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hey guys so today's video is going to be a little different than what you're used to seeing on my channel you guys have been really requesting for a very long time now to see more fitness videos to see me talking about what I eat what I like to drink and the supplements that I take so I figured I would record something for you as sort of like a tester and just show you only ten things that I really love to have throughout the day if you guys end up liking this video please let me know I will definitely record more if it is something that you guys are wanting to see so let me know in the comment and also give a thumbs up on this video okay so the first thing is T's I absolutely love T's I love to drink them throughout the day morning afternoon night and I have like this whole regimen that I like to do depending on the time of the day so for at night I wanted to share with you guys my favorite tea that I like to drink this helps with detoxing the body so you do it basically every other night and this is from teeny blends it's called the tea me colon detox cleanse and basically you drink this with hot water I like to use this little tumbler right here that I got from Tammy Blunt – it's cute and white that's just my job I just brew some hot water with my Keurig and I let the teabags sit steep for about two to three minutes this is what it looks like right here I actually have to get more I only have a few left Tammy blends is all vegan you know they use all natural ingredients in their teas which is something that I really like and appreciate non-gmo no dairy no soy basically nothing that is going to cause discomfort I actually feel like my digestion has really improved like I feel like I'm going regularly throughout the day which is good you know I don't feel all stuffed up I know it's probably TMI for you guys but having good digestion is incredibly important it helps to get rid of any toxins or waste build-up that is in your body just kind of clears everything out so because of that I definitely feel a lot lighter throughout the day it just makes me feel really good when I feel good you know so it overall helps with not only my health but also my mood if you're the kind of person that likes a little bit more sweetness than what I would recommend to do is put like a tablespoon of honey in there or agave I really like to use that and you just kind of mix it up in there and after this has steeped for two or three minutes you can take it out and then you can drink it so it's really easy to put together at night I literally just do it right before I go to bed and yeah I love it so I wanted to share with you guys that also out of all of the things I'm talking about today I was only able to get one coupon code and it is for this so if you guys are interested in trying this the brand that did give me a coupon code that you guys can use for 15% off I'm gonna put the code in the description box and also right here on the screen so you can use that save some money so this is the multivitamin that I take this is called orange triad by controlled labs so they have it in pill form which I've taken those before and I think they're amazing but I like this a lot better this is a powder and it's made with greens in it already so I mean I eat vegetables throughout the day but if you're the kind of person that doesn't like vegetables and you don't like eating them this is nice because it already has the nutrients from the vegetables in here in powder form so this helps with joints digestion your immune system it's in lemon ice tea flavor I think there was one other flavor but I just really like this one I've read reviews where people have complained about the taste but I just drink it really quick in like a glass of water I'm not like trying to actually enjoy it it's more like a chug it down really fast kind of thing so it doesn't bother me the taste I don't think it's bad by the way this is made specifically for people who train very hard in the gym or train very frequently so it's great because it has all that extra stuff in here it's not just like a regular multivitamin it's got a lot more things to help with your body with recovery you know with your joints and all that kind of stuff it's got vitamins A C dek thiamine riboflavin niacin b6 b12 let's see magnesium phosphorus zinc copper potassium your joint complex with the glucosamine and the MSM you have for digestion and immune echinacea ginger roots cardiovascular complex with beetroot powder carrot root powder spinach cauliflower broccoli collards and have your antioxidant fruit and vegetable blend an enzyme blend complex and also a probiotic blend complex so it's just like amazing I love it has everything in here that I need so I don't have to actually take any additional pills I can just do this and I do it two times a day once in the morning and then once at night before I go to bed it just comes with like a super scooper the scoop looks like this huh yeah you just do two scoops a day and you spread it out so you don't shake it all at once um with this multivitamin I do mix it with apple cider vinegar this is raw I still have powder this is raw unfiltered with the mother unpasteurized naturally gluten free so I've gone through I don't even know so many of these I started doing this last year I think the thing is though is that you have to be careful you can't drink a lot of it like seriously have to start slow and build up your tolerance to it because it can burn your throat so I would definitely recommend starting out really small at first when you start drinking