Total Belly Blast Tone Abs Workout – Core Exercises For Weight Loss & Belly Fat

hey everyone I'm Joyce Scola today we are going to be doing a total belly blast ab workout so if you want to tone those ABS get ready for beach season let's get started okay so we're going to go ahead and start on our backs laying down keeping the knees bent about hips distance apart and just close enough to your bottom that you can reach your heels with your fingers then I'm going to get a nice long spine tuck my shoulders underneath my spine and then really engage my whole body here so I'm I'm pulling in those ribs activating my belly my back is pressing down flat into the mat neck is neutral I'm squeezing my thighs even though they're apart and then I'm going to take a nice inhale here breathing into the chest to keep my core tight I'm going to exhale pressing my hips up and away from the mat I'm really pressing with my legs here my feet and then exhale slowly lowering down and we're going to do this 10 times so going up and down nice and slow we want to engage every muscle we make this super fast that might have looked really weird then you're not really getting as much out of it as you would if you just really steady squeezing every muscle make sure you're always breathing otherwise you'll really Tucker out your body I'm squeezing my glutes pressing my arms firmly into the mat two more times one more and go ahead and just take a moment to rest here if you need to kind of wiggle your knees out drop in side to side you can even sit with them one way or the other and then quick rest we're going to do one more set just like this and then we're going to try and take it up a notch after that so same thing make sure that you're nice and set engage your whole body my whole body is tight right now and pressing up starting with the hips all the way up your vertebrae and down nine more times breathing through it when people think of their their core or their abs they only think about the front of their stomach sometimes but really your core and your abs really are your side the sides of your body as well as your back if your stomach muscles are weak your back is going to have to overcompensate for that and vice versa and all of our actions should start from our core from our whole torso here even when you walk instead of just flinging your leg forward from the knee you can really engage your bottom and really pull from the core to step forward couple more times here and one more I know it's burning I hope it is and then slowly lowering down you can even hug your knees into your chest so we're going to do this two more two more sets but now I'm going to take it up a notch and lift a leg as I do this if that's too much for you if you're just good here with both feet on the mat then great but you know the more you practice this the better it'll get and the more you can accomplish so I'm going to press up into my bridge now make sure that you're nice and set and then I'm going to lift the leg and trying to flex it straight up keeping my hips level foot is flexed slowly lowering down and back up really engaging I'm squeezing my thigh in and out so it's almost kind of pulling but I want my toes forward my whole leg is engaged right now to more slowly lowering down if you ever just like get to your end like you just hit your wall try not to collapse try to control your body out of whatever position is in and that will really help to train your muscles and really build up their strength all right so now after you take a little rest we're going to try same thing but now with the right leg up or the opposite leg up getting nice and strong here lifting that right leg strong in the air flexing those toes my whole thighs engaged and slowly lowering two more just kidding one more slowly lowering down and go and wiggle out those legs good job even roll out your ankles some okay now we are going to lay all the way down on our mat legs straight out we're going to do what's called a hollow body hold so a hollow body is when you really pull and engage everything in your torso and your core and from there you can pretty much do anything it's a nice strong hold so we're going to exhale lift the legs but I want it to be from pulling here I'm not just like ran trying to I didn't think I could do it wrong lift them up from from the legs because then that's a lot on your back here so we really want to make sure that we're tucking the tailbone down and through pulling that that low belly in then I'm going to roll my shoulders off the mat looking at my toes now here we're just going to hold and breathe so you want to make sure that your low back you can't get your hand through and that's your legs and your upper torso are off the ground breathing into your chest to keep your core tight and exhale slowly lowering down we're not slingshots and breathe and we'll do that two more times if doing both is too much for you you can always just start by holding the legs if you really want to work out the lower a bridging or you can even start by just lifting your torso and that will activate your upper at Baria all right so when you're ready however you have to do this again you can keep working up there is no glass ceiling to fitness I'm going to inhale lift my legs inhale lift my shoulders and hold breathe the mind gives up before the body does and exhale slowly lowering down now that is just like a good full-body workout right there you just hold your whole body tight activate every single one of your muscles you'll start to see the difference in the tone and in your strength and then when you're ready lifting back up into that hollow