Top 5 Gym Headphones

yo what's up everybody it's your boy floss back again with another video and today we're going to take a look at my top 5 gym headphones now all of these headphones I already reviewed I'll throw the links for the videos up in the description but in this video I'll just mention the price and where I got them from alright so let's get right into the action we'll start with number 5 and work our way down to number 1 which will be my absolute favorite number 5 we got the Jaybirds blue bud X now these are running your 125 bucks I got them on Amazon I'm feeling these ok these come with a nice carrying case when you pop them open big use your headphones now these are wireless headphones ok now that they happen when I say wireless I mean Bluetooth ok there's a wire rated bluetooth headphones the only drawback to these headphones are the wingtips ok now if you're doing strenuous exercise such as calisthenics or running on the treadmill these don't stay in the air that well it does come with a bunch of different size wingtips a different comes with a bunch of different sized ear pieces also you have to play with them to get the right size this is the right size for me but I find when I'm running on the treadmill these tend to loosen up or they tend to move out of position and you know when you're on the treadmill and you're running on level you know level 20 and you're going on beast mode the last thing you want is when you're listening to music your headphone starts you know slipping out and you have to keep adjusting them that messes around with your breathing it messes up your concentration I'm not that's the only part of these I'm not feeling but if you're doing some basic exercises such as heavy weights or you know whatever you're doing and you're not really moving around too much these have great sound I great sound on these and the battery lasts I have to charge these up pretty much every third workout I saw I workout on Monday put them back in my bag working on Wednesday put them back in my bag working on Friday and the battery would die at the end of the day on Friday at the end of my workout I so great battery life on these great sound 125 bucks for these ones let's get these out of here next now these surprisingly made it to my top five because uh you wouldn't believe it before the price we got the job is be sport alright now I just got these a couple of days ago and I will say I'm literally blown away by these not blown away by the sound and all that I'm blown away about the price alright these are running you 35 bucks it comes in this little pouch like this $35 on Amazon okay you buy them you're going to get their micro USB charger and some different sized ear tips and you're going to get some replaceable we have air wings whatever you want to call these but the bottom line is these headphones run you 35 bucks they're completely waterproof if you have seen a video activities I actually played music dunk them in the water left them in the water for a minute took them back out work fun now these have pretty good sound pretty good sound for 35 bucks pretty good sound but these are the kind of headphones that you want to workout with when you're doing your outdoor workout alright so what I mean by that is when you're going on those long jogs or if you like me you like to ride mountain bikes you know in the summertime it could be a bright sunny day you out riding your bike and you can start raining at the drop of a dime alright now these are completely waterproof so if it does start raining while you're riding your bike you don't have to snatch these off and put them in your pocket you just keep your workout flowing like it's nothing alright so waterproof headphones these are also bluetooth so no why is hanging around all over the place for 35 bucks these are probably the best value gym headphones that you could get alright so if you're not a real gym a real gym rat if you just one of these seasonal workout people and you just want to have a nice little workout bag with some headphones and a towel and some gloves and all that these are nice set of headphones alright they not going to break your pocket 35 bucks I use these already about three times no problem they stayed on my hip that is wrap around your ear they stayed in the air with no problem they bluetooth synched up no problem nice and loud loud this is important okay now these have a lot of bass not the most bass in the world but they have a lot of bass the reason I say loudness is important is dependent on what gym you work on it if you work out at Diamond Jim like me or dolphin fitness these are those kind of gyms that play loud music in the gym so the last thing you need it is when you're trying to work out and listen to music you hear in your music and then you hand your gym music on top of that and everybody knows gym music depending on what gym you go to is not the best it depends it depends what gym you go to I know personally sometimes when I'm lifting heavy weights when I'm benching 450 or whatever I'm doing shout out to 450 when I'm benching the heavy weights I want to hear some mob deep you don't wanna hear some jay-z some hardcore music to put me in that mode to you know to activate beast mode the last thing I want to hear is why I'm listening to my jay-z hardcore music I gotta hit some pink in the background you know some happy-go-lucky love song which I don't have a problem with but I don't want to hear that when I'm working out so you want to set a headphones that's going to drown out everything else around you 35 bucks I can't complain with these high end they waterproof so he's going to be my summertime bike riding headphones all day next now we're getting into my top three number three is the 50 the sick all right now these are the 15th the SMS sync by 50 cent now these come with a nice hard shell carrying case carabiner clip drop it right on your workout bag now I had these sense last summer still looking crispy all right let's pull these out comes with these little up tips that cover your headset when you're not using it these are completely wireless okay bluetooth pairing the best thing I like about these are these are really really sweat proof and water resistant when it comes to the ear cups now I workout heavy I workout heavy and I workout hard and I sweat a lot when I'm working out so the last thing you want to do is work out and sweat up your headphones put them in your bag and then when you're going on those back to back you know gym days and sometimes I'll go Monday and Tuesday when you're going back to