Top Herbs/Supplements I Take For Healthy Hair/Skin/Nails!

hey guys just wanted to show you some of my top whole food based supplements that I take for hair and my opinion these are really really good to help your hair grow and healthier stronger thicker and to help prevent baldness the first thing I have here is vitamin d3 5,000 IU's I think vitamin d3 is very important for us and if you don't live anywhere where it's sunny all year round you're probably deficient in vitamin d3 and vitamin d3 is important for so many things so I really recommend good vitamin d3 supplement the next thing I would recommend is a saw palmetto when looking to get a supplemental it's really important that the extraction process they use is the supercritical co2 process because it helps yield higher concentrations of biola biologically active free fatty acids from the Supplemental berry and so you want it to be more effective so I recommend a good saw palmetto easier this jarl formulas Gaia herbs has a good one Mercola has a good one but this is gonna be important because it's going to help inhibit 5-alpha reductase enzyme from converting your testosterone into d hydro to stop strong in DHT has been believed to be the main cause of male pattern baldness so you really want to help lower DHT in your system not necessarily get rid of it altogether but you just want to make sure you can lower enough so that it doesn't have bad effects on your hair next thing here is no root extract and that pretty much does the same thing in soft meadow it will help to inhibit DHT it also helps boost testosterone levels so it's really really good for your hair you can also make a tea with not leaf and nettle root and then just use it as a rinse in your hair after you dump shampooing and that will really help your hair so it's really good I'm not saying here is a good hair nails formula with he shoe or you can just take he shoe by itself I have dragon herbs here now another really good way to take Kishin we was buying it from Mountain Rose herbs you can buy the Foti powder and then put it in your own capsules and it's a lot lot cheaper doing it that way than buying it from this company they make good products but they're like seventeen eighteen dollars and you can get like a four ounce bag of tea shumou pod for mountain roads herbs or only like four or five bucks so you can save a ton of money by doing it that way and it's also prepared using the black beans so there is no difference and it's really high-quality so I highly recommend nest he shoe was really important for your hair and it's just a really good anti-aging Chinese herb next thing I'd recommend is a good hair skin nail formula and this is from D health store and it's just a it's just a bunch of herbs that are really good for your hair I don't know if you guys can see that but horsetail metal gotu kola pumpkin seeds raspberry leaf rooibos cayenne pepper all these things are really good for your hair Dahl's elfelfa and next I have a good overall vitamin Earl green it's like a green superfood powder and I recommend this because it's just got like everything in here he's got nettle leaf horse tail alfalfa I mean every single one of these ingredients and it's all Whole Foods is really gonna be beneficial for your overall health but specifically your hair you can you bioavailable protein you're getting vitamins minerals and massive amounts that the ordinary person is not going to get so like it's chock-full of everything and it's better taking it in like a powder like this instead of having to buy every single one of these separate because that would be very time-consuming and would be really expensive so you really make out when you take something like this and you can put it in and you know your green smoothie next thing here is the earth and again it's just a whole bunch of roots and barks and seeds and spices and stuff it's just a really really good and it's got ingredients in here that are gonna help support healthy hair and skin and nails and I recommend a good vitamin C product this is a whole food some awesome rola cherry and I don't think anybody should be taking vitamin C from synthetic sources like ascorbic acid because your body can't absorb it you you want to get a whole food form of vitamin C it's a lot more potent and your body can actually absorb it and it also comes along with all the cofactors too like the bioflavonoids the vitamins minerals Fido nutrients root and all those things are really highly beneficial for you and vitamin C is really important for healthy hair so these are my top picks guys having healthy hair and I'm sure there's a lot other things out there but I mean this is a pretty good coverage for giving yourself good healthy hair well thanks for watching take care of bye


  1. Is the Dragon Herbs Hair and Nails still working for you? What affects do you get with supplements for your hair?

  2. great reviews mate.  very diverse and descriptive info, thanks.

  3. I've got the same brand for nettle root for hairloss how many pills you take a day??

  4. See Andrew Saul on vitamin C, I think he is the leader in this domain. He says that the cheapest vit C works as well as the natural form just make sure you take it with some foods that are high in bioflavonoids so that absorbtion can ocure. 🙂 Good Luck. You seem to be on the healthy road. Nice supplements overall.

  5. oral vitamin D is a NONO , see mercola's view on vitamin D, greenlight for sunlight though!

  6. @adkpinecone Their formulas are powerful!

  7. @SecretsOfLongevity Thanks for letting me know that. I probably will just stick with Dragon Herbs He Shou Wu for the time being. It seems to really be working for me.

  8. good point zak also most of these bottled supplements have addatives which are bad. also powders oxidize and loose nutrients. best to take whole or wild herbs and organic local vegtables

  9. The mountain rose herbs he shou wu powder is just the powdered herb it's not extracted, you have to still boil it as it it were the whole herb otherwise most of it will go right through you.

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