Top 8 Rules to Get Naturally Long, Thick & Healthy Eyelashes👀✨l How to Keep Lashes from Falling Out

hi everyone so for the last episode we
talked all about why you get the dry feeling on your skin when you have
dehydrated skin so thank you guys for always giving a warm welcome to our team
guests and for liking our tips so far we’ve been talking a lot about our skin
care and our hair care but do you guys take care of your eyelashes as well our
eyelashes fall out and regrow really often so it’s really important to take
care of our eyelashes just as we do with our skin just because you guys don’t
care for your lashes doesn’t mean you guys don’t have any concerns about them
we ran a survey and asked you guys what concerned you guys the most about your
eyelashes and it seems that you guys had multiple concerns about your lashes so
with our teen guest today let’s solve all of your eyelash problems hi I’m Yeonji 17 years old I lived 6 years abroad and now I’m living in Korea So you guys made a lot of comments about why do eyelashes fall out so often but before we get started about that let’s first find out
a little bit more about eyelashes so our eyelashes have a cycle of growth
transition and resting phase and this phase differs from person to person how
your eyelashes will grow will be decided during the growth phase as the roots are
formed and start to grow during this time this will be followed by the transition phase where our eyelashes stop growing
and then it goes to the resting phase where eyelashes fall out so that it
could go back to the growth phase again unlike our hairs which just keep growing
all of us have been given a certain length and thickness of eyelashes but if
we don’t take care of our eyelashes then our eyelashes could actually get thinner
at the ends and fall out before the resting phase
making our eyelashes shorter and thinner so if your eyelashes fall out too often
you might want to change up some of your bad habits bad habit number one rubbing
your eyes if you tend to rub your eyes often not only can this give you
wrinkles this is a habit that I have as well but it could also weaken the roots
of your eyelashes and make your eyelashes easier to fall out bad habit
number two wrong use of eyelash curler and mascara the biggest reason why you
lose your eyelash before it regrows out is because you use your eyelash curler
way too often when you overuse your eyelash curler it weakens the roots
of your eyelashes and it cuts the ends of it from our survey 21 percent of
you guys said you guys were concerned about your eyelashes being straight and
unlifted now a lot of you guys said you guys use mascara and eyelash curler to
fix this problem but you guys shouldn’t be using it if you don’t know how to use
it properly after using eyelash curler make sure to clean it and also change
out the rubber at least once in 3 months also make sure to apply mascara after
you curl your lashes because the stickiness of the mascara can make your
roots get plucked out from the eyelash curler ouch
try using your mascara within the 3 to 6 months time period and throw it out and
get a new one bad habit number 3 Not removing your makeup properly if you’re
wearing mascara eye shadow eyeliner any sort of eye makeup then make sure to use
a I makeup remover in order to remove without irritation number 1 soak the
cotton pads with eye makeup remover number 2 put it on your eyes and press
it for 5 seconds number three gently rub it so that it
can get to the eyelash too Number four clean out the rest with the cotton swab
using the remover as well other than just changing up your bad habits I’m
going to give you guys some tips to take care of your eyelashes easily at home at
home eyelash care number one stimulating the blood circulation around your eyes
will make your roots stronger and steaming the area around your eyes is
one of the most easiest and effective ways number one heat up a wet towel in a
microwave enough to warm the area around your eyes but not too hot number two put
it on your eyes and rest at home eyelash care two moisturizing moisturizing your
eyes will make your eyelash roots healthier the nutritions from the cream
will also get delivered to the roots it’ll also help even more if you massage
afterwards number one put little bit of the cream around your eyes
number two gently dab it and so that your skin can absorb number three after
it’s absorb massage your eyes press lightly for three seconds at home eyelash care number three eyelash conditioner/serum Will eyelash conditioner and serum make your eyelashes long and rich? The answer is
yes and no. key ingredients such as vitamin and amino acids will coat the
eyelashes and prevent them from falling out however this doesn’t make your
eyelashes grow longer it just prevents them from falling out making it look
that way applying conditioner and serum throughout the growth base will help
your eyelashes look longer but not everyone can afford that so there is an
alternative way we recommend using Vaseline and olive oil with a mascara
wand number one clean the mascara brush perfectly paper towels are easier to get
rid of leftover mascara than tissues number two dip the brush in warm water
for three minutes if there’s still some leftover residue then dip it in rubbing
alcohol number three dry the cleaned brush perfect
number four now apply either vaseline or olive oil on the brush if you’re using
Vaseline warm up the Vaseline in your fingers as this will melt the Vaseline
number five apply it on your eyelashes as you would apply mascara don’t apply
too much or it can get in your eyes at home eyelash care number four
brush your eyelashes Lucy Leslie says my eyelashes can’t agree on one direction
some are lifted and some are not Lucy you need to brush your eyelashes just
like you need to brush your hair brushing them out like brushing out
tangles will help them grow out evenly Lucy’s concern can be solved to some
point by just brushing her eyelashes you can use the clean mascara one that we
mentioned in the previous step don’t forget to remove all the eye makeup
including mascara to prevent your eyelashes from falling out when you’re
brushing them at home eyelash care number five
taking enough nutrients so eyelashes are your hairs as well right eating the food
that is good for hair growth will also help your eyelash grow to have healthy
hair taking enough keratins and proteins that are essential for hair growth is a
must most of all don’t forget to take in balanced nutrients and have a healthy
diet now guys I know a lot of people get eyelash perms and eyelash extensions
these days and I do know about the immediate dramatic effects this gives
you but I really recommend you don’t do this because this really irritates the
base and the roots of your eyelashes so always remember the best way to have
long luscious lashes is to prevent them from falling out prematurely so thank you guys for watching another
episode of Teen Beauty Bible today we talked all about our eyelashes and I hope you
guys enjoyed the tips that I have given you take care of your lashes and if you
guys have any other further questions then leave them down in the comments
below subscribe hit the bell button and if you guys want to know more tips then
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episode as well bye guys


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