Top 5 Healthy Easy Meals For Entire Family

hi guys this is Maria welcome back to my channel in today's video I will share with you our top five how he easy recipes for the family you know what you see make sure to check out my healthy food playlist that is linked up here on the screen we are not vegan a vegetarian we get very balanced diet but I get inspired a lot by those lifestyles because they promote vegetables more whole grains into your diet so in today's video will be shared with you how to put a new twist on the traditional meals and a more healthy way if you've been watching my videos you probably notice that I introduced quite a few new grains to our family diet we're doing grits now for breakfast and the site store meals per day how secrets and also where did buckwheat which has been it's a very traditional grain actually for Russia where I'm from and it's not as spread out in United States and it's absolutely amazing but let's gets it I want to start with a great recipe for Barack though it's a vehicle spin on traditional risotto with a great cold panel there is a very nutritious green it's an excellent source of protein fiber and nutrients like magnesium zinc and some B vitamins it is a great alternative to other popular grains such as rice quinoa buckwheat and barley among others farro can be cooked in two main ways for this recipe I'm going to soak a cup of farro in the water in the fridge overnight be mindful one cup of dry flour makes three cups of cooked one and then I'm gonna soak some dehydrated mushrooms from the mushroom mix also overnight the next day I will get it out I will need about five cups of either vegetable broth or chicken stock if you wanna make it vegetarian you absolutely can and on the other pan I will so tail 1 cup of onions with 4 cloves of garlic minced after onions reach the consistency I will add another cup of Pharaoh and start mixing it fair it takes a long time to cook that's why you want to soak it overnight it will take about 30 minutes I have a little bit of butter for the flavor you will see when the grain starts opening that's when the fair is getting ready I will start scooping about 1/2 cup of warm chicken broth or vegetable broth once I've used almost all of the chicken broth and you will see when the greens or when you add the mushrooms and cook for about another ten minutes after you add them I'm adding two tablespoons of Parmesan cheese the cheese can be replaced by goat cheese if you have a sensitivity to cussing or some other alternatives and this is the final risotto it's so delicious the second way to cook farro is just like regular rice you just rinse a cup of Farrow under the water and then you warm up few cups of chicken stock or vegetable stock and just boil it and it can be served as a side to so many meals I personally love it with fish the way I cook my fish you will see it's the same way I cooked it for the seafood paella that will be in this video and what I like to do I like this mixture of rice and quinoa that I use in a lot of my recipes so here all the main ingredients you will need tomato paste shrimps I use Cod avocado oil seeds of change quinoa and brown rice some paprika some butter so I start with cooking the fish that's actually how I cook the fish all the time cut is one of my favorites the kids love it I love it it's easy so I put it on avocados oil when it's halfway cooked I put a few pieces of butter on top and then let it cook some more flip it for the shrimps I chopped up some onions this is balsamic orange vinaigrette that I absolutely love I actually buy it in health food stores it's a local company that makes it it's really tasty for the rice I use some chicken stock and tomato paste I did about three spoons you can add as much as you want and I put another tablespoon of butter yes I do use a lot of butter in my food then I am getting ready to cook the shrimps cuz the shrimp's take the least amount to cook it's garlic onions and basically shrimp and then I'm gonna add a few scoops of tomato paste a little bit of paprika on top and just let it get warm and tender but not over when all of this is ready I sprinkle some nutritional yeast on top I love nutrition Elise if you've been watching me you know it this next cream that I'm sure you will love it's all bull board it's a Turkish crane middle-eastern drain very widespread in that part of the world and it goes great with meatballs you can actually make even vegetarian meals out of Buber and you can make meatless meatloaf but I add it to my traditional meatloaf in the balls so let's look at the recipe so what is Boober it is a traditional grain of a middle yeast and it is also a cracked wheat it is not good and free and neither is farro so if you are on the gluten-free diet you might want to skip those it is really high in nutrients specifically in manganese magnesium iron and fiber so this first recipe I'm doing is a meatloaf I am adding olive oil 2 teaspoons or pound of ground beef then I'm adding 2 eggs you can either use dried thyme or Italian seasoning and I'm adding mustard also 2 teaspoons I'm adding 2 teaspoons of washes sauce and 1 cup of ketchup I so full-bore in water and once it's soaked all the water and I'm just adding it to my nipples you can dream it a little bit so you don't have as much liquid and then I mix it all and put it on the oven I add a little bit of vegetables and sprinkle parmesan on top of it this recipe might seem familiar to my subscribers this is my famous meatballs they famous in the entire family so what goes in there is a pound of ground beef also a cup of vegetables goat cheese olive oil and instead of rice that I usually add I am adding bulgor then I put it all in the oven and they come out so delicious bulgor makes it really juicy and moist so I think that's my new way of making them hope you guys enjoyed this video please make sure to let me know give me thumbs up subscribe to my channel leave the comments below what are you going to try and I will see you very very soon

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