Top 5 Healthy Meals + Cardio Workout

what's up and good morning YouTube welcome back to my channel I know it's been a minute since I've done some videos and you guys have been let me know that everything's just been so chaotic on this end with businesses running several businesses that I've been having to pick and choose my priorities obviously I've talked about this before but I haven't had the extra time to record and edit video since I do them all myself so I kind of had a way out what to do but I am back in today's video is going to be a workout and also eight we're gonna go grocery shopping and we're gonna do my top 5 favorite meals and how to prepare them we're gonna start with we're gonna get ready with fire burn mm-hmm yeah guys fibers this is the first product of my supplement line it is amazing I have been so happy with it if you haven't tried it you gotta try it out so thermogenic it's a pre-workout energy and a fiber supplement all-in-one this is in my daily routine I do it every day well every training day so I do one scoop 30 minutes before every single training session and then of course can't forget my trusty old BCAA yeah to keep this one I am going to be coming out with my own BCA but it's gonna be more like it's gonna be the same as this cuz this one's awesome the formulation of this but it's going to be a honey buns flavor is it gonna be how about you guys want to give me any or any ideas she got some flavors at me do one scoop of this during every single training and then one scoop before bed to because it helps with recovery while you're sleeping my sac hates me stay axe yep all we're really gonna need is a mat and a weighted ball this one is a SAN this one's filled with sand so it doesn't bounce which I like so you have to work particle but any weighted ball is fine and then you just need yourself with [Applause] my god is done I'm gonna finish with protein chick and a banana I always do a protein shake and some kind of fruit right after my workout for quick absorption of you got your aminos and your your protein and your carbs so quick digesting carbs helps keep your body and anabolic which means avoiding at breaking down muscle tissue so you're just refilling your glycogen stores so just better you're just making more optimal fat burn and muscle maintained by following some kind of routine like that so I always do this because it's quick easy and simple see a minute faces the supernatural [Applause] my first favorite meal is going to be zucchini pasta or other known as zoodles yes so what you're going to mean in a zucchini spiralizer crap what are you doing are you dropping the ball you want to play you dropped it on my feet time so I just use this handheld one and then these are the items you're going to need for your meal we're gonna need you can do red and green or just one or the other I like them both they give different flavors onion white onion I like the best with this and then zucchini I usually do about three so I can have multiple meals out of this one all right so this one's all done and I don't like to cook it too long because I don't want the noodles to get like super sauce so I still leave kind of everything a little bit a little bit country or just a little bit so I like to add you can do any protein that you want so I do a combination of Turkey bison shrimp I like shrimp like the most but you can do whatever you want or if you don't eat meat protein just do it that way so I'd like to add avocado I'll cut up avocado on top of it and also I'll slice up fresh tomatoes and fresh cilantro and I'll throw that on top I only do it when I'm ready they make the meal so if I'm making lunches during the week put it together I'll just cut these up fresh instead of having it already already mixed something everything's still fresh and tastes good and I just when I prepare my meals this is a low carb meal so if you guys don't want the low carb you want to add carbs of course you can use regular pasta in there if you want that I stick away from the processed stuff so if anything if I'm gonna add anything to this it would probably be like black beans or I mixed rice in there pretty straightforward here and on sweet potato chunks in there so that's a meal number one we're going to need broccoli you can do yellow or green zucchini squash tomatoes and and onion gonna need fresh spinach you're gonna chop everything up and you're gonna put in your pan turn it on about medium ish and you're gonna saute this for about ten eight minutes I like to leave mine again a little bit crunchy not fully cooked and soft so I just keep an eye on it and I'm constantly stirring it so the spinach and the tomatoes you're gonna wait till about the end and you're only gonna put it in for about a couple minutes after this cooks for about eight minutes so you're only gonna cook this for probably like a couple of minutes just like heat it up a little bit which I'm buying these packaged rice just because a lot of times I don't need that much or all cook it on the stove but for you guys who are on like have to cook fast kids I don't know these are really nice as