Tour 8 2019: TRG Homestead – Grand-Puppy, Growth, Tomatoes & Peppers are In!, Prevention Planning

welcome to the rest of garden homestead I think we are on tour number eight it's about I don't know May 10th or 11th I now have Friday's off for my full-time job so I'll be able to start doing more work in here just wanted to give you a few tips as I go through the garden and give you a tour when you're taking on big projects there's always that you know drive to get everything done as quick as you can make sure you take a pause look at what you've accomplished appreciate what you've accomplished but also make sure your number one priority is taking care of the plants you've already started these have all been fed they're getting watered they're getting moved up in pots as I need to this is an experiment back here to just show you what happens if you let plants stay too long in containers but make sure you take care of everything you started growing it's real easy to always be focusing on what I got to do next in the garden and then you can you know kind of lose focus on what's growing and you can lose some of your plants I'm gonna come around here we have a new grand puppy in the family his name is Tucker he is full of energy hey Tucker starting on this and I have a bed here that still needs to be set up but I'm letting that go I'll probably replace the beam or the board that curved tomatoes that I planted several weeks back these are transplants are doing extremely well we're going to be bottom pruning knees I'll be talking about why you do that and start some like pruning on different plants it's getting close to that point they're doing really well I'm happy with how things are progressing the fruit plants are looking pretty good blueberries are all in those are the Arctic Kiwis the leaves came back after they were damaged by a frost but most of the plants are starting to leave doing extremely well Irie not really redesigned but I made sure that I had a board going through this little deck thing right here to make sure that the boards stayed strong because what I'm finding is with the thinner boards that I used if I don't have enough two by fours coming down through here the boys will work a little bit but it looks pretty good I leveled it have my flowers right in the front that's lavender I want to bring in two pollinators potatoes over there in the left in the two smaller buckets and I did set up the green stock Tower which I want to show you because it's doing really well put set this mostly up if your been following my videos you know with peppers but they're nice and green here's one that's dying off not sure why that's happening but if you have a plant that doesn't do well but the rest of them are doing okay maybe something just happened to that plant there's nothing to worry about I'll have to replace that with something probably but all the other peppers are green you know and they looked really really good I have another bed to set up again that'll be you know coming I'll take care of that probably towards the end of the month we'll see how things go a lot of people say well you just got to dig a hole and put a tomato in the ground why are you doing all this complicated stuff so I did an earth bed I'll be doing a video on this this is a I think maybe 30 feet this is going to be a hedge of tomatoes and I'll be talking about that in future videos if you want to subscribe that's a tomatillo in the front but I just dropped in a bunch of my seeds start Tomatoes about a foot apart and it'll be a single kind of trellis going through here that I'm going to just weave the tomatoes vines through coming up in this way I'll show you how I do that I'm going to extend this out it's going to come right down here all the way to the end of the garden green beans I'm sorry small of an insect green beans are doing well things are starting to chew on the leaves probably slugs or snails I use iron phosphate to take care of that dropped in some onions and what I've learned with this soil let's see if I can do this this is mulched keeps the moisture in keeps the plants happier especially your vegetable plants that have lots of surface roots the soil the 50-50 mix that I got dries out really quickly so I'll be putting mulch down that's unmalted stride out already and when you come over here it gives you another example of how quickly the top but dries out and when you come over here if you remove the mulch it's nice and moist and brown and this is the same soil so mulch does really make a difference in helping moisture stay in the beds and allowing the surface roots of your different vegetables to really get what they need here's a project that maybe I'll do some of this this weekend I don't know but these are going to be raised beds these were picked up at Tractor Supply and these are specifically designed right here for raised beds and the pricing on them was odd sometimes there was an individual sticker for 79 then there was a sticker for 159 for 3 which which is what I got them at and that's a pretty good deal so it turned out to be maybe 55 dollars for each of them and by the time you stack some wood although these are just a little bit smaller the price is pretty fair and these will last for a really long time not sure what I'm gonna grow in here but I really want to set this garden up as a teaching garden so this is one way that you can make quick raised beds these are fire rings these are used same store these are used to just have campfires or you can use them for raised beds they're similar to the window wells except they're complete and they were about forty four dollars I'm gonna be shooting my next video on grow as I grow and I put different cucumbers and squash in here just to show you what can happen if you let them get too large in just a little bit of preview is when you are starting your cukes your Zuke's your squash you want to get them into the garden when they're about this size all along the back those are potatoes and every container that's upright I dropped in um three different varieties of potatoes and I'll be doing updates on that the asparagus is doing pretty well the Purple Passion came in really nicely so this will be great you know in a year from now two years from now but the Martha Washington did not do well in fact I've dug it up and some of the roots just didn't take so they're coming up in some places I put them more but I want this whole area to be asparagus I may have to order more this is the container garden I shot a video on all planted with the peppers two peppers in each of those and you can see how much you can get in a small space using this method Tucker come here come here no no no no don't eat that come here there you go stay this II are the transplants of my Swiss chard come on stay spinach beets basil two kinds of tomatoes and back there is my why did I forget money buzz over here make it easy and that's my okra coming right down along that line come on come with me and again two peppers in each of the pots it's about 40 44 peppers great way to conserve space conserve resources and I will put the video in the I cards of this so I have a couple more beds to go to fill I'm going to be doing that this weekend filled these this week all the way down waiting on getting my cattle panel to set up my arch so that I could have a trellis but things look pretty decent cabbages kales these are tomatoes I did start back there they're all-america selections winners be doing videos on that but things are coming along nicely and I think right in there is artwork broccoli and it's starting to form the head but in Maryland zone 7 I always have trouble because the heat comes pretty quick and then they go right to flower so every year I try and grow broccoli and cauliflower early spring they always flower before they form nice heads but I'll give it a try again kale on the front red Russian kale on the back and let's end with this so that's red Russian kale that I just seed started this year bottom outside they're doing pretty well and when you come over here this is red Russian kale that overwintered I brought from my other garden and you can see the flowers the flower heads and this is really going the seed it's a biennial so if they overwinter in your area and they're pretty hearty you can get nice low temperatures our temperatures get down to zero so they can take the freeze the next year they're going to come back and they're going to flower and you can eat these just harvest them put them right into your salad they're delicious they're like tiny little broccolis the leaves are still good and you can see all the flower heads that are you could come back these will send out seed pods you can collect them here you go Tucker Tucker have some kale they'll produce hundreds of seed pods thousands of seeds so you can collect them and you can have plenty for your garden in the future hope you enjoyed the video please subscribe to my channel I'm going to show you how I transform this entire area take care of all the vegetables that have started putting in new vegetables and now is the time to start thinking about disease management I showed you the slugs that are coming I'm going to use iron phosphate to take care of that start looking for clues in your garden start thinking about the sprays you want to use and have a plan in place and try and start about two weeks early before those disease and problems come into your garden and I know you may not know that now but keep a journal so next year you know when the problems show up hope you enjoyed the video please check out my seed shop at the rest of garden com thanks for watching


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