Top Herbs and Supplements for Natural Breast Enhancement

hey babes welcome to girl be natural from her natural living handbook wiki girl Monica Mia right now I want to get into some natural breast enhancement talk I get loads of questions about this so I want to answer them the best that I can if you are looking to know what herbs and supplements that you can use for your natural breast enhancement journey stick around I'll share with you my favorites and my thoughts on each okay so first you all know I'm quite chicken when it comes to taking different supplements and pills if I read something that has some crazy side effect where it says it will affect my moods or it might affect my periods or that something adverse can happen I'm normally like oh I don't know about that that's why I haven't gone for certain supplements like brestrogen or the different ones that have pure air America in them and there's lots of other ones that a lot of women that I've spoken to use and say that are really good I haven't tried those because I'm just like I'm gonna try and just give it the pump pump with my new go berry and my bosom beauty and massage and hope that I can get them from that without having to use something that could possibly give me some crazy side effect that being said there are different herbs out there and natural supplements that I do use and that I have been using so you might find helpful as well remember that a lot of these aren't backed by enough studies so for example some of them can be anecdotal some of them can just be word of mouth some of them are natural alternatives that have been passed down for years but might not be studied in this control room where they have 20 participants over 20 years that can vouch for these supplements actually working still though there's loads of women out there and loads of us in the natural breast enhancement community who do vote for these the first one that I've been using for years and years is saw palmetto it saw palmetto I read about and I didn't see many side effects so that's one that I was like yeah I'll try that and I've been using it for so many years I can't 100% say to you oh okay it definitely is helping for breast growth I don't know but I know that I've been using it for at least two years I haven't had any side effects and my breasts have grown but I do attribute that to the nuchal berry and the breast pumps I've been using flaxseed oil is another not necessarily an herb but or supplements but there are these soft gel capsules that I take and I think that they're really good I use the flaxseed oil for my breast massage and I use it as a supplement to take and I do think that it's really helpful in my breast enhancement journey and I think it's really helpful for me in general so I definitely recommend by the way I will do a video about the breast oil that I use I have made it myself I'm super happy about it so make sure you subscribe so you can see that when it comes out next we have a controversial herb why ODM wild yam was something that if you go and do some research you'll find that a lot of women who use it say that it really does work and it hopes your breasts grow and it helps just these kind of feminine lady things to be its best self so I went and bought wild yam and I began to use it but then I read something about it affecting birth control and at the time I was on the NuvaRing and I was just thinking that would just be really really crazy if this was interfering with my birth control and so I haven't used this wild yam in a long time but I would say if you read about it and you feel like that's something that you want to try because of the success stories that do come with it and you might want to give it a go I know that some women have used this even as birth control back in the day and when I'm thinking about it now there weren't enough studies for me to feel comfortable to continue using it but by all means go into your research on this see what you think let me know what you think and maybe I'll start using it again these next two products that I'm going to show you I was recommended by viewers like you who were like no girl you need to try this this is the truth so I went and got my own but I'm too chicken to actually ingest them but I'll show you them one of them is just pure pure area mirifique a– i'll link where I got this from you have to make sure if you're getting per area mirifique a– that you get it sourced from Thailand make sure it's the real deal and not some fakes or something that has all these additives in it you need to make sure it's the pure stuff so I went out and got pure area Marika and I got another sorry I mix them up this is this is a fruit that I cannot pronounce so I'm not gonna try and what's inside of this it's ten to one extracts it has maca root Palmetto berry red clover wild yam root finna Greek seed fennel seed dong quai root rosehip dandelion root and soy isoflavone is if you're in the nbe world long enough and you're looking for herbs you will see a few of these come up time and time again those are wild yam saw palmetto red clover finna Greek fennel my girls and dandelion root so when I read that this product had all of those in there I was very happy and I went out and got it but too chicken to actually ingest them so I made sure that I got the capsule form and what that enables me to do is it's a capsule I split it open and I mix it into the oils that I use when I massage my breasts and the other one the top one that you will hear about when you are considering in the ER when you're on this journey is pure area America and this is the one that I went out and got I'll link it because I feel very confident with this product maker you need to make sure that you get it from a place that sourced from Thailand this is where the product grows naturally I think you can get it in like Burma or somewhere close to Thailand but it's stronger from Thailand you want to make sure it's doesn't have all these crazy additives that a lot of the products have if you're looking for pure area than another if Iike go and source it properly on this bag that I have it says for female sexual and general good health okay great good things vegetarian capsules but again I'm a little too chicken to ingest it because I have read with pure area more Africa different things different side effects that can may occur and that can be potentially disruptive to certain women and I'm just not sure I'm ready to take that risk but same as the other capsule I showed you I do mix this in with the oils that I use to massage my breasts and I'm very happy my my consciousness my inner self feels good about using it in that way the other three herbs I want to touch on are very very importance if you are making a point to grow your breasts naturally you need these in your life I literally feel so passionate about using these and I want to tell it to you so that you can go out and use them as well it's vinegar exceed and fennel seed and dandelion roots with the dandelion root what I would recommend is boiling or steeping it and drinking it as a tea or kind of boiling it and adding it into your mix for your breasts more on that in that next video and finna Creek and fennel the same type of thing I think there are supplements of fenugreek and fennel that you can take and I definitely 100% recommend that I don't ingest them at the moment but I might be starting that if I can find the right capsules but what I do is I steep them I make them into this amazing oil that smells so earthy and so healthy and so womanly so make sure you get that and you're using it and incorporating it into your natural breast enhancement journey so far those are the ones that I use regularly those are the ones that I love and if you want to break down of why I use these particular herbs and what they can do for breast enhancement make sure you check out her natural living handbook coz your girl be right in and you need to be reading love you you


  1. Hi, can you show how you do your breast massage.

  2. Any idea when you'll be making the oil video? There's so many videos about breast oil, but I trust your opinions so I'm very happy to hear you use one, and that you make it yourself.

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