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one man one mission to rid the world of chronic anxiety once and for all the anxiety guy Denis Simsek shares his personal transformation from living a life filled with overwhelming worry to becoming a full-fledged positivity machine a leading authority and generalized anxiety Denis gets to the truth of your mental health challenges and sets you on a path to transforming each and every area of your life here he is the one and only that anxiety guy hey you guys welcome to the anxiety guy podcast episode number 9 with me I have Robin Olsen my fiance and last episode went really well so Robins back and today on episode number 9 we're gonna be sharing a couple of pointers a couple of things that I wanted to share with the the people out there that are always questioning you know Dennis what do you take Robin what do you take as far as helping you maintain that that vitality that you know abundant feeling that gratitude and and I want to share some of that stuff today and Robin also has a couple of Secrets that she wanted to share today as well so I'm pretty excited about that and you look great Robin thank you today basically let's get right into it I have a number of things here and and you know when it comes to people that have anxiety I think a lot of people don't understand actually the sufferers sorry the recoverers the people that are recovered from anxiety and panic and depression and stuff it's kind of a maintenance thing still and I think people don't understand that that they still have to maintain you know a healthy mind and kind of train their mind through nutrition and through you know physical exercise and through these mental challenges morning challenges maybe that that are all gonna contribute to feeling better all you know constantly yeah I mean if any thing I know that it's it's a little bit of everything that helps you to recover I'm just like going to the gym right you you can't just stop and expect yourself still to look the same feel the same it's the same you got to maintain that you got to maintain that exactly and I read an article and that was the reason I'm looking at my phone here I read a really good article this morning that I wanted to that I got an incredible quote out of it and and it you know I I want everybody understand that even though you have recovered from something so debilitating as anxiety you know we're talking about the maintenance stuff but also the inspirational side of things it's almost like you still have to find that that daily inspiration from other stories from other people from certain quotes that you know kind of lift people up and I you know I was going through something yesterday as far as family goes and as far as work goes and it totally fatigued me I think you saw that in me yeah I mean and one thing to to remember is that we all have those bad days too right it doesn't mean you're starting back from square one it's you know you can't beat yourself down over it you just have to keep you know cuz yeah we all have those days you were having that day I get those days I mean everybody does everybody does but when they look at the and there's a lot of fake people out there too you know I'm noticing there's a lot of fakeness out there because people trying to sell you stuff maybe and and you know they're incredible turnaround story the recovery story and how they're just so incredibly perfect now without having to do anything you know and isn't that just so fake it's like it's just a switch yeah overnight and like it's just this incredible person that's you know unencrypted and it doesn't work that way honestly it doesn't work that way and and you know I know a lot of people that have gone through it and they say the same things you know it's a it's they're kind of at the point where they have to maintain that level of positiveness and and not falling into the cycle of fear and panic and worry right but the quote gonna go back to the quote really faster is understand that the problem is not the problem the problem is the incredible amount of overthinking you're doing with the problem buddy that's just awesome because I think that the overthinking part can really drain somebody more than like running a marathon for example it's tiring right worrying it's everything and I think once we understand that then then we kind of we don't kind of run away from it we just kind of deal with it better so that quote was just fantastic and I started my morning reading that article and it was fantastic and I hope that that helps you guys a little bit there and take a few seconds to think about that quote and how you how it applies to your own life and that's kind of what this whole podcast is about here now what are you right now thinking about you know we always have so many thoughts going through our mind and most of them for the most part are all worry and fear and listen we have to train our minds to you know be positive and it doesn't have to be all the time like we said it's not it's a working progress it's not going to be perfect that's absolutely correct I'm gonna get right into it there's a couple things here that I'm trying and you're kind of like okay what's that and and of course it's like we says the maintenance thing is uh it's you know it's trying new things and seeing what works for people and how you feel and giving it enough time to to work right and I think that's really important if if someone's you know trying to you know takes a certain herb supplement or something like that a lot of people that have anxiety kind of go well in a couple days it's not working and I think kind of put it up put it to the side and I think it's important to take in my opinion at least four weeks would you say that's good four weeks before you actually feel a difference mentally physically right emotionally and there's a lot of I mean nature's probably the problem in nature is the greatest healer in my opinion and I think Robin lives by that rule pretty much every day of her life and you can see it in her in our own positiveness in daily life so good job Robin and I have something I have a couple things here actually and and I don't take these every day I take them from time to time and and I kind of give my feedback on some of these things to people that I'm helping through our program and and the podcast and the website and so on and ashwagandha ashwagandha is is one that it's incredibly good do you know anything about this one no just as a first stress and relaxation yeah it's um as a personal as a personal opinion for this one I think this and st. John's wort which I don't have here is probably the two best best supplements when it comes to people that are dealing with that that emotional fatigue when you're constantly caught up in your emotions and when