Hey, everyone. Today we will record TOP 6 additional exercises for shoulders and upper limbs. These are the exercises that I use in my training and I remind you – they are VERY helpful. And have proven themselves over a long period o time. So I put them in sequence: from the easiest one to the most difficult. We start with #6. Under the #6 we have…a complex connected with a resistance band and a ladder. And…of course…with that person who will do it. I use the resistance bands every single training to warm up my shoulders as much as possible and prepare them for the training. The first one.. ABDUCTION 10 reps as slowly as it’s possible Abduct…Stop…Return… The same, but from under the body. Slowly….stop…return. Stop…return… We do two exercises for one hand. And two exercises – for another hand. And then..REDUCTION. Arm – straight. To “finish” your shoulders…finally. The circular rotation. Combined. I continue doing it until I feel that “burning”. I think every person feels this moment in a different way. I have about 20 rotations for each hand. It’s 1 set. And you need to do 2-3 sets. And..I remind…before the every single training. And I promise you that your shoulders will be ready for the load you’ve planned. We also have a complex in #5. Which consists of PUSH-UPS..but with a larger amplitude… and..REVERSE PUSH-UPS.. watch the way I do it. I do it with a pause in the bottom..when lowered down… 1-2 seconds to let your shoulders stretch well. To feel how your body relaxes when you squeeze up. The next. REVERSE PUSH-UPS. Also..lower down..Pause..Squeeze up. I emphasize that we lower down slowly and get up quickly. Get down slowly and stand up as quickly as possible. My advice: do 2-3 sets. for PUSH-UPS and REVERSE PUSH-UPS And that’s enough, as we don’t want to overload arms. That won’t let us do the basic exercises because the arms become “clogged”. TOP #4. RAISE. “Hello” to the whole Chinese national team. Peculiarities: Take it..the way you feel comortable. The starting position: band a bit forward. Strain your lower back, incline forward. Plates are parallel to each other, and don’t touch the body. We direct the bones of little fingers and elbows up during the movement. Thus, the plates turn a bit. Watch. “Lowering” is also important in this exercise. We lift up slowly. And put down slowly. Literally…2-3 sets..8-10 reps each.. And you’ll be enough too. We move to the TOP #3. The first “three” consist of exercises, which requires basic level in Olympic weightlifting CrossFit, of course. Therefore, there are some difficulties in performing these exrecises. All of them are connected with a barbell. #3: SOTS PRESS. Squat…fold your elbows up. The barbell is on your shoulders. And press the barbell up from this position. And rotate shoulders. Not every person can do this exercise. Definitely. Therefore, to prepare yourself I advise Try to perform this exercise in the sitting position. And lower the height of the bench gradually. Till that moment, when you’ll be able to do this exercise from the full squat. When you sit in this position and feel comortable… Press up. Basic points I’d like to pay your attention to: When we press the barbell up: bring you shoulder blades together and squeeze the shoulders up to have a proper and strong fixation. TOP #2. The main difficulty is not about how to press and how much to press. But how to hold and stabilize the weight, which will move in your hands, as long as possible. Have a look. The main difficulty is to stabilize the weight which moves above your head. The pause should be at least 4 seconds. Because the plates move in this moment. and lead to destabilization in the shoulder joint As you can see, in order to do this it’s necessary: plates – as small as possible is more preferable, increase the weight gradually and resistance bands – with the maximum level of resistance, green seems to be up to 65 kg Attached to opposite sides. Believe me, weight plays a much smaller part in this exercise than duration of retention and weight stabilization over your head. You can do this exercises with a clean or a snatch grip. Therefore, I won’t repeat this exercise with a snatch grip. I think all of you can try to do it with a wide grip. And we move to…in my humble opinion.. to a very hard, but very interesting exercise for those who prefers split jerk especially We move to TOP#1. So.. top #1 I do not even know whether to show it or not. Because…to be honest.. I do it..hardly.. But still. We do the same we did in the TOP #2. The same. We press the barbell up. But we do it rfom the “split” legs position. I remind what is split. When we stand in the basic position. And the front foot is the “leading” one. Depends on which leg you use to push. Moved orward. Stand on a full foot. the hind leg the hind leg – more than 90 degrees angle. In this position, we have to press the barbell up and stabilize the movement and the position. To make it even more interesting do 4-5 presses and complete with squats. But the rep is considered to be done when we touch the floor with the knee. Let’s go! Take the starting position. Take the “split” position. And push up. 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4 And squat from this position. One Two Three Four And switch the leg. 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4 Squat… Return back…and put down on your chest I think by the way, I’ve just had that thought those previous five we can probably skip them With this additional only… you can “finish” yourself and…you won’t get to the main exercises you’ve planned. OF course it is more convinient to do this exercises from the racks. But as we’re in the street and we were not allowed to be in the gym I do it in this way. Try it. Good luck to you! And the next video is going to be about TOP 6 for improving flexibility and mobility of your shoulders and upper limbs Stay tuned. Bye!


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