Top FAI exercise

The next one is the Hip Hinge. It’s a
very good starting point exercise to get more activation and control of the
pelvis / hip muscles. So how we can do that, we’re going to do that on this step.
Let’s say my left one is still the bad one I’m going to have right foot on the step and I’m just going to hang my left foot off the side of the step. Then I’m going to hold on to something for my balance. I just want to lower my left foot down
off the step like that to the point that I feel I’m gonna start bending my
right knee then I stopped there. Then I hinge up with my left pelvis and I go
down. So we see all the movement is happening in your pelvis region as low
as you can and go up. And want to do that ten times and you want to do that three sets
every day

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