Total Core Workout | Nightwing Training Part 3 (Batman Training Series)

last time on Nightwing training so over the last two installments of this Nightwing training series I've discussed a leg workout for explosive leg strength to help you jump higher and kick harder as well as a push and pull day to help you climb over walls punch bad guys and perform calisthenics movements but there's more to do in this part three we're going to be looking at a core workout to help you twist and torque your body through the air as well as to provide extra stability and balance even when you're at a disadvantage and in a month or two in part four we'll be looking at mobility to help you move through a greater range of motion with strength and in that video I'll also be returning back to the gymnastics Hall to see if all this training has helped my own gymnastics and calisthenics at all so the core is a really misunderstood concept most people will fall into one of two categories either they pretty much ignore their core training because I think well my core is involved in every movement so why do I need to train it I only deadlift all they do loads in those sit-ups in order to get a six-pack without thinking about all the other things that involved in core training gym last a little bit different they understand that the core is actually made up of lots of different muscles all working in tandem in order to optimize a performance your stability and your olicity twist through the air because if we were doing is sit-ups then you're only moving through one plane of motion and actually your core is designed to help you move through multiple planes of motion it's for twisting for bending to the side for bending fours for bending backwards and by developing more strength you're going to do all those things more effectively it'll help to punch harder to perform more gymnastics tricks and moves to perform every single exercise in the gym with greatest strength and you'll even look better so let's break it down if we're going to Train like Dick Grayson and really hit our core in a functional and effective manner what do we need to think about well we need to think about the different muscles that comprise the core and there's more than I'm gonna talk about here but the ones I want to focus on for this workout the ones that you really need to be hitting are the rectus abdominis that's the sheet of muscle on the front that gives you your six-pack the transverse abdominis the deeper layer underneath the six-pack which acts like your nature's weight belt it holds your whole lower midsection in place stabilizes yourself through movements and prevents injury then you've got your internal and external obliques which have a twisting bending to the side moving in that kind of way and then you have the erector spinae and in particular the longest tzimmes for Rakus and these are the muscles that keep your back up straight and allow you to bend backwards and they work as antagonist to the rectus abdominis that pulls phors they pull you backwards you end up with this nice amount of tension that keeps you straight up in the middle so they're working all throughout the day so if you want to train the rectus abdominus then we need to be training that bending forwards and motion bending at the waist not at their hips so we use this in crunches and leg raises and it's really important when it comes to doing a backflip when I spend the whole day trying to do a back flip one of the things I was really surprised about was how much my abs hurt at the end of it this makes a lot of sense when you consider the fact that you're jumping in the air and then tucking into a ball bringing your knees up to your chest this is the most important part of a backflip as a supportive muscle need to be active all the time and that means it's very high in slow twitch muscle fiber so if you're just doing situps not only only working the rectus abdominis but you're also not providing enough resistance or enough explosiveness it's what he do much at the same time a lot of people when they do sit-ups they won't crunch they'll just bend their hip so the whole body folds forwards that's using the hip flexors it's not using your stomach or your abs at all at the same time a lot of people will only train a partial range of motion with their sit-up because your rectus abdominis capable of pulling you forwards all the way from a backwards bent over position so if you're just doing situps where your back is only ever flat then you're not training it through that full range of motion and especially if you're not going all the way up same thing goes again for leg raises so some exercise I'm going to incorporate into our Dick Grayson Nightwing training our hanging leg raises done correctly and then you're gonna drop set those straight down to frog kicks and bringing your knees up really adding the challenge and to increase the resistance you can try lifting a medicine ball or a weight plate in between your knees when you're doing those frog kicks or even between your feet whilst you're doing leg raises and you'll really feel this one the Martha crunch is an exercise where you bend over backwards over say a BOSU ball or anything else like that and exercise ball and then you just sit up all the way from that position so you're going through a greater range of motion Pike pulses can also help me to train a different range of motion for your abs and when it comes to resistance I'm a really big fan of the cable crunch so now to the transverse abdominis Oh nature's weight belt this braces you and you move it's what keeps your abs nice and flat and if you find that you've got a six-pack but you have a gut hanging out there probably is because you haven't trained your transverse abdominal this will keep everything sucked in nicely so you don't only have a detailed six-pack but also a flat one so if you train your transverse abdominal you can use add vacuums that means bringing your belly button in towards your spine and then hold in that position and you can use anything