Top 10 Foods for Strong Bones – Super Foods for Strong Bones – Best Food for Strong Bones


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  3. Excellent Calcium Power-Excellent Calcium Power
    More effective to build healthy body and tough physical structure ……

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  6. Damn I didn't know my favorite stuff to eat are making my bones stronger

  7. Magnesium for strong bones

  8. Spinach, a leafy vegetable, is rich in calcium and other minerals.

  9. are bhai ye kaisa video hai isme foods ke koi name nahi hai

  10. 1.Milk ,2 spinach,3 orange.4,eggs, 5 collard, 6 salmon,7 sardines,8 tuna,9 cheese,10.yogurt

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  13. This vid is 100 I'm 6'6 because I eat really healthy a lot of legumes and vegetable , and banana is a good fruit

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  15. for me only milk and moringga, and maybe chez but not as much as a milk,
    but salmon,sardines, orange? no

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  17. Nise food I eat egg pups 15 days once

  18. 10.YOGURT

  19. Barley and chia seeds both have almost 7 times more calcium then milk and they are not on this list crazy

  20. what eat for strong legaments

  21. Who checked their phones volume as the video started

  22. Any fruits juice must be home made as market made juice are not healthy

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  26. This is rediculous, it's basically all animal based except for the end ones. Get your nutrition from plants that's where it all comes from.

  27. Salam, it's very good n needy .. I was Like it more faster time lapse for the slide spacing…since no much to read,, or if u r giving time, then could some extra info., cheers.. Masha Allah

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  30. Vitamin k2

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  32. U forgot celery should be #1

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  35. I just like spinach, collard greens, salmon, tuna, and orange juice.

  36. Where is my spinach?

  37. number – 7 tuna meaning what

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