Thai jasmine rice like to mix this in this rice with this particular one or if you don't do do the rice you know what the other nice you can just have a veggies and again you can add whatever protein you want I like the chicken or ground bison beef whatever you want shrimp if you don't eat the protein again you can go straight for straight veggies and rice you like to get this bison or fresh ground bison from your local meat storm number three one of my favorites we are cooking some bison this one by far my favorite meal so what you're gonna eat it is also some slightly low carb it just doesn't have complex carbs its carbs from other sources so this is what you're going to need so I like to buy the butter lettuce avocado cilantro green onion white onion tomatoes black beans I always use this Parmesan cheese now if you would like carbs because sometimes I like to go for this too not always completely know process but sometimes I like to have a few thing I will do the tortilla so it's just he is that we bought today I'll add them but I'll usually do like two of these otherwise if you're not doing the tortilla then I do as much little lettuce wrap as much as you want have them all laid out then you're usually do like just a scoop of the meat just right I got one layered up so I have all the goodies on there and then I'll do that to the rest of them and I usually do just about a spoonful of everything so the beans and the meat and then avocado I usually end up always using like maybe a whole half an avocado or AHA half and a half I don't know I don't really measure it out but I'm just fill all these babies up all right I had frozen shrimp and now I'm soaking them in lukewarm water to thaw them out before I put them in the pan and now we're gonna cook the shrimp now the shrimp isn't gonna be a particular meal it's just I'm just cooking it to have it so I can add it to any of those meals that we just did you can even do it with the lettuce wraps to make the top lettuce tacos with shrimp instead of bison all right so these should be pretty much thawed out now we're gonna juice fresh lemon a little juicer doing frozen shrimp there's gonna be a lot of water that's gonna be coming out of it so before I add my seasonings so otherwise you're gonna dump all your flavor out so I let them cook let the water cook out of them drain them then when I go back onto the burner then I add all the other stuff well I like the shrimp until like all the lemon juice is pretty much all gone so kind of just soaks it in so that looks about good and this is all ready to go three potatoes we're going to peel them get some olive oil in there chopped up the sweet tuna also cooking some quinoa no seasoning added just keen on these are the items you're going to need that we need a lime juice cilantro red bell pepper red onion black beans we're doing everything wrong we're not cooking any of this garlic paprika chili powder sea salt and olive oil we're gonna ask that we're gonna add some maple syrup you so you can add meat to this if you want or otherwise you can just leave without me if you don't eat meat not look good do you mean all right you guys we're all into the fifth and final meal one of my favorites these are some of the items you need for your recipes okay sweet potatoes flax meal old-fashioned rolled oats so come in cumin I don't know how to say that right garlic powder and also guard minced garlic as well olive oil and a few other items I will show you in a second thing you're gonna do peel your sweet potato you're going to chop your potato up oh yeah okay now some of you guys might have a microwave you can just throw it in the microwave and you can cook it that way if you want I don't have a microwave I haven't used it that was kind of close to my face I own using microwave and probably like six eight years it's been a long time Oh microwaving the house so I'm going to chop these up you can also boil them until they're soft or pan fry them until they're soft which it doesn't take very long but it just depends on whatever is more convenient for you now you need it board on the floor once they're stopping they're gonna go in that Starscream [Applause] cover them to you for about five minutes and then you will uncover and let get crispy all done that look mm-hmm so you can obviously pair these with a protein if you want any meats or just happen by themselves these are actually a really good workout meal well I hope you guys enjoyed my five top favorite meals they are all super healthy non-processed nummy nummy but I truly enjoyed these meals and this is only the beginning of more recipes that I will be bringing together the more meals that I like to enjoy especially one since I've gone to the intuitive eating and I've been cut out all the processed food I've been having you get creative like this video please thumbs up share it subscribe if you haven't already thank you guys so much for tuning in it was great sharing a recipes with you guys food meals cuz then you guys keep asking about those I will see you guys on the next video


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