Top 5 Health Care Management Jobs

hey this is Richard Gaiden president CEO of health career professionals and in this video I want to talk about the top five jobs in health care management now they may not be the jobs that you think they are and they're not the top five for the reasons you might think they are here's why when we're talking with health care professionals about their next career transition they want to know about two things very specifically in their next job one is what is the growth potential in the job or the career field and number two what is the stability of the job and that's very important today given our current economic situation so these top five jobs are not the jobs that pay the most they're the ones that are projected to grow the most and to be the most stable here they are okay number one of the top five jobs in health care management is nurse a job projections for nurses are hovering in the 21 to 22 percent range of growth by the year 2018 it's already a very large industry it's expected to see more new jobs over the next several years than perhaps any other occupation and health care number two of the top five jobs in healthcare management physical therapists now this is being driven primarily by aging baby boomers and their desire to maintain an active lifestyle this job is projected to rise and grow as much as 30% by 2018 the greatest needs are going to be where there are a lot of geriatric patients such as skilled nursing facilities orthopedic rehab and acute care hospitals number three of the top five jobs in healthcare management is pharmacists now the Department of Labor predicts job growth for pharmacists will rise a total of 17 percent by 2018 there's already a strong shortage of pharmacists in the current market and it makes this a very favorable job in the healthcare field number four are the top five jobs in health care management is physician in surgeon now there's no question that health care budgets and cost-cutting measures are going to keep the demand for doctors and surgeons at a more modest rate but there's going to be a huge shortage of doctors and surgeons in the years to come and it's still projected to grow by 22 percent by the year 2018 and number five of the top five jobs in healthcare management is computer systems analyst and administer technology is at the center of both business and healthcare and with strong incentives for companies to become more technologically savvy in the delivery of healthcare this particular field is projected to grow by 53 percent by 2018 and it's going to be in the area of network systems and data communications such as network architects and engineers web administrators and developers they're going to drive this total growth now if you're in one of these fields you're going to have a lot of career options health career professionals wants to keep you up to date on all of your career options we're part of a network of more than 500 healthcare recruiting firms which means we have opportunities that might be the right step for you to take in your career now I want you to do two things as soon as this video finishes number one subscribe to our newsletter and number two send us your resume everyone knows the best way to get great career opportunities is to have your resumes in the hands of an executive search consultant health career professionals where career agents for health care professionals you


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  2. these are not enough health care job

  3. Hi, Great Video 🙂  Are you stilling hire healthcare professionals?

  4. Shortage of Pharmacists?? when was this video done in 1999? you'll be lucky to even land a retail pharmacy job with 30 hours a week at one location on top of salary cuts

  5. This should be called Allied Health/Healthcare jobs.

  6. these arent health care MANAGEMENT jobs, but only siple health care jobs

  7. These aren't healthcare management jobs

  8. At the ripe young age of 53 (I will be 54 when I start) I am going back to school.  My plan is a Masters in Hospital Administration.  Once done – I would like to work toward another Masters in Health Informatics … I think my ultimate goal is working with the VA.

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  10. I wanted more info on non clinical healthcare management jobs.

  11. I went to school to get an RN degree…but never liked "direct patient care"….I'm more technically driven and oriented…not so much with "people and direct patient care"….are there any programs that don't charge 40K to go from an AAS degree in nursing to a BS in computer informatics….let me know…I'm getting older (49 in 2013) I still have 15 years of work ahead of me. supplemedatverizondotnet

  12. I am a fellow member of VTA. I have just subscribed to your channel – would love to have you subscribe to mine and help support each other

  13. well done, nice.

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