1. BRO HITT 👍👍

  2. Wow amazing. I never realized that what we enjoyed playing as kids back in the country side (province) in the Philippines is already a healthy practice from r running😊👌🏻👍🏻

  3. I have a marathon of 10km what can i do to increase my stamina and speed

  4. Now that I think about it, my coach makes us do most of these

  5. THX BRO 😉😉😉😉😉

  6. When you got track day at school

  7. Tutorial By : Usain Bolt

  8. When a Dog is over you.

  9. Great video to watch when you’ve got a stomach illness

  10. I don’t have a band I’m still young

  11. Lies,
    We all know that Naruto running make u faster than a bullet

  12. Me and my friend gassed me up a now I have a race with the fastest in my grade

  13. the best tip is move your arms fast

  14. Thks

  15. Bruh, just naruto run

  16. It worked man.. Thanks a lot.. Man.. Seriously guys.. Now I'm much faster 🚀

  17. i have one tips to run fast


  18. Thanks for helping me to get faster I've subd to your chanal

  19. Useful. I’ll use this when I’m on the field.

  20. After you do all the steps:

    I Am Speed!

  21. Please help me I am going to Do 400 meters Athletic marathon

  22. I was the fastest kid last year then I got the flu this year and pulled my hamstring

  23. Believe me i am really fat and with thesse tips im faster then most of my class mates

  24. Hi im an track and field player so im in elem ima watch this because to run faster and our enemies are high schools so there are fastest we need to win for our school thx for reading

  25. Now am fast as fuck

  26. Super Effecting!

  27. 1:14 me running through the mines to get to area 51

  28. Anyone know how many reps these exercises take?

  29. Thank you! I won in a contest!

  30. Naruto run makes I faster

  31. What are those shoes call??

  32. Kon kon Indian hai

  33. Broo i was doing this , i was faster and my condition was good

  34. Nice

  35. Thank you, I can now run away from my mom when she gets the belt.

  36. I run really fast but I want to run for a longer time

  37. 3:45 best

  38. Thx John for the tips !!!

  39. Im fast but my big tummy makes me a ltl lazy

  40. Ha… thanks man, this is what I’m doing tomorrow morning.

  41. Im fast af boi

  42. People say they’re slow but….

    You were once the fastest sperm

  43. Well i have a competition this saturday wish me luck!

    Also me: eats chips while laying on the sofa and watching tv

  44. When you learning how to run in qwop

  45. Who’s sitting on there couch in 2019

  46. 1 year ago I was able to run 17mph
    Now I run 20mph

  47. When there's a 'will' there's a way

  48. He maybe be the kid that always wanna race but everyone knows he would win

  49. Who’s watching, but still the fastest one on your team😂

  50. I thought I was gonna become bolt after this

  51. Did it work

  52. I have sport weeks at school on sunday in which I have 100 meters race
    Yep that is life 2 days before😐

  53. Thank you so much friend these exercises are very good

  54. me not completely sure if this is supposed to be educational r not

    i think it is

  55. 0:25 that go hard for a sec

  56. In how many days can we see the result of running faster??

  57. Isnt this just a way to make your knees and all those stuff tear down faster


  59. I swear I was doing these excersises , in my aunt's home in the morning . And I made a loud noise while jumping that my aunt got mad at me .

  60. good jop

  61. I run a mile in 9 minutes and 40 seconds

  62. I love how the guy literally in the beginning said take it seriously but it's mostly jokes in the comments
    Dude didn't even joke after the beginning of the video smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  63. Thx the cops won't stand a chance catching me

  64. I will try it it's good point and I am going follow

  65. Yea..i want to beat usain bolt !
    Help me with sm likes✌

  66. Thanks I play basketball but it really help me run faster up and down the court

  67. Nice

  68. Man!!! We used to do the hand slaps and drew blood we played so hard!!!

  69. Any XC people? I have a junior high district meet in less than two weeks so I gotta get working on my legs

  70. Just naruto run

  71. do you know my brother beka buiglishvili? he played with you in lokomotiv fc

  72. okay so grow taller got it

  73. Hi bro…. I want ur help

  74. Nice

  75. How many reps of each is a good starting point?

  76. How come our P.E teachers won’t teach us this? You can be a good teacher

  77. Who else is here cause you were the fastest till the new kid came along

  78. eats Cocaine I am speed

  79. I have a very explosive start which means I can get to my top speed very quickly but every time I try to run the 100 I’m way ahead but then I start tripping every time when I’m close to the end. Why does this happen?

  80. Nice

  81. Your voice is brutal dawggg

  82. Do you need to eat healthy for this to work as well?.

  83. Champion in gma baby

  84. I LOVE this guy's voice!! He is so calming!❤❤

  85. could you put in the description how many reps or how long you do each work out

  86. The problem is fool

  87. make video on making i side perfect

  88. I used to be the fastest kid in my school.

    Present: Laying on the bed and eating food.

  89. bro so yah in the Philippines you cant play foot ball BUT we can play futsal witch is played in a covered court i try my best but i feel like losing hope i wish me luck on running cuz i gotta chase my hopes and dreams!!!!!!

  90. Bhaiya bahut badiya

  91. Who use to run fast in teen age and slow now 😂😂😂😂

  92. Naruto running

  93. Then u can win with usan bolt is in it

  94. 🤔 I’m already super fast just watching this to even faster 😒

  95. One of the best practices regarding the training tbh

  96. Who came here because there parents disappoint them for not being the best

  97. I can go to school in time now

  98. Thank you


    Click the link

  100. 0:39 LOL!

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