this it helps with your immune system it's an anti-inflammatory so it helps to keep your skin clear you know if you have cystic acne it's going to help fight the bacteria and help it to go away faster it aids in digestion and gut health as well because it is full of malic acids so yeah I mean there's just you can look this up guys there's so many benefits to drinking this what I do now because I've built up my tolerance I am able to do a tablespoon in the morning and then a tablespoon at night and I just mix it in with my multivitamin and it actually enhances the flavor I feel I mean I think it makes it taste like tangy so I like it a lot I'm also another thing you have to be careful with is don't drink this alone you want to mix it with a lot of water so I fill up you know my whole cup full of water like eight ounces when I don't take apple cider I definitely noticed I just I don't know if things just don't feel right when I don't have my whole regimen in place so it's not like any one particular thing that I take is like so much more necessary than the other it's more like a combination of everything together that makes me feel great and makes me skin look good and my hair my nails all that kind of stuff so let's move on yes I have notes right here because I was like man I'm gonna forget everything there's so many benefits the whole this stuff I'm like I have to write this down so I don't forget to say anything next up I wanted to talk about matcha green tea this is an organic Japanese finely milled green tea powder you can put it in your smoothie your lattes you can bake with it there's so many different recipes that I have seen online but honestly I'm just a really simple kind of person and I just throw it into my intra workout shake what I do is I use about a teaspoon of this this is really a small package I got it to try it actually from Amazon because I've never tried it before and I really do love the way it tastes so I'm definitely gonna be ordering more I throw it into my intro workout shake along with whey protein powder I like to use fast digesting fruits like frozen strawberries or you know blueberries pineapple anything like that and I also like to use silk almond milk with coconut in it mix it all up with my Ninja Blender and I'll drink that throughout my workout and the reason why I forgot I also use chia seeds which I'll talk about in a second so as you progress through your workout you are basically tearing down the muscle fibers and your muscle energy stores are being depleted so that's why an intro workout shake is incredibly important it's going to give you the nutrients that your body needs so basically you have more energy during your workout and you get like optimal performance definitely adding matcha green tea is very very important because it helps with focus it is high in antioxidants it loses concentration increases your energy levels and your endurance it also helps to burn calories it improves your cholesterol and it tastes good so like I said these are the I like to put in my intro workout shake as well these are organic they are very high in omega-3 fatty acids and also they have some protein in there which is nice dietary fibers as well to help with digestion so it comes with this little scoop right here which is exactly a tablespoon so I just fill this up like that and then I'll pour it into my drink and blend everything all in together I just picked this up at I think it was Jay's it also helps to reduce signs of aging it helps build and strengthen bones and muscles it's high in vitamins and minerals like calcium potassium magnesium omega-3s dietary fiber like I said and protein chia actually means strength in the Mayan language so back in the day the Warriors would use this as runners food so they would eat this and it would help fuel them through their long-distance running during battles so it's kind of how I like to think of it for my cell phone working downstairs I'm feeling myself for the battle fish oil I take this two times a day so I'll take two tablets in the morning and the two at night this is by the brand Nature Made you can just get this at BJ's your local grocery store order online whatever you want to do but I definitely think this is incredibly important I've been doing this for so many years this is very very essential for your body to have every single day this is incredibly important for brain function to help support a healthy heart boosts your immune system and most importantly and I'm just kidding that most importantly but very importantly it helps to improve your skin your hair and your nails collagen this I got from Amazon I just ordered it in let's see what's in here this is a 10 ounce bag non-gmo paleo friendly gluten free hormone-free antibiotic-free this is by the brand Sint 11 grams of protein and in each scoop I just do one scoop a day and I like to mix this in with my coffee because it is completely flavorless can't taste it at all I just use that much and it's just like a white powder so I just want you as I don't know if I said that already but I'm definitely gonna have to order more because I really really like the way that it's making my hair and my skin and my nails feel and look I just feel like everything has really improved not thought it was bad before but I just feel like man like this really does help make your skin glow my hair looks a lot healthier and shinier since I've been drinking that and I do notice that my nails are stronger like it's harder to bend them down whereas before I was like if you bend it down once I just pretty much broke the whole thing it is also good for