hey what's going on guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Weston Boucher I'm a full-time model out of Southern California and the goal of my channel is to bring my years of experience from being in the industry to you guys and hopefully improve your quality of life when it comes to grooming style health and fitness travel social media and beyond please be sure to click that subscribe button before you go as with the growth of my channel it will enable me to have more time to bring more videos to you guys each and every week that you're requesting alright so today you're gonna talk about my top six supplements for muscle building I'm going to tell you when I take them and why I take them and I am one of those people that truly believes the supplements give you the edge and when it comes to muscle building and recovery and energy and endurance some people think that it's just a lot of marketing tactics and that is true with certain supplements but I can tell you that over the years of taking supplements there have been select ones their absolute staples that have stood the test of time and people out there would agree with me that they absolutely see a difference when they do take these select supplements I'm about to break down so without further ado here we go all right number one test boosters these are not to be confused with testosterone therapy this is not a testosterone gel or something a prescription level I'm talking about natural herbal supplements that help support your body's ability to produce testosterone levels that are more closer to when you're the younger age so if you're under the age of 25 you probably don't even need to consider these yet but at the age of 25 and especially after 30 your body gradually starts to decrease in terms of what it produces as far as your natural testosterone levels for your body to be at the optimum level and testosterone is a huge factor when it comes to building muscle that the density of your muscle your bone density and without proper testosterone levels I should say peanut where they should be a healthy level you'll be more fatigued you'll have less energy libido all those things so the reason I do this is number one is because I have found that you know taking this least over a decade an herbal test booster it's been like again a staple supplement where I can absolutely tell the difference when I'm not on it so you can try you know just breaking it down to a tribulus supplement or a fenugreek and see how your body responds this particular one by one of nutrition is a blend of fenugreek and tribulus and a few other herbal ingredients that really really pack a punch in terms of a dosage that you you actually sense a difference in your biochemistry I found that I just have way more energy and I just feel like my younger self so I'm gonna be 40 in September and when I had my last physical my doctor was super impressed by my testosterone levels being so high at my age and again this is all natural all herbal I've done past videos and I've seen some comments so where guys are like haha we were doing TRT and I literally had to google TRT because I didn't know what it was and it's it's testosterone replacement therapy I believe that's not me there's a lot of people in the fitness industry that will claim to be natty and all-natural when they're actually taking stuff I'm not one of those guys if I do end up crossing that bridge at some point which I don't really see myself doing I'll let you guys know I'll be transparent about it and let you know what happens but thus far I've been able to get by by just a great whole food diet cuttings consistent training and the herbal test booster and some other supplements I've met that are all over the counter so all right so if the protests max you want to take two capsules just before your first meal the day I found that if I take a test booster with any brand if I take it too late in the day it has a little bit of a stimulant factor to it and I can sense it and it just messes with my sleep so as long as I take it first thing in the morning for my first meal I'm good to go okay number two advanced carbohydrate or fast-acting carb or you might have heard of it as karbolyn what this is is well I guess I should say when I think of energy for the gym I think of carbohydrates first and foremost I don't subscribe to a keto diet and I don't find that fats give me the same type of pump endurance and yeahjust ability to push up weight as carbohydrates so this is a really fascinating carb that you're gonna take either before during or after your workout and paint on that has different effects so I like to take a thirty minutes prior and what it does is it gives you and your muscles the fuel they need to bust out those heavy sets and to get through that entire workout start to finish sometimes I will mix it into my big like hydro flask I'll do like a half scoop before and then one during the the gym and so forth but you can test it out and see what you think but the reason I think this is essential for muscle building is because of the insane pump and ability that it gives me to really really knocked out heavy sets and you know to be able to get your your muscles to a point of hypertrophy to where you're getting those micro tears so you can rebuild later I do feel like it's essential that you can go really hard in your workouts and this is one of those supplements again that I think is is it anything a new staple because we already know that carbohydrates have worked for years and years but this is one that's like so quick and easy and so digest so quickly doesn't spike your insulin levels which is really important versus other car rates are less advanced so without it you feel depleted at times you're in the gym you know an alternative sometimes it all have if I don't have this as like a banana but in my opinion this is beyond not oh yeah I wanted to mention if you do decide to drink it post-workout what it does is it helps to accelerate the uptake of glycogen and muscle building nutrients in the muscle cells to fuel maximum growth and recovery so that's kind of the difference versus when you take it pre it kind of helps you with your pump and it's more of an endurance base like I said it's more of like here you're utilizing it in that moment for energy and to put up weight all right number three creatine not a big surprise there I'm sure you've heard of it there's a reason why out of all the supplements that you'll ever be recommended or anything to mention this video by far in a way you are going to notice that the biggest difference from this supplement creatine is unlike any other supplement in terms of the studies that have shown how effective it is there isn't anyone I've ever met that hasn't seen a difference in their performance and the amount of