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20 years of research in the world-renowned department of molecular biology stock laboratory of Princeton University former home of Albert Einstein led dr. Jeffery stock to a breakthrough discovery EHT a patented bio complex shown to defend the brain against the effects of aging EHT has been featured in some of the country and world's most recognizable and trusted media with this breakthrough supplement already reaching more than 1 billion impressions so how does the HT work by optimizing the activity of the master protein regulator PP to a when PP to a is activated by eh T it can promote neuronal integrity by ensuring the structural protein town remains on the microtubules resulting in stronger neurons stronger neurons lead to the ability to create stronger synaptic connections the result increased brain performance for a healthy focused mind eh T is safe all natural and can be found only in nerium's exclusive EHT age defying supplement this supplement promotes better cognitive function and overall brain health improves memory and recall fortifies and strengthens natural brain functions increases focus and mental alertness protects and supports neuronal networking enhances the body's natural energy stores and boosts the body's immune system I take the product my ten year old and my my 16 year old take the product my wife takes the product and it's something that we all really believe in and have really felt the effects and seen it in our own lives as well at Nerium we are dedicated to delivering real products and real results and our partnership with Signum Biosciences ensures that nerium's exclusive EHT age defying supplement combines the very best of nature and science by the very nature of our technology and the strength of our patents signals technology will never be replicated or duplicated so you won't see EHT in another product globally I'm very enthusiastic about the partnership we're developing with with Nerium to distribute EHT do a wide audience so this is absolutely unique to Miriam it's never too late or too early to focus on brain health Miriam's EHT age-defying supplement coupled with a healthy lifestyle can help protect and fortify your brain naturally with the Signum Biosciences partnership and the patented and exclusivity to Nerium we are poised to be a leader in the rapidly emerging market for cognitive health supplements you

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  1. I have Major Depression & I am on my meds, is it safe to take EHT

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