Total Physical Response (TPR) – Teacher Training film no. 8


  1. OK…he needs to purge OK from his vocabulary

  2. What book is it??

  3. Nicely done

  4. Interesting video but just one thought to think about. Not every child has a mum, they might not have one or the child might be in care.

  5. Can I apply for permission to use your video for teaching purposes?

  6. Thank for the energy you used to give un your classes. Please give us more tips to improve your classes.

  7. Good job, I like it.

  8. These kids are too old for this. They already have language skills.

  9. Nice method sir

  10. I have used this method once, but I asked the pupils for suggestions as to what movements we should do. Some got to decide and those were not necessarily the most gifted speakers, readers or writers, so that was a boost to their self confidence I guess. Anyway, we learned a poem by heart this way, and it was very popular. For weeks they asked me to do it again and so we did.

  11. I use this technique quite often- just comes naturally to teach thus way!

  12. Wow such a good teacher

  13. God damn, German children are adorable.

  14. I used "Playway" with my students. They really enjoyed it. I like it very much.

  15. It's the Kinesthesic practice?

  16. I was wondering what Bernie Sanders has been doing these days.

  17. B

  18. is Bernie the teacher? lol

  19. How can I do it in public schools in Mexico? 45 kids each class!

  20. Very significant. It is important to be used as an integral part of early beginning of teaching the target language. Teaching is a matter of fun.

  21. ok nice

  22. Not a good lessonI didn.t like it

  23. teaching children is a fun.enjoy andplay

  24. Wow 😍👍💕

  25. How would the kids know how to write the right word? What do the numbers stand for?
    the last part was not clear!

  26. this vedio is awesome

  27. how can i save this video?????????????

  28. 2:48 the cutest thing I have seen and heard

  29. this is my task for micro teaching

  30. That sucks shekoof. Vietnam kids are fun and if you have the credentials International schools are incredible; there is a lot more discipline.

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