TOP 5 MOST COMMON FITNESS MISTAKES (that you're probably making!)

what is going on YouTube welcome back to my channel if you guys are new here thank you so much for stopping by my channel is a primarily a health and fitness channel where I strive to teach you guys about health and fitness and how you can easily incorporate it into your life I share recipe ideas I share workouts I address popular and health and fitness topics and kind of break them down in an a way that's really easy for you guys to digest so if you have any requests or recommendations for videos on my channel please leave them below in the comment section and I will be sure to try and address those in future videos let's jump into this video I'm gonna talk about the top 5 things that I did that were mistakes when I first got into health and fitness things that someone I wish someone would have told me to avoid and not do and these are pretty much I feel very common mistakes when people first start doing health and fitness and going to the gym and learning about nutrition and and these are the top five things that I fell for that are wrong that I think a lot of people fall for so without further ado let's jump into this video really quickly though I do want to mention that two things number one I have a free ebook download available for you guys it is my power plyos ebook it's a training a book that's full of plyometric workouts which are great for fat burning and cardio and so it's a totally free download leave it below in the description box there for you so don't forget to grab that free ebook and number two at the end of this video I'm actually gonna take you to a really cool place I know that I've talked about doing booty bible boot camps for charity and i'm happy to announce that those that that event is finally in motion and so I have a whole little part of this video that's gonna take you through that topic and show you the super cool gym that we're gonna host it at so please stay tuned for that and if you are just interested in that go ahead and fast forward this video towards the end I'll put the time on the screen but let's jump into these top five Fitness mistakes zero uno this is um this is the thing that I did immediately right off the bat when I didn't know anything about training or working out or go to the gym however you want to call it I thought I'll just do cardio I don't know what else I'm gonna do because I don't know what to do with the weights I don't know how to workout so I think I just did like the first few months of me going to the gym was I walked into the gym got on the treadmill I walked on the treadmill for about 10 minutes got super bored and I left and that was my gym experience every single day for the first few months I didn't know what I was doing I was too intimidated to go try doing weightlifting or anything else like the Jews Rick very intimidating if you don't know what you're doing and so I think a lot of people when they try to get into working out and going to the gym and being healthy they just default to cardio because that's the only thing that they know how to do cardio is great and it's a great tool to use to achieve the aesthetic goal that you're looking for but it is not your bread and butter when it comes to training your bread and butter should really be a mixture of resistance training whether that is weightlifting or other types of burns its resistance training mixed with cardio and there's a million in one different ways that you can blend the two but I think a huge mistake that people go that people do off the bat is they just default and do a bunch of cardio and they don't do anything else the number two mistake that I made Oh Katie why did you do this I just I didn't know how to diet didn't know anything about nutrition and so I did a juice cleanse and I think that that doing these crazy like T tox cleanses or like crazy juice cleanses people fall for that because here's why you do this juice cleanse for a week or even longer some of them and you don't eat anything all you do is drink this crazy juice blend every day and you lose a bunch of weight in that week well obviously you're not eating anything but what are you losing what kind of weight losing you're losing muscle you're burning your muscle which is not what you want to do you might lose a little bit of fat but in that process you're also slowing your metabolism way down by doing these crazy juice cleanses and then when the juice cleanse is over you obviously go back to eating how you used to be eating and your metabolism is slower and you just are in a worse off place to begin with your intestinal tract might be cleaner from the juice cleanse but it doesn't give you any good because even if your absorption of nutrients is better after the cleanse if you just go you back to eating the crap that you were used to eating you're not gonna absorb anything great right so juice cleanses I'd like to steer you away from juice cleanses basically a good rule of thumb to live by is if it sounds too good to be true it probably is you know those juice cleanses that promise Oh lose 10 pounds in a week let's be real here that's probably not the healthiest or it's probably not realistic so just try to see through you know read between the lines when it comes to different fad diets and cleanses and stuff that's might sound appealing or attractive or they might have like incredible transformation photos but just kind of see through throw three and see read through the lines there and kind of see the truth in that those transformation photos by the way when people lose like 10 pounds in a week it's mostly water it's mostly water weight and they will gain it back in a few days okay enough about that that's not to say that you should don't do cleanses at all one of nutrition my supplement company that I use every day has a cleanse pill and it's an all-natural herbal cleanse it's a very mild cleanse you can take it for months at a time so it's not extreme it's not gonna be too harsh on your body it's not like the one-week stuff and it's it's made to clean your diet its digestive tract and to get any crap that's stuck in there out you have a better absorption of nutrients afterward those type of cleanses I say go for but definitely do your research before you do a cleanse at all and avoid those pure liquid ones the number three mistake that I made that I see a lot of people make as well is cutting out carbs how many people do you know when they go on a diet they they quote cut carbs I know almost everybody I know who says ok I'm on a diet I'm like what are you doing I cut hard to stop doing carbs like why don't do that that um carbs are your body needs carbs you need carbs to function properly you need carbs to have a proper brain wave function did you know that the brain is the largest muscle in your body that uses the most carbs oh my gosh so don't cut carbs out what you could do instead is clean up your diet cut out you know process refined flours cut out sugar on natural sugars cut out anything just go to a whole food diet well eat whole nutritious foods cut out the crap cut out the diet foods 100 calorie pack stuff and just try to eat a well-balanced diet and I'm more likely than not you're probably eating under you're not eating enough protein so maybe increasing your protein intake if you're not gonna track macros just try to eat more protein and the cleaner foods as well