you're kind of being pulled in this direction that direction so on I found that ashwagandha really helps just kind of relax your nerves when were you taking it like morning and night or yeah thank you sleepy after or was it more just a calming feeling like what were you getting from it it was more of a calming feeling but it it took a lot of time before it kicked in and when it does kick in no it kicks in for for quite good I mean it kicks in like for good alright it doesn't kind of go away kind of like an anti-anxiety medication or something like that and you do feel better but like anything and I think Robin would agree anything that we're showing here I mean the important thing here is to make sure that you look at it as as more of a sidekick rather than a solution would you agree because once you look at it as oh this is the solution to my problems you know I don't think there's any kind of herb or medication that can take fear away you know there's no medication that takes fear away and that's basically the root of all our anxieties and people that are struggling out there so ashwagandha really good put these over there um I don't take this one much it's called sleep aid from a company called 88 herbs yeah we're not endorsing but they did send it to you to try it out and you have gotten it since right like it was a product that you really liked this one yeah yeah I did I did like this this kind of knocked me out I think because it's got a ton of stuff in it and they've done a good job of putting all these together and obviously it's a reputable company and and and of course you want to see the interactions and herbs and medications and stuff and you want to be careful and shred kind of lightly there but elfia 9 melatonin tryptophan 5htp passionflower magnesium and my favorite vitamin b3 vitamin B complexes something that really helped me during my anxiety yeah and that's just I think everybody should be taking a b-complex and that was the next one but sleep aid if you're having trouble sleeping good yeah I'm taking that from time to time you know sometimes you just have those nights maybe once every couple weeks – yeah it's a for some it might be more but also like you don't need to become it's not something they don't really become dependent on exactly not they're more natural they don't have addicting qualities in them and you know which is really good yeah which is really good like we said be complex okay every person in the universe should be taking one of these I just feel like a good B complex really helps your nerves and helps you deal with daily stressors in your life and and for me be complex I notice the difference right away do I literally do um within 48 hours I can tell that I've had some beet complexes yeah and I think it's important that we also tell people to do their research as far as where they get their vitamins yeah and their herbs and so forth because I had a holistic friend that always said you know what sometimes when you buy these supplements from these these markets or these you know higher up places I don't want to name any names I won't name any but you know the places that we see every single day when we walk across the street and and he said that those and he's you know is a really smart guy's done his research he's done his school these work with a lot of people and he you know noticed that it does more harm than good and he had a lot of different studies around him that that proved that so it's really important that you do your research and make sure that you pick the right company that you buy these from and obviously we're not selling anything here so yeah that's oh forgot to mention the song l-theanine I believe is in Turkey is that right I'm not sure yeah so you know that feeling when you have a big turkey dinner Oh in Turkey yeah not turkey the country yeah and and the kind when I heard that that this this was was in Turkey naturally I said you know what yeah whenever I have Turkey I always feel sleepy after and I always feel like you know huh nothing in the world can bug me yeah you just feel good just feel good and you feel you know you feel good and Althea 9 was um was really good and it improves your mood quite well but again like we said for anything try it out give it 4 weeks and then make a decision if you want to keep it or throw it out can I share my product absolutely you can okay so I want to share the Vega sport protein I love all of vega's brand protein bars they have the powders they have like for your workout after workout but I also just think that they is such a good product not all protein bars maybe equal this one is special because it's made no GMOs plant-based gluten-free it really aids for after your workout it's the most purest form of P protein and you're also getting all of your other vitamins in there there's no additives no gunk and you just it's one of those products where I just feel like you notice the difference if your blood Sugar's are low it's just something that you really need to watch with anxiety cuz if you're you know you want to just make sure that you're taking care of that area and always feeling you don't want to have spikes in your blood sugar because you're just not gonna feel good if you're feeling too low to high and this just really evens it out if you need that even the afternoon Zac if you're not working out and I'm just in between meals and it will just I I feel personally I don't know about you but I noticed a huge difference when I'm supplementing this you can put them in your smoothies and it's really good with the banana almond milk and spinach and you can't even taste it and it just tastes like a chocolate milkshake but you're fueling your body with goodness mm-hmm yeah there you go I wanted to show the Vegas sport protein mm-hmm 15 grams of protein um and you know you don't have to worry too much about how many grams of protein but it just it has low sugars it's just a great bar it's uh yeah I think I think they need there's got a more of these kind of companies coming out yeah there are for sure there are what we just don't know much about it this is the one that's branded the most and marketed the most so and we're not being paid for that I can always tell this if I don't have it for a month or two oh my gosh why did I ever stop my thinking right you notice just you feel stronger and your muscle tone and mm-hmm happy all over I think that's really important as well for obviously people that have anxiety that are looking for more of a plant-based solution to their to their problem and of course like we said before it's a sidekick to handling the root of your anxiety and a plant based solution is always recommended by the anxiety guy okay and what else do I have here I just have something I don't know why I brought this one oil of oregano okay