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  2. first music after the intro pls ?

  3. Lov this !

  4. Good work!

  5. muy bueno tu tutorial maestro lo pondré en práctica. saludos desde Ecuador.

  6. I don't know what is your excuse but you ruined your body with tattoos

  7. QUESTION: Hey Chriss, thanks again for amazing content. I have a question: Isn`t the second exercises too much for the shoulder joint?

  8. Can you do X Handstand tutorial?

  9. Годно мужик 👍

  10. lol

  11. Chris your videos are awesome bro! Lots of value added man!

  12. Intro song please !!

  13. Hey, I love your videos! I'm working on my own development and growth in calisthenics and flexibility. Just a heads up, I think sometimes your sound levels are a bit off between the music and Chris speaking.

  14. Хороший канал)

  15. I am 19 year old if any age restrictions for calisthenics

  16. Finally found something useful for my chemistry textbook.

  17. Hey Chris, just subscribed to your channel today great work out tips and vids, I would like to know who does your tattoos? and how can I get in contact with the person?

  18. Sic tatts

  19. Bro, you so good at handstands all your tats should be done upside down

  20. dayam that little arm tap exercise is dangerous hohohohoh but def gonna work on it

  21. I'm currently in calisthenics unity and I feel like I learn a lot more from thenx I love calisthenics unity but sometimes I need advice like this it really helps

  22. Thank you for info good workout

  23. hello I'm Lopez Ugo, I contact you from Italy, I'm trying to prepare for personal trainer Calisthenics training, but I have a problem, because if I attack the bar I have for the traction I have the feeling and pain behind I feel that the arms they break away from their shoulders

  24. Khó anh ơi

  25. heights of respect 4 u bro

  26. i wonder what kind of shoe you are wearing

  27. I need some of these songs for my workout, seriously can somebody send me some?

  28. my wrists are hearting very bad when i do a handstand help me please

  29. this is fuckin fantastic

  30. I almost achieve my handstand bcoz of the tutorial he made! I hope u can train me tho..but I'm in aasia

  31. Thank you man your video they are verry good thaks man

  32. You are Vietnam or China

  33. Yes Chris is my Ideal

  34. las pistes de fondo donde las encuentro ?

  35. excited to try these. I have no idea if I'm going to be able to!

  36. this is amazing!!!

  37. im giving myslef 30 days to see how good i can get at this using this 🙂

  38. I weigh 100 kg hold my body with 1 hand for 5 sec tho first time trying these

  39. His chest is fucking goals.

  40. One arm handstand pushups ?

  41. i'm finally a person who can do a handstand, hurray! :D. sadly that's the only thing i'v improved in the last 4 months…

  42. cool i gonna try this very cool

  43. Wait wtf I'm so scared of hand stand because I'm probably going to fall on my face

  44. Pliss legend in portuguese

  45. I fucking hate tattoos


  47. I cant handstand side bend, i will fall

  48. I️ am currently trying to get my handstand; I️ts been months, and I️ still can’t get I️t :/ how long did it take you to achieve your handstand?

  49. Which name of song in 5 minutes

  50. Always great!!!… 👍👍👍

  51. Hello Chris! I block for several weeks (1 month and a half) with handstand push ups, I can not exceed 7 repetitions and it frustrates me a lot, can you give me a solution to break this plateau?
    thanks Chris.

  52. If I see you struggling, why would I try it?? For why???

  53. what is the background track

  54. Hello sir.. How to get a big arm??

  55. Hey i was actually following that climbing against the wall thing and there is like a lot of pain in my lower back. Also 4 years ago i managed to fracture my spine from that area ( lumbar area) although it's stable now. Can anyone help?

  56. What to do for loosing thigh fat

  57. Mi hermano pon los subtítulos en Español bro

  58. Intro music?

  59. im in the military, and this channel really helps me shit on the pt test

  60. The app is great but I cant watch the videos in China!

  61. You know, I’m just looking at him and I don’t even listen to him 😂. Chris, you look fabulous, good for you

  62. Is there workouts to achieve a handstand without doing the handstand itself?

  63. the app doesnt work on my device

  64. Awesome video…I love handstands…I think they're super fun…I can do the shoulder taps without the wall…I like the block variation…I am going to try that. Thank you! :)…any tips for getting handstand pushups??

  65. Thank you so much man. With this I was able to Handstand in just 3 days! Thank you again.

  66. Whats the music starting from minute 9:00,is that music available in thenx app

  67. Help? When i handstand i dont feel any strain on my hands but i cant balance my entire body on my hands , i tried moving my legs infront a lil bit but that makes me fall forward instead of backward

  68. handstand shoulder dab 😂 4:23

  69. I just managed my very first handstand against the wall! Used to be pretty afraid of being head down like this, legs up. Getting better! I am very happy! 🙂 Thank you so much, Chris!

  70. 10-15 second handstands (wall support backup in case:) after months on and off of practice. Never in a million years thought I'd be doing handstands!?! Chris and THENX crew thank you! been using your app for several months now.

  71. I have enough strength to hold a handstand against a wall for 5 min but I can hold without a wall for only 22 sec I can't balance . I m working on balancing for 3 months everyday but I can't help me

  72. After around 1 month practicing WITH the wall (including the push-ups to gain my base strength and upside down body memory), today is my third day practicing my free handstand. I feel better doing it and more confidence each day passed. I don't know how long it will take to master the perfect form, but I'll try to train intensely this 1 month and see how it will go.. thanks so much Chris!

    Btw: My glutes and thighs are sore. Funny how you go against the gravity downward, but the soreness go upward too!

  73. Does handstands work all the parts of sholder

  74. I've also found that wide handstand holds help with human flag etc.

  75. App download!
    I wish I saw this video when I first started Capoeira 9 years ago…..

  76. thanks

  77. ❤❤😍😍😍💋💋💕💕👍👍

  78. 😃❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌

  79. <3

  80. What is your hight

  81. How long does it take to practice to become like you???

  82. i love u man u r good ummmmmmma

  83. he's as close to perfect as possible. can't relate.

  84. I love your music

  85. When i wacht this and ill try to copy her i have baby muscle😂

    Love this vid💗

    I hope you make more vids😙

  86. Alguem sabe se tem o aplicativo traduzido pra portugues?

  87. your tattoos are covering your monster muscles especially hand muscles

  88. Спасибо за русский субтитры !

  89. Спасибо за русский субтитры !

  90. you are awsome

  91. anh là người Việt Nam ạ

  92. ترجم لٱ اللغه العربية

  93. This is amazing! 💪Chris, the calisthenics wizard! 🔥✌

  94. Neck tattoo looks painful

  95. لغه عربيه ليش ماكووو

  96. Thanks buddy

  97. Whats the benefit of the on-even hand stand?

  98. Tumi sera

  99. Очень сложно!!!:)

  100. Impressive. Any chance to get a more personal experience?

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