Top 5 Health Benefits of Smoking || Daily Health Tips


  1. Smoking does cause weight loss because when you smoke it takes away your appetite and when your not hungry you don't eat and when you don't eat=weight loss that's why most smokers are skinny

  2. Unless its super hard drugs, anything is sure to be fine if you exercise.

  3. Smokers hit the like button

  4. nonsmokers are zombies, smoking is God's gift, and live like a king

  5. My dad was a heavy smoker, died of first heart attack, had no severe EVEN mild diseases , big disagree on heart friendliness from smoking

  6. FUCK!

  7. The only benefit is to die unwanted

  8. I'm a waste of space. I'll quit. Take you to Topanga stop rite now you in dangjah…

  9. This video made by huge smoker lol

  10. Dont scare to death!

  11. An excuse for me to not give up on cigarettes.

  12. Stupidness….. Smoking life is hell

  13. When the time come to death nobody will leave either it is smoker or not .
    Bhai cancer to pani sy bhi ho jata hai to phr wo bhi peena chod do

  14. Smoke or not smoke were gonna ended 6 by 6 below the ground

  15. We actually smoke because we breath Cos breathed air is a carbon dioxide which is a smoke

  16. Holly shit, I'm gonna start smokin

  17. everything over dose/use isnt good to our health, and lacking vice versa, just know the limit and balance it, thats it, theres a lot of people dying eventhough they are not into smoke or any kind of smoking ,vape etc..

  18. 5 benefits don't balance out the 1000 risks

  19. Idk about the obese part. I see obese people smoking

  20. I wish I was in 30s or something. When smoking was an common practice among 7,8 years old boys and girls. That would have been lovely and suave.

  21. All the benefits are from nicotine. You can get that from somewhere else

  22. Smoking is jst beautiful

  23. Smoking is heart healthy!

  24. I heard that if you are very stressed out then you smoke one cig and that seems to calm you down and take your stress away but I don’t know if smoking one cig will get you addicted

  25. once when i read about smoking kills, cigarette contain many poison , darker lung, then it makes me realize to stop… i stop reading.. after watch this, now im reading back..

  26. Bullshit

  27. Lmao this quality comedy. 2. "Lower risk of death after some heart attacks" well quess what increases the risk of heart attacks😂

  28. There are differences between smoking cigarettes. Not every cigarette is created equal

  29. Click on this they have alternative to smoking with benefits

  30. shoes give you cancer, so does paper, water, sports, milk, sleep and breathing but smoking nah smoking's fine

    p.s that was a joke

  31. Two days ago, I resumed smoking after 3 years of abstinence. I had back ache (probably not lumbago) and a slight cold (remains from a worse cold days earlier) and I was fed up with the pain, nothing seemed to work. Then I had the idea to resume smoking, and bam, after the first cigarette, I felt totally relaxed, and the pain was almost gone and the cold almost instantly disappeared. When I was a smoker before, for 20 years, I rarely suffered a condition that required visiting a doctor. In fact, the doctors are surprised how healthy I am. Of course, smoking has some detrimental side effects like affecting blood circulation and stuff. Now I'm wondering which is worse or which is better. I'll keep smoking for the time being, but I know it's perhaps not the best solution. I'm approaching 50 now, and while off the cigarette I've become overweight (now ca. 26.8 stone). Maybe it's worth a try to see where this is going … I do want to get back my normal weight.

  32. Everything in moderation goes a long way. Honestly just don’t over do it. Wanna smoke then do it but limit the amount you do it to things like maybe social activities or stressful events. Either way just be happy and that’s the healthiest thing of all (in my opinion).

  33. Well, all herbs have both good and bad properties. Even castor oil which is very beneficial (especially topically) comes from a bean that can quickly kill you. So… I really don't understand why people are so determined to see everything in life as either black or white.

  34. i think 5 is just because we have low stamina due to smoking and dont exercise much to break the knees down

  35. Look at it this way. None of the benefits will help long term because of tar, rat poison, smoke in your lungs. They will all hurt you later on. At least vaping isn't as bad but still is bad. Also some of the facts are just weird. Remove stress play video games. See the negatives far far out way the positives.

  36. Well breathing oxygen kills you it oxydize your body

  37. the music fits it well, it's still not good to smoke lol

  38. Yeah! Benefits! Like doing crack, there are benefits, but you get atleast 20 drawbacks per "benefit". I once attacked some guy that blew smoke in my face, i got my ass kicked but whatever, young smokers are some of the most irrational, ignorant and dumb people in the world.

  39. are you fucking serious? Smoking dont give heart better! this is why all humans started smoke besauce is big lie is truth
    1 cigarette -25min live

  40. I prefer Marlboro Red 🔥

  41. 5 benefits .. 995 risks

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