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With technology evolving at a rapid pace, do you know what trends will revolutionize the fitness industry? Do you wanna stay ahead of your competition? And on top of the fitness game? Hi! My name is Thomas Woods, and today I’m gonna tell you about the top trends that we feel are gonna make the biggest impact in 2019, for gyms, fitness studios, as well as fitness chains. Trend #1: AI Our interaction with artificial intelligence is becoming more and more human. We can see this with something that we personally love: Chatbots. Now a Chabot is a window that opens automatically when someone gets to your site. It answers things like some of the FAQ’s. Cool, right? This means less work for you! Trend #2: On-Demand Digital Coaching. Imagine if your clients could have an on-demand workout class directly from their apartment. Well, they can! We have officially moved to an era where time or place cannot limit physical activity. As an example, UK chain Xercise4Less launched streaming group lessons via their mobile app, which allow their members to workout directly from home. A new wave of workout apps it’s also evolving, offering 1 on 1 coaching, nutrition guidance, and progress tracking, like Virtuagym’sm Coaching App! Trend #3: Wearables. Instead of fitness trackers that you wear on your wrist or your chest, sensors of the future are gonna be increasingly incorporated into the clothing you wear, to measure body performance during your workout. So, keep an eye on smart clothing, as it’s estimated to surpass smart device sales by 2022. Lastly, trend #4: Big Data. Thanks to Big Data, we can now predict things like training habits, as well as purchasing behaviour of members. Not only does this allow clubs to offer a more personalized service, it allows them to spot opportunities for future growth. This is another year in which technological innovations will take the fitness industry to the next level. Simplifying business processes, as well as improving the member experience will be key for the rest of 2019. Do you think we missed any key trends for 2019? If so, leave us a comment down in the section below, and if you enjoyed watching the video, gives us a like. Also, don’t forget to like our page, so can you get up-to-date information on the latest fitness trends. Thanks for watching, and see you next time!

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