I just had some this morning and my throat felt a lot better and I just wanted to say you know what this is a this is awesome I love the beautiful we are used to using like those gross cough syrups or anything like that just try to you know make it more natural and this thing kicks your colds in the butt certified organic ingredients are you feeling under the weather right instead of some other products that may not help you too much this is one that my dad used to take a lot and my dad was a almost a professional soccer player and he dealt with anxiety as well and I've been able to talk to him about it and he he just swears by this and this just comes in like about ten little tiny little liquid forms here and jin-sang royal jelly and this is this is one that that we don't hear about much but we don't hear about much jin-sang and royal jelly but I know that when we lived in Singapore and when we lived in Bali and in the east a lot of people swore by buy ginseng and royal jelly just to kind of give them that vitality that energy in the morning kind of and I think it helps not I think I know it helps me when it comes to kind of a clear mind so so if you feel like you know you're kind of hazy in your daily life and and kind of fuzzy all over I can't really get your thoughts right I find that ginseng and royal jelly really helps with that have you tried it you know what when your dad was in town he had me try one and I just did the one and I stopped yeah so I didn't really know too much about it or what it did but I'm intrigued you're inspiring me yeah doesn't taste the best but it does give you that natural lift that natural boost and and again you know when we're dealing with daily stress every single day I personally believe that if you're not taking anything you're cut you're just holding your back yourself back a little bit I mean you don't necessarily always have you take some if your diet is really good that's true I mean it but I mean in this day and age it's always nice to have those little little things on the side cuz I mean we're all busy and working and mm-hmm doing other things so you know just those little tips and tricks that we're trying yeah I'm trying in there working for us or friends and and just the last one here a second last one a fermented superfood is basically just I just I was at the store and I I said you know what do you have anything that's you know the greens that we normally if our diets kind of lacking and we're not getting you know the importance foods that we need for for everyday life do you have anything like that and this was the most complete one that I could find all your vitamins fruits natural mango acai flavor stevia a lot of different things in here it'll make your body more alkaline if you feel like your pH is off you're Martha you're gonna feel more acidic it's just so what's gonna happen but a lot of people just don't even realize how important nutrition plays in mm-hmm exactly so if you're not getting your greens if your diet is not up to par and you're kind of going from a junk diet to more of a nutritious healthy diet it might be tough right and and it also doesn't mean you have to be crazy house attic freak because I mean you can still enjoy your things just try to make healthy substitutes when you can you know absolutely not well also I also want to add in that having whole like loose leaf tea natural tea what would you suggest caffeine free is caffeine a a trigger for you or how do you feel I think that the way I approached green tea in the past kind of made my adrenaline going to overdrive but little did I realize that my mind was basically playing a trick on me when I did level out my my daily anxiety my stress levels I found that green tea was extremely helpful has caffeine in it extremely helpful for you know just getting on with your day and and just having that calm relaxed feeling but you substitute teas for coffee yes rooibos is such a good one um it's weird because it kind of mimics it doesn't use anything like coffee but when I've had a rooibos it kind of gives you that same satisfaction without the caffeine mm-hmm so if you're having a hard time um you know if you're having more than one cup of coffee a day maybe substitute rooibos in the afternoon and just see how you feel kind of some mmm yeah for me it was just a really good taste yeah it's good add your almond milk and it's kind of like a little treat let's say there's a little treat yeah okay right on I'm not all so just make sure you drink your water every day I mean how many glasses of water um we should be having 2 liters of water if not if you can do more do more if not start slow if you're not used to water definitely try to cut out your pop and substitute for water mm-hmm if your life is filled with more stress more anxiety I think that it's important to even up your water even more if you're an active person if you're an athlete and so on then the daily recommended water intake you probably gonna up that by five times yeah every half hour physical activity your body loses four to six cups of water so I mean that's just goes to show really how much you need mm-hmm you know if your physical and your job you should always have your water by your side mm-hmm good points that concludes episode number nine guys of the anxiety guide podcast make sure to follow on facebook under the anxiety guy as well as twitter and you can download this episode on itunes and you can take it with you and I know that for myself I need to really listen to something a few times before I get it sometimes I miss a few things here and there that are just so valuable the knowledge is just so valuable to me so I do recommend downloading this episode of myself and Robin as well every Monday we're gonna be making these episodes for the anxiety guide podcast so make sure to subscribe on iTunes and we will see you guys maybe we or me we'll see on episode number 10 every Monday so we'll see you guys really soon have a wonderful day thank you guys you


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  2. Just wanted to report i am currently prescribed 3 mg a day klonopin. Which I am tapering very slowly.. I got st johns wort yesterday. Big mistake.. Apparently st johns wort basically cancels out the benzo. So don't be like me lol. Do your research!!!

  3. B complex didn't give you panic?? B vitamins make my anxiety sky rocket as well as magnesium. L tryptophan is in turkey btw lol

  4. I take propanolol 20 mg everyday once for anxiety. I don't have very bad epsidoes, maybe a 5 maximum. I am going through your videos and it's helping me alot. Can we take ashwaganda and propanolol together ? I actually want to stop propanolol altogether !

  5. If we work at it, train our mind , anxiety CAN go away?

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