back gym days you pull out your headphones and the air the air cups are soggy or moist I hate that okay I really hate that when you get the SMS syncs overnight these are completely dry up and air out let me do a smell test on these smell brand new I nope no funk attached to them alright SMS audio now these actually sound great not the most not the loudest in the world they do sound good they stay on your head obviously with no problem but the main thing I like about these are the sweat and water-resistant and these are just really comfortable all right doing it justice these perforated air cups the video is not doing it justice but when you put these on these these just fit right around your head nice and soft nice and comfortable after a while you forget you wearing them okay so and you have your controls right here these are go now these ones are going to run you these are run your $200 on Amazon like 200 bucks for these worth every penny and look like I said I had these cents last summer still looking crispy I use these once a week since last summer okay they're knees up you know pretty flexible pretty durable and they fold away I saw the SMS sink about 5,200 bucks that's number three on my list now we're getting into my top two these are my top two favorite headphones that I rock at the gym okay let's go with number two number two we got the Ludacris the Ludacris the soul combat plus all right now these are the Ludacris joints these come with a really really nice extra hardshell case okay let's open these up these are my second favorite headphones now these are not bluetooth okay so you're going to need a wire with these these actually come with sports head sports ear cups which are these are you know phone perforated ones and they come with a set of leather ear cups for when using them in the house or you ride you know riding on the train do whatever you do and you're not going to be sweating then you put on the leather cups but when you go into the gym you want these soft ones on okay these headphones sound great these are the loudest gym headphones that I got okay and that's why they're my number two even though I gotta use a why I pretty much like going Wireless in the gym but if I'm going to Dolphin Fitness which is a 24 hour gym if I'm going down Friday night at 11 o'clock at night they're gonna be bumping music mad loud it's almost like a party in it alright so these are the headphones I could put on and drown out everything especially if you use a numb power amp or bass booster app these headphones gonna sound great very durable headphones I had these also since last year and these I pretty much use the most these are leaving my gym bag all the time because I don't have to worry about charging these so no matter all of these other headphones I take them out constantly bring them in the house put one on the charger take the next set throw it in my bag and keep it moving but these are always be in my bag because there's no charging necessary and a lot of times I'll put my headphones I'll forget to charge them and I get to the gym or while I'm working out my blue buds or my sms the battery will die I'll immediately go to the locker and switch and put these on but when I'm doing my real hardcore heavy weights sometime I just want to hear extra loud music bumping in my ears I'm always going to these first okay these are the the Huseyin both joints you see the poles right there a little wear and tear on these not much one piece of advice if you don't get these though what I will tell you if you sweat a lot in the gym when you finish working out and you fold these up and put them back and this one a moist with sweat close it up when you go to workout again tomorrow they still going to be wet okay now the SMS sink they'll dry in the bag with no problem these though these air cups the next day they're still be moist and y'all know that's a disgusting feeling even though it's your sweat you know it's your sweat but it's the most disgusting feeling when you know you just got off of work and you go to the gym and now you're trying to zone out and get your workout on and you go on your bag you pull out your headphones and the air cups are all moist for the first the first minute of your workout you're gonna feel kind of slimy but you know that'll go away quick so what I do is when I work out hard with these and I sweat a lot I just put them in my gym bag open I don't bother to close them and the next day they air out alright so these ones are gonna run you 200 bucks worth every single penny though these are my number two gym headphones worth every penny I highly recommend getting these alright and if you got an Android phone get your power amp app and you're going to be working out and stuff trust me you're gonna have a lot of bass a lot of trouble mids highs lows whatever you want to call it the music sounds great I like to drown people out you don't have to talk to nobody these have a little bit of leakage but which is good when you Jim you want people to know that you listening to loud music don't bother to come and talk to me alright so these are my number two headphones now let's get to my number one headphones these are my favorite gym headphones alright if I'm going to the gym tomorrow these are the headphones I'm going to have these are my first choice I go to my second and third and fourth after these ones are the battery dies or knees these are my first choice the powerbeats2 Wireless okay now these come now first of all the price this is going to run you 200 bucks I go on Amazon right now 200 bucks for the power beats Wireless but you know when you buy anything from beats it's all about presentation and branding and all that you're gonna get this nice little you don't carry in case the beats logo on it your headphones going to beat now they come in different colors I got the black and red Brandon everywhere all right it's all about Brandon got your power beats beats logo on both sides these headphones sound terrific I they sound great very very loud super comfortable all right now this is probably the reason why they my favorites because these adjustable you don't want you these adjustable air air clips once you put them around your ear you just bend them a little bit more and they'll stay into place you don't have to worry about these falling out and that's my main gripe with headphones like these you know these are portable headphones bluetooth headphones like these when I'm working out and you know you're in the flow real workout catchy I know what I'm talking about when you're doing a set of 