Top 7 Best Youngest Fitness Stars In The World | Workout Motivation

Brandon Harding Enis Rexhepi David Laid Carlton Loth Onome Egger Steven Cao Jeff Seid Thanks for watching


  1. Good job!

  2. what about connor murphy

  3. Link music

  4. Connor!! is amazing can't compare with those kids

  5. Number 6 was an albanian

  6. steven my favourite

  7. Connor Murphy should have took first

  8. Getting that type of physique at that age. They worked really hard. Amazing

  9. Onome Egger and Carlton Loth are bigger and stronger and more powerful than Jeff.
    What about Andrei Deiu? crushing Jeff too.

  10. Why I'm not there

  11. And what about Andrei Deiu'? He has 23-24 years old and is more muscular than Jeff Seid

  12. Yes Brandon 😝

  13. iam from Pakistan and my opinion is jeff is king😋😋😋😋😋💪💪

  14. Booommm🏋🏋🏆

  15. Zac Aynsley

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  17. They all take steroids except some of this ,hence atleast DAVID LAID IS NATURAL…



  20. Not natty :/..

  21. imma be jumping on this list soon very soon!

  22. Where is andrei deiu??? I think he is better than all of these man

  23. can i ask for names of all the songs pls?

  24. Can we take a second and see that Jeff Sied is counted in top physique holder of the world…at such a young age and he is such an hardworking and talented man …..I don't know weather he take roids or not but that physique is my dream😍

  25. S T E R O I D S you cannot get that kind of body with weights

  26. Lynette

  27. CONNOR tem um corpo foda que mina gosta

  28. I like Dave

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  30. 야메

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