body breathe make sure you're breathing maybe even smile even though you're probably cursing me out right now and she'll slowly lowering down who even I want to drop out of them sometimes what I really resist really resist ok now we're going to try for like a full-body sit-up instead of crunches if you need to you can always put your feet on the ground having your knee slightly bent so when you go to lift up it's a little bit easier or you can take your leg straight out with me what we're going to do is again engage get that hollow this was me like relaxed and not really activating anything and then now now I'm really pulling in so I'm going to exhale sit up and then fold forward and then inhale up exhale down as you can see I like to keep my legs slightly lifted for that in my hollow and reach for those toes let's do a few more of these trying to go with one vertebrae at a time really folding forward as much as you can then lifting those legs wholly rolling back through that hollow body and then one more time back down and up and go ahead and hold here in this forward fold you can let your background or you can get a nice hamstring stretch keeping your back flat whatever feels good for you in this moment that's what I recommend you doing breathing here let your body refeel refill with that oxygen all right now we're going to flip over and come onto our forearms taking our legs behind us into a plank I'm going to clasp my hands together and make sure that my elbows are just under my shoulders then I'm going to take my feet out back behind me as you can see I'm not wearing shoes if you like to wear shoes in your workout that's awesome I just don't like shoes so foot prisons I'm going to take my feet straight out back really lifting here's me sinking we don't want that right we also don't want this this isn't a twerk video we're even here because then see how my shoulders are behind my my elbows I'm not doing anything in my core this is all arm you can really hurt yourself too so make sure you're nice and straight if you need a mirror or a friend to help you figure that out great really pull in that low belly and we're going to hold I'm looking at my hands to keep my neck nice and neutral I'm not crunching or crunching breathing into the chest to keep the core tired I'm squeezing my glutes pressing my feet back and away from me and pulling in with my elbows which activates my arms nice full body workout here everything is learning to work together breathe storm within calm without take yourself somewhere else and exhale slowly lowering the knees if you need to come back into a child's pose great now if at any point this is too much for you to hold you can have your knees to the ground but make sure that you're not just like hanging out here you still want to activate and keep those shoulders over those wrists or I recommend doing a wide leg plank which still really helps to teach you to keep your whole body straight so whatever works best for you go with that all right getting ready to set yourself back up we're going to do two more of these planks finding a good fit for you challenge wise and hold pulling the elbows back towards the feet pushing the feet away or pulling them in towards you both offer nice stability creating that tension and exhale slowly lowering down I like to do Child's Pose to get the weight out of my shoulders counter stretch for them all right now we are going to come up onto our hands unless you have any wrist issues you can stay with your plank with your forearm plank so make sure you're pressing equally I'm going to take my fingers wide and then I'm going to plant them so my my pointer finger is facing forward grip the ground the if you have a handstand practice or being curious this is what your hands need to look like and then stepping back into my plank now I'm going to exhale bring one knee to my elbow and and same thing other side and switch if you just want to hold your plank if that's enough for you great but if you're here follow along there's no time like this time when I started out I couldn't touch my toes you guys I couldn't do anything I felt so weak in my body but I pushed myself it was so hard every day pushing myself past my fears past my weaknesses and have grown so much stronger because it and you can too I promise I promise and one more each side and XO slowly going back into that chest breathe you deserve it all right now we're going to stretch out onto our bellies stretch out our core here you can come to a sphinx pose which is your elbows are underneath your shoulders and you're really pressing your your elbows into the mat while rolling your shoulders back that will give you a nice stretch across the top of the tummy if you are a bit more flexible in your spine you can take your hands underneath the shoulders and pressing I'm engaging my legs and again no crunching please nice long spine whew I really feel this stretching the front of my belly whoo breathe here for just a little bit try to stretch those shoulders back don't just make this all low back cover back in there too I like to wiggle and jiggle out the body and exhale pressing back just for just one more Child's Pose to counter that little back arch there rounding the spine shoulders can come up by the ears now all right everybody I hope that this has really rocked your tummies and I hope that you start to see some results soon and feel good in your bodies so if my type of workouts resonate with you please check out my website at joy Scola calm or I also have a youtube channel as well joy Scola hit me up talk to you later


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