20 say you're doing a set up say you're doing 200 pounds on a flat bench and you're doing 20 reps you know when you get to 17 it's all about mind over matter your body's failing you got to force yourself to do it but if you got some good music on you got your theme song everybody got they work out themes on if you got your theme song on and it's something that's motivating you it's going to push you to do those last three reps the last thing that you want is when your headphone slips out of your ear it breaks your concentration just like that now the music sounds louder in one ear it throws off your equilibrium everything just gets all out of whack and it's not a good look when you got these headphones you're not going to have that problem these stay on my ear 100% of the time and what I do is I normally worked out with headbands on so what I do is you know this is the part that goes let's hang behind your neck I don't like that feeling of them hanging around my neck like that so what I do is I put my my headband on and I took this part into the back of my head I'm into the back of my headband so now these almost feel like completely wireless they don't move around on my ears at all they sound great I'd sound banging on these so these right here for 200 bucks these worth every penny all right these are my favorite headphones for working out in the gym now these are not my favorite headphones like you you'll never see me wearing these headphones at work you know you don't see me walking around in the airport with these these are my gym headphones now if I got a whole bunch of other headphones that I use for traveling and all that stuff we'll do another video for that later but these are my favorite bluetooth workout headphones ok powerbeats2 Wireless that's my top five now real quick I know a lot of people ask me what's my favorite bluetooth headphones that I actually just walk around with all day the ones that I use all day and these cost about $100 on Amazon without a doubt the Harman Kardon version of the LG tone infinim okay the LG tone infinim the Harman Kardon version you see I like these so much I had the black ones to match different outfits these sound great you can actually rock these in the gym I see a lot of people wearing these in the gym a lot of people the thing about these for me though I'm a big dude so I got a big neck you know if you a slimmer person you got a smaller size neck these tend to hang around your neck and they hang nice and they feel comfortable for me I'm so big that these tend to sit they you know almost they almost like this around my neck they don't hang they just sit on my neck like this and it's a weird feeling when you're in the gym and you lifting weights yeah you kind of get that claustrophobic feeling of something right around your neck when you got you know three four hundred pounds right over your head you don't want to feel something on your neck so that's the only reason why I don't work out with these but these are the headphones that I pretty much have on all day long I great sound on these great sound and like I said you can wear these all day long and these have you know you could use as a phone also you can make phone calls and answer phone calls now I forgot to mention that all these headphones I just showed you can answer your phone with two every single one of these top five the ludicrous ones every time I'm in the gym blasting music and I get a phone call I just answer the phone and talk through the headphones same thing with the B sports same thing with the power beats the sync by 50 same thing and the same thing with the Jaybirds all of them you can make phone calls and receive phone calls but the LG tones you got that nice phone button right there bong hit that how you got you're playing pause and once you learn the buttons on these what I like is a lot of times I'll just click these off because once you got these paired with your phone if you're playing a video or something the sound is automatically going to get redirected to these so what I do is when I'm not using these I just click the switch and these pair up so fast that when you wearing these around your neck even if they off even if they off when you're wearing these around your neck and you get a phone call while the phone is ringing you can actually just click these on by the time you answer your phone they'll be paired up and it automatic automatically connect to your phone call that's another thing I like about these LG tone infinim Quick Connect all right so these ones right here for a buck this is a win now a lot of people been hitting me up saying that they see knees for $50 or $40 if you can find these for 50 bucks and $40 just make sure they not the fake ones but even though it probably won't really matter but if you can find a set of originals for 50 bucks jump on these immediately I jump on these immediately nine times out of 10 if you see me walking around the street you're going to see these around my neck alright so these are my favorite bluetooth headphones but I don't rock them in the gym so here you go this is my top 5 headphones hit me up in the comments let me know which I think let me know what y'all top 5 is or let me know if you have seen some other gemphones that you like even better disease and y'all want me to check out inow definitely check them out shout out to everybody that rock with me on Facebook Foursquare Twitter Google+ shout out to all the Google gangsters I see how holding down that Facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and especially shout out to everybody rock on me on Instagram yeah I know that's where I'm at full-time 100% full throttle shout out to all the Instagram savages I see y'all oh yeah and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the Amazon warrior on Sundays yall already know every other Sunday night is going down live rim shot stream dances on deck yall already know get your drinks ready she is going down alright next Sunday night not this Sunday coming up next Sunday night we got the live stream now last week last Sunday night a couple of nights ago I had to cut the stream short because we had to get that MKX medicine going on but our next Sunday night we're gonna get back to the you know three four hour long streams and we're gonna have a lot of fun we're gonna get twisted all right oh yeah one more thing – I almost forgot another thing fellas ladies say it with me or y'all haters or yeah trolls close your eyes and picture me rollin jabal plus I'm out deuces


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