and it tells the Machine exactly what to do so for this meal it's steamed for three minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and then it broiled for another seven to crisp the sea bass and crisps the broccoli just right and every meal has its own unique recipe profile part of the hard work we do in our Test Kitchen is to stack up different sides with the meals because the broccoli has been cut the specific way with the size of fish so that they cook exactly the same so freshly cooked that's gonna come out piping hot as though you cooked it yourself it's a sea bass and then broccoli cook through and crisp just nicely on the top all right that's not too hot hmm it's actually really good very flaky this version of the oven has a working prototype the final two vallah will look a bit more like a microwave you can either order prepared meals to cook select from crowd-sourced recipes or make your own recipes via the app alright so I think I can see where you're going with this you I'm guessing you might be formulating partnerships with maybe grocery stores or your your Costco things like that where you can distribute eventually to start it'll actually be through the mail so very similar to the meal kit services you'll get a delivery once a week all the food comes fresh totally uncooked and it comes with an ice pack in it so it sits outside your door for the whole day how did you come up with this idea so I was a very busy graduate student in Chicago it was super cold I found myself eating frozen food delivery all these things that I was not super comfortable with and I thought there's gotta be a way to get fresh home-cooked meals at the touch of a button this is I mean someone might say this is sort of like a toaster oven or a microwave oven what's different about this so it's definitely not a microwave then we have no microwave technology in there although it can reheat food really beautifully and the reason for that is it's a combination of dry heat so it's got boiling baking convection heat but also wet heat so it can steam at the same time and the truth is this cooking technology like the ability to use wet heat and dry heat has been used in high-end commercial kitchens for a long time they're called combination ovens and they cost ten to fifty thousand dollars and how much does something like this run for so the first 500 will be sold for $199 on Kickstarter then the next thousand will be 239 and then the last year will be $279 how much of the meals going for the meals will be between ten to fifteen dollars great thanks for coming in here and making me a meal and showing me the dibala of course my pleasure


  1. Fuck the oven just make a cheaper meal delivery service. Most people aren't retarted and they can click some buttons.

  2. At $10 to $15 a meal, I am not sure what problem this solves that isn't already solved by delivery options like GrubHub. It's not hard to find healthy meals for delivery in that price range.

  3. how about a link to the sauce? perhaps in the description maybe? it would be nice to credit the creators and support the project, don't you think?

  4. This is way more healthy than any microwave! Good Work

  5. wow next time review a microwave, idiots.

  6. Actually pretty cool

  7. Lol noooo

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