as incorporating your cardio and your resistance training that is the recipe for results not cutting carbs doing cleanses or just doing cardio I think a lot of people also make the mistake of like thinking that those like all-natural or a vegan diet or gluten-free those things must be healthy well they might have healthier options or they might be healthier by Nature but a lot of the whole like vegan gluten-free stuff just because it says vegan or gluten-free doesn't mean that it's healthy it doesn't like that you need to read through the lines for that to just be aware of what you're actually eating and remember whole nutrition students are best number four this is something I definitely made a mistake on when you are first starting out into your health and fitness journey you're gonna learn all about supplements and supplements seem like this amazing magical world where you're like oh my gosh I could take a pill and lose weight what so you over supplement to yourself and you try everything and you go for the most extreme unhealthy fat burner that you can find and I definitely did that I over supplemented for so long not understanding that supplements are a great tool but not that you that you can't just rely on them for your results they're really just supposed to be there as like a turbo boost to what you're actually doing or you know they're supposed to like optimize and like make you get those results faster but they they don't give you the results you give yourself the results they're just like a bonus add-on like turbo jet pack that gets you to your end goal that's what I think of supplement sense so you know when you're just starting to die it out when you're just starting to diet or learn about supplements make sure you don't over supplement yourself especially if you're like starting out brand new and working out you don't need that many supplements you will learn over time what you struggle with the most like maybe it's not having energy in the gym or maybe it's your appetite that really gets you and there are certain supplements that you can use to fill in those gaps but you don't really know what your specific body needs until you kind of do it just yourself first that's I will say though if you're just starting out I do recommend the following supplement supplements for you to be like a little starter pack BCAAs branch and amino acids are amazing for muscle recovery they are the building blocks of proteins so they're gonna help you not only recover faster but build muscle faster and help you be less sore they they feed your muscle tissue throughout the day or throughout whenever you drink them so if you go long periods of time in between meals like without eating it might be a good idea to add BCAAs in there just to kind of feed your muscle tissues so that your body doesn't use it for energy during those long breaks without eating number two would be glutamine when you first start working out you will get so sore and that initial soreness will wear off the more that you work out but a lot of times when people just start out working in the gym they get super sore and then they stop because they're like I can't I can't live like this is – it hurts too much how do you guys do this it wears off so if you struggle with excessive soreness try glutamine glutamine is gonna be your best friend third supplement that I would recommend if you're just starting out is a very mild pre-workout or some sort of caffeine that you can take before you train just to kind of give you a little extra boost before your workout and make sure that you go through your workout with as much power and intensity that you can I have my favorite supplements that I would highly recommend to you which are all from one of nutrition I go back and forth between the pre-workout and the sport amino which is BCAAs plus energy and electrolytes is kind of like a powerhouse supplement that might be a great place for you to start so more info about those will be below I do have a discount for that it's kt20 actually it's kt1 up use that one because you're four that's my youtube code anyway okay moving on oh and that would also mean protein if you guys struggle with not getting enough protein in a nice good whey protein post-workout shake would be amazing for you to take as long okay that's over supplementation my mistake okay number five lifting way too heavy with improper form I was totally like once I started dabbling in weight lifting and I got super hooked I'm like this is the best thing ever I just went way too hard way too soon and I was quarter rep squatting like every day I was like loading the bar up like really really heavy like 225 for squats and I was going down about 3 inches so embarrassing don't do it if you're unsure about weightlifting I highly recommend that you hire a trainer at your gym or somebody just have somebody to show you around the gym and how to do things properly and please do not please do not use too much weight for your skill level like make sure that your form stays perfect and that your strength is what's actually getting that weight up and not your ego that is also like I would recommend you either go for a volume training or like like by volume I mean like doing a lot of sets and a lot of reps and a lot of volume workouts you'll be in the gym for a long time but or you should do like high-intensity short workouts where you just give it your all for a very short amount of time so I would do either or I'm sometimes I like to blend the two like I'll do my main two lifts like I'll do squats and and already else or something like that and have those be my volume exercises and then I'll do the rest of my workout like high intensity circuits that's all I have written down those are my top 5 mistakes when I started in the health and fitness world so hopefully I am catching you right when you're about to make the same mistakes and I will be the one they stopped you from embarrassment and doing this mistakes don't worry though and most people go through those exact same mistakes that I did and if there's no shame in it just learn from your mistakes and you guys got this and I am here to help you so enjoy the rest of this enjoy the rest of this video please continue to watch and I will see you in the next one I try to upload videos each and every week so please please please subscribe if you enjoyed this give me your feedback below and don't forget to grab that free ebook which will be waiting for you down in the description box okay I will see you guys later really quick before you go I know you will probably ask so I wanted to just close this set is two of the pieces that will be launched for choreo active my women's active online launching this summer so I'm so close to finalizing the samples and this is one of them this is what I'm gonna call the luxe set it's like a faux it has a faux leather look so it's like a shiny black material very soft very breathable and then this nice nude detail here super supportive bra you guys I cannot wait to disclose everything that I have planned but since you are my loyal YouTube subscribers I'm going to tell you everything first so you're the first to hear it here is one of the sets from Coryell active you can follow the choreo active page on Instagram it's at Coryell active and I will be sure to update you when more things happen I'm so excited you


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