Total Upper body Workout for an Insane Pump

all right hi everybody john meadows here i am super excited today we had a contest at paul's store you guys know paul from videos he owns bullfrog nutrition here in ohio and we had a drawing people who purchase grain of supplements were entered in a drawing to train to train with us today and to be in this youtube video so this is so cool so Brian and Brittney actually won congratulations I hope they're excited I'm excited so just talking to them this is really cool this is how small the world of this I used to get raw milk from a farm where they live which is probably an hour hour hour and a half away it turns out their neighbors to the farmer that I used to get roll mill from so it's crazy how it's a small world probably not gonna chug any milk today but we are going to Train so thank you both very much for purchasing the products and actually coming to Train today I'm super super excited we're gonna have a good time and we're training our upper body Paul did you have anything bad just big thanks to you and grant it is everybody and Brian and Brittney it's gonna be a great time I'm not sure you know you're in four books to be a great time it'll be fun any favorite product that you have that you wanted to mention recovery your choice I'd probably be the number one answer any thoughts we're ready to go guys so upper-body time let's get the work alright so upper body we're gonna do two chest exercises we're starting here with a slight decline you guys know I love these notice the angle here he's coming out little wider and shoulder width and he's driving up and a little bit of an arc that's really really good right there he's got his chest arched nothing's caving in that's what you want right there we've got a little 15 degree incline action going we're warming up now again watch the angle the dumbbells coming out a little bit wider than shoulder width we got a nice arc coming up perfect just like that chest is arched form is locked in that's what you want I really like this 15 degree angle right here I feel like it creates a good balance of anterior delt and chest work you get good shoulder work and good chest work a lot of people don't seem to agree that inclines work tear up the chest I would disagree with that I would say they do because your shoulders in a flexed position and my upper chest gets sore when I do it so old-school logic there oh yeah look at that he's got strong triceps too let's go let's go oh there we go – I want as many reps as you can get three four come on way down oh and the weight now just get a movement here we go real tight there it is there it is two three four take your time take your time there we go five six seven come on three more eight two more nine one more time Brian come on up all right good set good set all right here we go over here Mini's you can get okay good form controlled on the way down use your muscle to lower the weight okay here we go good form oh yeah look at that look at that now look at this one compared to the last one look out tighter form is now four five six seven keep going eight keep going nine keep going ten two more come on 11 one more time and twelve you see how much better reform was on that one she cranked that one for a second exercise here by the way on our last exercise we worked up to a failure said what I had Brian do was drop the seat down it was up a little higher and when you get on machines like this you got to really watch your elbow and your shoulder path friends are gonna knock out an easy set of eight here now when we first sat down on here the seat was up a little higher and as Brian was lowering away I could see his arm doing this his elbow that's really really hard on your shoulder in the rotator cuff so what we did was we dropped the seat down so now he's in a really powerful position and his rotator cuff is protected it's not you don't have this crazy internal rotation going on here hey Paul good good flex good flex get a good stretch on these get a good flex good good there we go there we go all right let's go I don't want to underestimate your strength I'm thinking 85 but I'm thinking I'm probably underestimated you see how 85 feels all right now we might have to adjust the seat again let's see where she's at actually no that's good that's a great angle right here watch your elbows watch everything's lined up that's a great angle right there she's getting a good range of motion no rotates no internal external rotation not it in her in her shoulder at all it's just nice and flat perfect right there eight reps oh I burned then drop to 145 and then just listen okay I'll give you some instructions as you go so as many as you can get now see he's got a nice wide grip part of that because he's the big is a big guy but generally when you're wider you get a little bit more work on the external head of your pack where it attaches to your firm we go to failure here good stretch good range of motion keep it keep your chest arched there we go there we go good good keep moving come on come on one more all right now let's go down to 145 keep rolling keep rolling flex your chest to stretch flex stretch flex there we go come on come on come on let's go come on one more come on all right drop it to 105 okay let's go good here we go – come on three come on Brian good good come on two more give me two more good one more KYNA lowered slow and I want you to hold it in a stretch position I'll tell you when to stop okay now hold it right there hold it now pick your chest up so you stressed there we go eight seven six five four three two and done good job good job how'd that feel good good that's right here so lean forward a little bit more straighten your legs out something forward right there now let's keep your torso right there we go right there you getting it right here okay lean forward a little bit more now drive your elbows back better okay right there squeeze right here good let's go ten reps good good squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze there we go good good ten reps nice pull in a little bit lower right there perfect perfect when you're driving your elbows back just think all elbows and then squeeze right here okay so think elbow elbow squeeze elbow squeeze drive your elbow squeeze right there good driver elbow squeeze BAM lock them in when you bring your elbows back just lock them in boom lock them in there we go squeeze there we go come on ten reps squeeze good come on all elbows boom good lock it in BAM I said nice moving your elbows okay so like try this watch this stand right here through this with your arm straighten your arm I'll go like this and flex your lap did you go down okay all the way back right here feel it kind of cramping now watch this rotate your arm out like that now pull your elbow across your spine can feel that that's good to do before your first couple sets they activate it and get it moving real good okay perfect ball right there perfect perfect perfect all right here we go break see notice how she's leaning for lean forward a little bit more back flat now she's just drawn her elbows back and she's flexing her last really hard perfect just like that good okay now change your form once you move your butt up now tilt back a little bit there now just keep the reps going pull the bar in nice and low excellent excellent good good good set perfect she's a natural man with her form she reminds me of my wife everything is locked in perfect see the see how