Top Recommended Supplements for Women's Health

namaste Rama here your DNA hacker hope you having a beautiful day today is Friday May 31st before we end the month of May I want to talk about nice women's health issue it's going to be the top supplements for women and of course women as they developed through life as they go through different changes and even monthly things can change and these can change and alter some of those issues in effect shortly as usual please subscribe hit that thumbs up comment let us know what you think and what you would be interested in covering as we can cover almost any range of topic that has to do with health wellness spirituality I've dedicated last two decades to this topic and whenever you'd be interested in I'm sure that we can cover it and give you great content ok so as a kind of Women's Health Month I wanted to cover my top recommended supplements as usual there is an article on and I'll point out a few other articles that are related to a few of these supplements that we've covered I have nearly 40 articles on ranging anywhere from three-minute reads to about seven they're usually less than 10 min of reads they're excellent articles really nice focus and synthesized on a range of topics if you are serious about improving your health and about reaching what has become my mission which is to teach people how to become 100% stress and disease free if you want to check that out of course you want to check out all the other videos on this channel as I'm constantly good material that you can even listen to in your car you don't have to be listening to some of these lectures there are some that require you to be sitting at home if it's a breathing exercise or something like that but typically you can listen to them in the car alright so as I mentioned women's nutritional needs vary across the lifespan so for example if a woman has just got past menopause than her knees are going to change she's still undergoing menstruation and that will change this wall I put up on a couple of details related to so the first one I mentioned in this article is vitamin D and calcium and of course with this article I'm just covering a few key points you want more detailed information as a female you want to go there you want to go to the article on the link is below so of course one thing that can boost vitamin D is sunlight so you want to get out it's good for your mood sunlight is extremely important for help we've evolved in the exposure to sunlight it gives us a lot of beneficial things including ability to synthesize vitamin B what exposed to sunlight this is one of the reasons why babies born in the wintertime up north to take vitamin D supplements because they won't get that sunlight and they would be lacking in fighting of course calcium would not you would not get that with sunlight if you do get sunlight you want to get it early in the or lay in the day when the Sun is not intense on the you radiation isn't as strong of course to protect yourself and I already mentioned the mood effect from the winter time let's say in Alaska where they've barely got any sunlight during the wintertime it really makes it harder to get your energy level off in your mood so one thing that is important of course is during menopause a decrease in estrogen can lead to bone loss that's where calcium comes into the unit and vitamin D and so one thing that is I mentioned in an article that I just uploaded today on is cannabinoids so let's say a full spectrum CBD oil supplement that contains a wide range of cannabinoids including cannabinol not taking a cat nap in AC be the only oil but taking one that has a range of different cannabinoids this is actually very very beneficial and can have an all been shown to stimulate bone growth so full-spectrum CBD oil would be recommended but again in that article you can also get that article on a link below you want to really do your homework and learn and if you want have questions on what I would recommend you want to comment below or reach me on Rama's rooting through your social media private message me and I'll get to your question but this is another kind of unknown supplement that you can consider particularly as you move past menopause B vitamins and the vitamins are often thought of as having to be gotten through animal sources but of course I promise retreat my being a hacker programs I do not recommend that for a variety of reasons if you want to know more go to some of my previous videos maybe one on eco wellness for example that I did I'm constantly emphasizing the need for a whole plant-based diet for a variety of health reasons not just for your own health but for the health of the environment some more vegan or vegetarian sources fortified cereals or vegan milk like almond milk and say nutritional yeast algae sources like spirulina and chlorella kind of your high in vitamin E vitamin some mushrooms those are examples I think I mentioned a few more in the article magnesium I have an article on macaque on going into details about magnesium this is a very important mineral is often ignored and a lot of people are deficient in magnesium and in that article I mentioned a number of sources I list some here where there's hemp or pumpkin seeds those are two of the best sources pointing we have seeds leafy greens like a spinach sauce a proton Cael almonds cashews a number of duck Genoa black beans those are examples I mention a few more in the article magnesium is important for a number of reasons it's important for brain function so there's a particular magnesium that I recommend in my programs on my events that is gonna be targeting directly your brain function and this is going to actually aid you in sleeping so the magnesium is often reported as helping with sleep or stress and decreasing anxiety in conjunction with vitamin b6 will help with premenstrual syndrome symptoms iron is one that females require especially if they are still going through their menstrual cycle is still required to be at a certain level but you don't need and I should emphasize this when I list these I do not mean to say go on by specific supplements for these you don't need to go out and get supplements of these a good wholesome diet rich in whole plant-based foods that contain number of the ingredients that I've mentioned here and if you go to some of my work and my previous videos you'll see a lot of the stuff that I recommend I don't think really any of those vitamin type supplements if you have a good balanced diet which I teach how people how to achieve this kind of perfected diet that will keep you imbalance and healthy all the time if you in conjunction do an that I recommended my programs so you don't need to take an iron supplement I really never taken an eye on something I've never been iron deficient so there's ways to get around them but for females it's less so during menopause I mentioned specifically numbers a range of how much you need in your guide for all these so you want to go check that in the article omega-3 fats I did a video on omega-3 fats so you want to go check that video out and there's an Associated article so go check out that video at the end of this video I'll put a link to that video so you can have to do innuendos you can go watch that one very important because it's not about increasing omega fats it's about having the right balance and ratio and I go into details about that and what positions should you eat and how can you attain that perfect balance relation so really for men and women Omega fats are very important and I list a number of reasons in the article why that is both in this one and in more detail in the article that specifically on the balancing of the ratios so you want to check out the video and the article and lastly this one is actually a more unknown one it's called dim or they get the oil methane I don't really need to know what the chemical looks like this is a chemical that's enriched in cruciferous vegetables like kale believe that type of vessel so if you want I did an article on cruciferous vegetables when I will check that one out so you can see why these vegetables are so important and why I talked about that even in the artists stress-free living book that you can get a link link below you can get a copy of that book in that book I talked about as it relates to stress but this these vegetables are extremely important as well for health for for even so many reasons and these are superfoods that will give you a number of chemicals that are good for you including yeah and why is dim important this is actually important as you're aging so if you haven't taken care of yourself and you're reaching now your 40s and 50s you're starting to feel the wear and tear of what you're done to your body and even it's even more so as you get into 60s and 70s so if you want to have an anti-aging effect I recommend rather than take the supplement but you you can consider taking something I don't take the supplement I always go towards having a balanced diet but you can actually take this supplement often in conjunction with the adaptogenic root maca so maca powder combined with the DIMM is often so then like capsule form and these are gonna really have a great stimulating effect for your energy at the maca is adapted genic and i talked about in the art of stress relieving in more detail so it's going to be able to help keep your body in homeostasis to make you more resistant to stress and things of that nature so then though the endo will methane is also important for hormone balance it's not just for females with regards to estrogen but also for males as it relates to testosterone important for increasing your sex drive helping keep your metabolism at a more youthful level so that you can lose weight so very very important is the little methane and of course for females it helps with premenstrual syndrome so symptoms so it's a really good supplement to take and probably of all the ones listed here it may be at the top of the list I mean they're all really important so I hope that this is really served you well if you have more questions comments concerns whatever it may be reach me at Rama Buddha tree all the links are below where you can reach me on social media and I'll make sure to make sure to check out the videos that I suggested and the articles they're very informative and have a beautiful day and of course I have an upcoming event on June 17 through the 20th the link is also below you want to check that out if you want to learn more about how to live your life 100% stress and disease free it is possible and I'm not talking about just chronic diseases I'm talking about all these have a beautiful day I send you lots of love take care

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