Top 5 Biggest Fitness Myths Busted By Fitness Experts

Fitness is that part of a healthy lifestyle
that should be present in your schedule if you want to remain a healthy person in good
shape. But today I would like to talk about Top 5
biggest fitness myths busted by fitness experts. But before that, this is zash from health
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on my latest videos. See you after the break. So what are the Top 5 biggest fitness myths
busted by fitness experts lets find out: Myth #1 To be in excellent physical shape,
you need to give all your best every day. Experts believe that such an approach is not
good for your body. Since exhausting physical activity without
rest will only deplete the body. If you can�t give up daily sport, then at
least alternate classes: for example, one day you do strength training, and the next
day you do aerobics, and so on. Myth #2 You can go to the gym just a couple
of times a week. With this approach, the result will be minimal,
because the body will not be able to get the shape you need. If your goal is to create a beautiful body,
then you will have to go to classes at least 4 times a week. Myth #3 Instructor or trainer is a waste of
money. If you are an expert in bodybuilding, then
yes that is a waste of money. In all other cases, you need a specialist
who can draw up an individual training plan in accordance with the needs and characteristics
of your body. In addition, it is the trainer who will monitor
the exercises that is best for you and, if necessary, he will be able to change it for
your own good. Myth #4 After gym, you must go to rest. The fact is that only after you actively work
out in the gym for 60 minutes, the process of consumption of adipose tissue begins. However, in order for the process to activate,
the body needs a large amount of oxygen, so the best way to get in perfect shape is to
go to the park for a jog or walk, as well as cycling. Myth #5 After 40 years of age, strength training
is not needed. On the contrary, it is the strength exercise
that will allow people, who have passed the 40 year of age, to stay in good shape and
not have critical health problems. It is strength training that will make your
bones stronger and protect against fractures. So, if you really care about your fitness
goal then please do not fall into these myths. Be healthy be happy always. Remember to stay tuned with this channel,
See you later, and thanks for watching.

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