her elbows are just traveling perfect you guys see that look at that look at how her elbows are traveling perfect this is hitting her really good back there and look at her wrist a lot of times people fold their wrist up and they get an uncomfortable feeling in her wrist but she's got her wrist straight she's driving with her elbow like that's perfect that's how you draw your elbows back and drive very very good okay that's good that's just a warm-up we got our lats pumped up now we're stretching them with a good full range of motion good look at the elbows now if you guys notice I dropped a seed down to give me more range of motion at the top anytime you're doing a pull down and you're anchored in it's a great opportunity to stretch now when you come up I want you to kind of relax and let me stretch you okay we're going to get into a rhythm so I'm going to stretch it and then when I let go you pull back down so you pull down you squeeze when you go up to here let me stretch it you're gonna go up all the way and I'm just going to go literally I'm just doing this okay we'll get into rhythm as you go hey let me stretch it back down good stretch good there we go stretch good it's okay for poor guy receding I don't care it's still stretching you good here we go stretch good three more stretch good two more come on last one stretch down good job good job good come on good keep going good one more there we go a hard one those are tough now these wouldn't want to go little higher reps go 15 let's go three sets of 15 here good right there yeah tail down just a little right there so she's leaning forward just a hair to get just a little bit of rear Dale it's mostly side delt side down a little bit of reared out and I only come out to like when we come up to my hand come up much higher now and you really start to do a little too much trap I don't mind a little trap that's okay but let's get a lot of shoulder so right there let's go 15 that's great right there right there 15 times one a little bit more rear dad you can do what Paul's doing he's using a pronated grip here like that it gives you a little bit more and if you want to do rear delts a little even more you tilt forward so he's still in a position that I said so he's still getting a lot of side delts as far as hand position I tell people to use what feels comfortable for you if you feel good pronated like that fine if you have a slight change you want in your grip that's fine sometimes we overthink some of the little things the end of the day you want to use what works really good for you each one needs is to actually drive with your shoulder like really try to flex your delt but really to get the weight moving I think people like to try to swing whereas in my head I'm trying to think fire with a Dell like flex the Dell to move the weight now I can see Brian has a little bit of rear delt weakness you guys see how his friend outs are starting to take over see how his form has changed his arms are moving forward that's totally normal that's just because it's the Teague back here so what we're going to do for Brian was one to throw in a couple wrecks of rear delt sets they're really focused on his rear delts alright so we changed Brian's form we I want to give Brian a little more rear delt so I'm having him do a little bit more rear delt isolation notice he's got a pronated grip right now I want you to really flex your rear delt when you come up get a little bit more bend in your knees there you go good right there see his rear delts are starting to get the TV again here watches traps see how straps are trying to take over there let me show you a little trick show you guys a little trick when you when your rear delts get fatigued and you can feel your upper your rhomboids your traps taking over shorten your range of motion so if you find yourself starting to shrug and do that short your range of motion and just come to here but what you want is you want to pivot with your rear delt okay so just pivot with your rear delt like that okay we'll have you do one more set to I want you to know all right so we moved on to some biceps Brittany's done are supported hammer curl here notice how she's got her upper arm supported on the preacher bench just takes the momentum out of it perfect execution brief your brachialis grief your bicep great for your brachioradialis everything is getting worked by this we're gonna do a little higher reps on this one doing sets of 15 we just did our back so our arms are nice and warmed up so we didn't really need to do a bunch of warm-up sets ah ah geez oh boy yep strong arms strong arms keep going I'll tell you what to do the parcels I think we got 10 okay now do the partials just halfway one two come on baby three come on just a little ones four little ones five five more just little ones just move it two inches six seven eight nine and ten that's good come on come on you got a couple more lease okay one more now give me partials just up halfway right there that's plenty two three four yeah now it's burning five six four more seven eight nine ten there we go good job and put your elbows up right here now keep them there now this is whole way back don't come out to the side to come back step up a little bit more chill down a little more there now come back right there should feel that right here there we go the dual ropes allow us to get some extra range of motion you're really putting a lot of stress on the inner part the long head of your tricep you notice his elbows are stationary he's getting getting a good stretch at the top you could get a little bit more of a stretch right here there that's fully stretched there but notice how this is stationary this isn't even moving that's what you want that's what you want right there good feel that cramping up right there good let's do three sets of 12 here good flex at the bottom good stretch here stretch there we go tilt down just a little bit it's that way to get more stretch there we go right there there we go tilt down just a little bit more the reason why I want you to fill down just because you stretch a little bit more of the tricep when you do that good good oh yeah haha alright that's it that was about two hours what you think we had a good time Brian fun yeah so we did two exercises for chest two for back one for shoulders one for buys one for tries everything we did was three to four sets and our last set was always the hardest it was always to failure or beyond failure sometimes we did some partials sometimes we did a drop set sometimes we did like the stretch exercise over here with a little help so make sure that last set you do remember the quality of the sets a lot of people are caught up on the quantity of the sets but the quality of the steps sets is number one before you even think about how many sets you wanna do make sure you're doing quality sets so I appreciate you guys for coming down thank you very much Brian Brittany anything else Paul I haven't felt weak in a while thanks Brian thanks Brittany I'm pretty weak today but at a comparatively what did hulks a pathetic weakling or something like uni cute alright guys thank you so much for watching and we'll see you next time if you like that video I know you're gonna love my app available on the Google Play Store for Android iPhones in the Apple Store there's so much information on here it's amazing training workouts hundreds of workouts nutrition methodology questions 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