muscle mass they put on from it naturally now the recovery it really really does work and if you're building muscle and not taking creatine I just I can't even understand why you'd do that like there's no reason not to it's already a naturally occurring substance in the body this is just gonna promote more of it and it's gonna focus on building up more ATP in your system which is going to give you the energy during the workouts and that is the key element that kind of puts everything in motion and the way creatine works oh and with the creatine it's gonna be dependent on the brand but I found that you can pretty much take creatine at any point at some point of the day and you still get the benefits or the pure rebuild they recommending ticket after your workout and that's most likely because it's not simply creatine but it has in other properties in it they're gonna help you post-workout okay moving right along number four BCAAs aka branch chain amino acids you probably heard of these before this is also a naturally occurring element in the body and they are three of the nine essential amino acids but these particular three are going to help to promote lean muscle growth recovery and yes the will essentially the protein synthesis that takes place so that new muscle growth can occur when you're training if you get to a point maybe you're too fast at sustaining your body may eventually eat the muscle itself and this is going to help prevent that your body getting catabolic at some point and it has many other properties gonna just help with your performance in your training but this is absolutely a staple a hundred percent recommend that this be part of the muscle building process this might not be a creatine per se but it's absolutely essential and you know I'll get on to the next supplement in a minute it's gonna go into more depth about why amino acids are so important for the body when it comes to muscle retention and building and so forth so this is also going to be another supplement in terms of timing where you can take it before intra meaning during or post after just depends on how you schedule your your diet in terms of training how long you know if you're doing a fast workout let's say you probably want to take this prior and during your workout or maybe if you eat a big meal this you're like five likes to eat a big meal and then hit the gym maybe just sip towards the end of your workout and take it you know post until you have your follow-up workout meal all right number five protein not a big surprise there right well not all proteins are created equal in my opinion that's why I take a protein isolate not just a basic protein powder there's some debate about whether or not Iceland has the same antioxidant properties because what happens is with whey protein when it's processed they either go with the concentrate version in which the fats and sugars are still somewhat there and the product of the product they produce and put in the bottle whereas an isolate takes it a step further and removes the fats and sugars and the lactose additionally so you essentially get more protein in terms of the density of how much is actually in it per serving and it's the less carbs and sugar and so forth I prefer the Islip I just want to know that I'm just getting protein straightforward because I'm getting what I need for in terms of antioxidants and other things from other foods I eat and so for me protein is just a massive staple again when it comes to muscle building and recovery you you know want to get at least from me what I've found over the years and there is debate on this as well but I am one who subscribes to one gram of protein for one pound of bodyweight so you know right now I'm 195 pounds so that's 195 grams of protein a day it's a lot of protein but it's easy to take down especially if you have an isolate that mixes really well you can put two scoops in and you know you're going to get close to 50 grams and shake and it's just it done for me so it's a time-saver do I like to get my protein from Whole Foods first of course and I primarily do but if you are gonna supplement you know which I find is necessary with the ample amounts of protein needed for you know the appearance of your muscles to be dense hard tight that's why you know a lot of times when I talk to people and they're having issues with building muscle one of my first questions is what's your protein intake nine times out of ten it's way too low even if you don't want to go with the one gram for one kind of body what you think it's too high even just up yours by thirty percent and let me know how it goes because I have a pretty great confidence that it's going to help you with your muscle growth and the density your muscles the hardness again and the aesthetic ultimately so yeah this is gonna pack 25 grams of protein one scoop it's also got VCAs additionally in it and this is gonna have the the full gamut of essential amino acids not just the branched chain three that I mentioned so it's good to diversify when it comes to how much aminos you're putting in your body and the delivery methods and whatnot I take my shakes after workouts typically but sometimes if I'm just feeling like my stomach's to empty all mixed in some of the protein with the Tri carb advanced carbohydrate supplement but of course I always recommend Whole Foods if you can but throughout the day it's just way more convenient if you have a magic bullet or a nutribullet to always have a good weight protein on hand whey has been proven over the years to really be one of the few forms of protein that really really help with muscle growth specifically the only other one I can think of is like an egg white protein so you can give that a try if you're you know have adverse effects to weigh and I will mention that one up does offer vegan alternatives for almost all their supplements so that's pretty – alright we've made it to the last one number six that is going to be pre-workout or a sport amino if you will I mentioned both because I find that just being on pre-workout all year can be a little intense so yeah I'll break down kind of what these are for and why when I take them but pre-workout if you aren't familiar with it you haven't taken people hurt over the years the reason I feel like it's essential for muscle building is because you have to go really hard in the gym when you're in the muscle building phase in my opinion when you're in a maintenance phase you're at a cutting phase I do think that you you know lack energy at times and you could use a pre-workout but I don't feel like it's absolutely essential I feel like it's really essential if you want to push yourself and your muscles to the next level because it's always those last extra reps like a couple reps or that additional weight that you feel confident