where your body is in that rigid so you can practice with front leavers you can practice with the planche you can just use plank which is one of the most popular ways to train the transverse abdominal you can also just do lots of press ups of course that will also work as long as you're really conscious of keeping that body nice and straight even pull-ups if you're doing the same thing one of the best things you can do though is a hollow body hold this is a move from gymnastics what you're basically doing is contracting the transverse abdominis and really creating a really solid core a solid trunk and then just balancing on it to do this you'll sit down and lie flat on your back then you'll bring that belly button in towards the spine again to really contract the transverse abdominal tuck your chin in bring your arms forwards and then you're gonna hold yourself in that position with your legs also elevated whilst you keep the small of your back touching the ground and as long as the small of your back is touching the ground and your stomach is sucked in then you're doing this correctly and then you can progress to pointing your toes out forwards and your arms out behind you and this will help to build a really solid strong trunk which is really essential when you're doing something like the planche now on to the erector spinae director of spin I however you want to say it and like I said these are for straightening up your back and even leaning over backwards so this becomes extremely important if you wanna do something like a back handspring we need to be able to whip your arms behind you really fast it's also really important again for keeping your body nice and rigid through a range of other different movements the most obvious way that you can train your erector spinae which most people already know about is through Superman so that's lying on the ground then lifting your arms up and your legs up up in the air of course you can you to the Roman chair or if you listen to Christopher summers from gymnastic bodies he's a massive advocate of the jefferson curl where you gradually lower your spine moving through each vertebrae holding a weight in your hands be careful with this really build up to it slowly but he believes this can help you to prevent all sorts of different injuries the most important thing to consider is that if you're going to be upping the amount of training you're doing for your rectus abdominus making it stronger then you also do the same thing for your rectus pnai otherwise gonna create an imbalance that can lead to ketosis and all kinds of other postural and health issues but if you're like me you can just practice putting a baby in and out of her crib which is so ridiculously low down it's like it's designed to break your spine and finally we have the obliques which are so overlooked in training for a number of reasons actually one of those being a lot of people don't want to build up bigger Bleek's because they think they're just gonna make them look thick down the bottom and ruin their upside down triangle aesthetic it doesn't have to if focus more on twisting movements but also who cares this channels about performance so that's what we were interested in and if you want to be Nightwing you have to build your obliques because therefore twisting your body and for bending your body and if you're gonna be doing a B twist an aerial a side flip anything like this you're gonna need to better quickly twist your body in the air likewise any martial artists need to be able to quickly generate power in their hips when the throwing a punch whether they're throwing the kick a roundhouse kick your torso generates a lot of power if you want to be able to twist that way then you should think about that too so how we're going to train our oblique well by doing twisting movements so that means things like the cable resistance punch out the oblique twist with the cable side plank twists hanging leg twists bicycle crunches the pile off press in the bare crunch and another thing you want to incorporate into our maitland training is offset exercises exercises where you are moving more weight on one side than on the other so like a suitcase carry which is a type of loaded carry or like a one-armed barbell press or something like this even one-armed push-ups here you're facing more resistance on one side of your body so your breaks of working to brace and prevent yourself from bending in that direction this will not only help to make us even stronger and able to move even more gracefully but at the same time it makes you impossible to push over which is awesome stay tuned for an upcoming video on contralateral training it's highly relevant to this and it's really interesting so look that's it that's our night wing core training and if you incorporate these all into a workout and I will share a link in the description down below where you can find a sample ABS day core day then you'll be able to develop more agility greater balanced more power in your kicks and your twists is crucial if you want to be able to flips it's crucial if you want to balance long beams it's crucial if you want to Train like Nightwing like I say stay tuned for the final part where I'll be talking about mobility and also putting all this to the test by heading back to the gym and seeing if I can flip it better so thanks ton for watching guys hope found this video useful and interesting if you did then please leave a like down below that'll help me out immensely comment and let me know how you train your core and if there's anything I missed maybe which superhero you'd like to see me tackle next time I'm thinking spider-man to tie in with the new film I've got lots more other cool stuff on the way like I said that contralateral exercise video coming up there'll be looking at samurai training go the productivity stuff gonna be sharing some of my favorite books so if that sounds good to them thanks a ton for watching and I'll see you next time bye for now you


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