Total Body Warmup – The Preworkout “NO STRETCH” 5 On 1 Challenge!


  1. hey jeff what can you recomend to gain muscle? im using your program and ive lost body fat but i dont really see improvements on muscle gain, by the way you are getting popular in the north of mexico
    great video, most people thinks that stretching is enough to warm up
    stay strong

  2. I was feeling off-balance just watching lol..

  3. Will def try this now when I start working out again.. Sitting to much in the studio makin music. Lost alot of weight. Need to get back to the gym and gain some weight (muscle).

  4. Great stuff brother…love the unusual routines you give all the time.

  5. @shanny064 Veins aren't meant to be symmetrical.

  6. @shanny064 genetics, not all veins are placed in the exact same spots!

  7. Is this warm up done on both legs?

  8. @shanny064
    A lot of people have the same thing, me for example. I have a vein only on my left shoulder and as much as I try, there isn't one on my right.
    Another example, Lamar Odom of the L.A. Lakers who has a very big, noticeable vein on one of his shoulder but not both, and he's a pro athlete.

  9. should we perform the "warm up" on both legs

  10. jeff, cut your hair lol

  11. @25Adogg

    I'd like to know the same thing

  12. Hey guys….an obvious point I should have pointed out in the video but….YES, YOU DEFINITELY DO THIS ON BOTH LEGS! Give it a try and see which side is better!

  13. i hate how this guy is A FREAKIN GENIUS

  14. @JDCav24 Hey Jeff, I wanted to just ask a quick question, im 126lbs presently, and was thinking about buying your program, but will it only work for bigger bodied people or will it build me up as well? Im a small guy and don't really have weight to lose but only gain, what would you recommend?

  15. jeff, your biceps are too big, its distracting.

  16. @thespecter2
    im in day 80 ive lost body fat a lot of body fat but i started it at 218 pounds and now im 231 but my arms and my core looks the same as i started

  17. @xc8759 of course you do both legs. unless you wanna have one warmed up and one not warmed up. thats just gonna put all the risk of injury onto one leg lol

  18. @BigDNick93
    pretty much anything that targets the obliques

  19. thx the for video jeff!

  20. Nice! Im going to try it right after brakefast,look fun!!

  21. good stuff, please do more video warm ups. thanks

  22. how did u get those biceps man !!

  23. thanks for your video man, are awesome.
    i want to ask you if you can upload some rutine videos for every muscle, like biceps, triceps, etc… to increase muscle in the good way..
    Good luck!

  24. nice warm up!! gonna try that in the morning..

  25. @thespecter2 i only have pohotos from some days at the pool
    yep i have the tendency to gain weight fast, the only pat that looks really diferent are my legs those are really big

  26. This looks really good. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the post.

  27. @RIP2zone How is that possible? You say you lost body fat and gained 13lbs! in 80 days! That is obviously not 100% lean muscle.. You haven't been following the meal plan have you?>

  28. @izakaru009 i have the tendency to gain wheight fast it works well im a DE (im playing at college level), and about the meal plans is easy to follow it im actually living in the north of mexico (chihuahua) and fruits and vegetables are cheaper than in US. i also get surprised about the results but it has been helping me a lot i have more explosive power (in terms of pass rush)

  29. @thespecter2 if you keep the meal plans and the workouts you will get the results maybe you will get ripped fast, one advice something that have worked for me is doing 5-10 10 yards sprints in the sand it helps me with the recovery and i feel stronger, stay strong and never give up to the hard work

  30. Thanks for all the videos you make, they help alot man.

  31. i actually cant stop looking at the bod haha, good video dude, very helpful

  32. Really appreciate this. You and your team are awesome. I plan to reach your level with the help of your videos and thank you for your efforts.

  33. Hey Jeff love your video use most of your tips. I was wondering if you can make a video of metabolic resistance training with body weights only?

  34. Hey Jeff love your video its very helpful Thanks alot ………

  35. @JDCav24 If there is a leg we prefer do we just do this excercise only with that one?

  36. The having to balance part got my heart rate up really fast, haha

  37. hey coach
    this is kunal here. i send this mag to u from India. i am a shotputter and discus thrower. i wanted to know as to how can i progress with heavier weights. as of now i bench a 95kg, squat a 135kg and deadlift a 130kg. along with body-weight training after each lift alternate days. but i seem to have plateaued. what should i do for the same

  38. another question i had a knee injury some months back and i am recovering. but the knee still tends to pain wen i do any kind of lower body medium weight exercises can u suggest me some tips for the same

  39. Really love this warmup!
    Are there any other similar style warmups you can suggest?
    I do this one quite a lot but would like to mix things up a bit as i figure its bad to keep doing the same thing

  40. those duck moves hurt my back ToT

  41. Excellent warmup, coach!

  42. why is it called total body workout?

  43. Thanks for the tip:-) just did it and great warm up!

  44. Now that's a warm up !

  45. Do you switch legs?

  46. Do I need to do this with both my feet? Would seem more logical…but im unsure

  47. for everybody asking , yes you do it on both legs

  48. It's 2017, is this still worthy of doing?

  49. doesn't this stretch your thighs causing apt

  50. An easy warm up that I do is…
    1 min jumping jacks
    1 min mountain climbers
    1 min extended arm plank
    30 sec side plank on each arm
    1 min elbow plank

  51. Wow Jeff I didn't know you had 3 million 10 thousand subscribers. That's nuts.

  52. Who misses the old intro? 😂

  53. This video old as shit lol

  54. Jeff ,does still working in 2k17 ? :p xD

  55. Hes wrong about one thing its good to stretch in between sets of squats i started doing that and my knee pain disappeared and its easy to keep good form.

  56. THIS WAS 7 YEARS AGO! if it wasn't for jeff's hair i wouldn't noticed it

  57. Very creative.

  58. This is great but you must have more warmup routines. Let's see 'em. Please.

  59. I am from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳Sir you are the greatest trainer on this earth billions of salutes to you sir 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🏻🙏🙏🏽🙏🙏🏻

  60. Can we do this with resistance bands with handles if we dont have dumbbells.

  61. Can I do it before Evey workout???

  62. Im absolutely obsessed with this channel! Been working out for a few months and starting to deal with tightness. You are solving all my problems. Thank you so much 🙏✊

  63. I liked it. Easy to do. Great to help me and my flat feet get better balance.

    * More Pre workout warm and after work out cool down video**

    Thanks Jeff and the team.

  64. Very creative and innovative solutions

  65. THUMBS UP!!!
    then watch!!!

  66. El calentamiento chavo del 8 style

  67. Old skool Jeff!

  68. “HUHH!!! HUHH!!! HUHH!!! HUHH!!!” 🎶🤣

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