enough to put up it's gonna get you the muscle growth and put you the next level with the muscle gains with pre-workout in your system I find that with the vasodilation effect and the blood flow the energy the focus the endurance that comes with a pre-workout is unmatched I just feel like when I don't take pre-workout and I'm planning on doing a really big session it's just really tough to get all the way through even if I have like the try carbon my system and I've got ample sleep it's just it's just different but I will say that like I don't recommend taking a full-on pre-workout all year non-stop because the caffeine levels and the stimulants are very high what it makes an outstanding blend for a pre-workout but they even warn you to start with a half dose because of caffeine sensitivity which I have even though I can have coffee and everything so this is awesome to have on hand your arsenal though because you know as you're going through the muscle building stage you're gonna have a lot of days or weeks where you don't always get ample sleep and is gonna get you through your workouts you're gonna crush it I don't recommend taking it too close to bed because you're gonna stay up all night but I would start with again the half dose even a quarter dose just to try it out and go from there and scale up usually after like a couple months I'll cycle off and I'll tend to go with the sport amino and this is kind of what I found to be a good and maintenance pre-workout because although it kind of functions as a pre-workout the bonus is it also has electrolytes in it and aminos so it's it's kind of an all-in-one to some degree and it helps you perform and more than anything it's kind of endurance based it's not like so extreme where you're just crazy wired and apt and just want to crush or the you know your workouts it's a sweet spot that I found it works really well when you're not wanting to just you know be in that zone of like Hulk mode with pre workouts so great product you know it doesn't have to again be one up it could be whoa just just be careful about the the supplementary juices all I'm saying because there's just again a lot of fancy marketing out there and a lack of transparency about the ingredient stuff okay so we've learned that supplements can definitely help you with building muscle quicker but it doesn't end there obviously the training has to coincide with supplements to really see the results so I'll not no make sure you download my free gift to you how to eat training supplement like cover model it's a PDF download and link in the description no strings attached check that out it's going to tell you my approach to staying in shape all year for the modeling work I do and whatnot and also in the health fitness industry and also so the reason I have brought up some of one of nutritions supplements in this particular video as I am happy to announce that I just became part of Team one up recently super grateful to become part of the team as I actually have the last year or so I've been some with no affiliation to them to try all their supplement line because my girlfriend katie has been with them for many years and so I've just been kind of casually like trying to doll and I'm like wow this is really really good stuff so I can say that at this point I was more than happy to jump on board with them because I don't want to tell you guys to try anything that I don't live and breathe and use myself and actually get results you know if I'm gonna be representing a supplement company or something I want to be able to stand behind every product and be with them for years and make it a great relationship and be something that again is gonna improve your guys quality of life and it's not just some BS thing I'm getting paid to say but I actually enjoy the products and use them myself so if you want to save 20% off your entire order use my code Weston 20 and if they already have a site-wide sale going on which is cool it'll it'll still discount additionally so for whatever sale they have going on do I get a kickback as an affiliate for the orders yes I'm not gonna lie about that I do have to support my channel and you know it's how I support my lifestyle and pay the bills so I just want to be honest about that but it doesn't mean that I don't fully believe in these products I chose to go with one up because I got to know the owners personally over the last year and a half I got to see what it's like and how they treat their customers and I got to try again every product with no affiliation or pressure to see if I really thought it stood sit up to all the great supplement companies out there for me it's transparency again and they are big on that they don't have proprietary blends on their products they break down every single individual formula it's all open formula if you see exactly what it is again I offer vegan options as well and they're made in the USA and they just continue to refine and bring more products to the line that really complement train every year so yeah again I'm gonna have future videos they're gonna also you know mentioned with the supplements I should say that are from other companies like I have and I've continued to do that through my Amazon shop but in terms of training I found that one up really really hits the nail on the head and just their dosages are correct and I actually see results and I do feel the differences and they have crazy awesome flavors and everything so anyways I'm going on and on because I'm excited and I'm honored to be with them and to also share that code with you guys so you can save a bit at the same time so yeah that wraps up today's video again make sure you grab the free download and yeah make sure you subscribe cuz again with full time modeling and I'm just starting the menswear line this year it's been hard to find time to get videos of each and every week so as the subscriber count grows it frees up more time for me to put towards videos because I can actually look at it as a way to support myself while bringing this information to you guys because it's a lot of work you know like before I go to do a video just be real to guys like I type out a whole helpline and I try to just make sure I keep it somewhat concise was just a lot of work but also give you the information you need so it's not just some vs video I'm trying to just tell you guys what's worked for me and you can go from there I appreciate any opinions comments and stuff you guys have been awesome over the last year or so since relaunching the channel I appreciate the support I'm gonna keep trying to work on my videos bring up the quality the content and yeah anything you guys want to see let me know questions below love to hear them otherwise I'll see you guys next time


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