reducing joint pain it also helps with gut and liver cardiovascular health it helps build muscle and burn fats and that's all I wrote down about it so yeah that is another thing that I like to take in that's it actually for look that is actually it for supplements guys that's all that I like to do for that unless I'm forgetting something hopefully not if I am I'll put it in my next video if you guys want another one so the next thing is just like little snacks that I like to have throughout the day the first thing is avocados I freakin love avocados I don't eat them alone though because I feel like I probably throw up if I did that I mean I love the way they taste but I feel like they're more of like a way to enhance your meal not something that you have alone I was gonna say it's kind of like peanut butter but it's not like paper at all because I do eat peanut butter alone and I love it but I just I don't think I could eat avocados alone anyway that has nothing to do with anything what I do with avocados is I eat one a day and I will usually mix it in with two different meals so what I do is I take a knife and just cut it all the way in half like this way so that way I have two halves take the big seed out and I'll just scoop the whole half into my chicken and rice meal I usually like just throw kimchi in there as well I have this mixed greens mix spring greens that I get from BJ's it's like got kale and spinach and other kind of lettuce in there I also like to eat it with broccoli sometimes I throw in sweet potato but this is definitely huge huge for skin hair and nail health so I they protect limb from liver damage they keep eyes healthy they reduce risk of cardiovascular disease aid in digestion and managing weights our next step is almonds these are lightly dry roasted unsalted almonds you wanna get unsalted so it's low in sodium these taste so good by the way this is by the brand planters so I always make sure I have almonds with me wherever I go that's like something I'm I make sure to have at all times because sometimes you never know you might be out you might start getting hungry and you need to eat something this is great as a healthy snack to take with you on the go but yeah I do eat these throughout the day usually I will eat them actually after I work out I'll throw them into my yogurt I like the way tastes because it's like every time I get a spoonful of it it's like a nice crunch it just adds more texture and fun to the yogurt yeah I just love almost I make sure I have basically a handful a day so some really cool things about almonds is that they are rich in dietary fibers so it helps to prevent constipation it helps with weight loss the immune system keeps healthy cholesterol levels regulates blood pressure it nourishes your skin it improves your skin complexion Chobani Greek yogurt this isn't the vanilla flavor I like the vanilla flavor because it adds like a nice sweetness to it but the original one is actually better it has less carbs I think there's ten and less carbs in this so just kind of depends on what you're looking for if you'd rather you know sacrifice the carbs just a taste better I don't really like the way they rich I want taste though honestly it's kind of gross to me so I have to get either the strawberry or the vanilla anyway this has 170 calories in one cup which I usually do one cup of this zero grams of fat is completely fat-free it is low in sodium it has potassium and 23 grams of carbs also 20 grams of protein so the reason I like to have this after I workout is because you know like I said while you're working out you're basically tearing down your muscle fibers after you're done your workout you want to replenish your glycogen stores you want your body to be able to read and repair your muscles and that is what this will help to do so I usually eat this with almonds like a little bit of cinnamon some whey protein powder maybe sometimes I'll throw in some tumeric so this has a probiotic blend which means that there are microorganisms in here like bacteria and yeast that you absolutely need to have because the immune system inside your immune system you have bad bacteria in a good bacteria don't want the bad bacteria to overwhelm the good bacteria because then you're going to damage your immune system so in order to balance everything out you want to eat good bacterias like this so that way you are feeling good you're nice and healthy and your immune system is working the way it should it also has vitamin b12 which is great for energy and brain function and tons of potassium and low sodium alright guys so that's it for this video that's some of the things that I like to eat and drink and take throughout the day like I said this is not everything there's definitely more so if you want me to do another video and talk about more things that I like to eat in a day then please let me know down in the comments or you can just give this video a thumbs up and I'll know you guys want more also let me know down in the comments what you guys like to eat and drink and take throughout the day to keep you healthy because I know a lot of people may not like the suggestions that I talked about you know some people might not like avocados or might not feel comfortable eating almonds because maybe you have like an allergy to almonds you know everyone's different everyone has different things that they like so let us know down in the comments what you guys happen to like anyways that's gonna be it for this video thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one [Applause]


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