Top 10 exercises for stuttering

In this video, I’ll show you ten exercises
that were instrumental in my own personal getting free from stuttering, so stay tuned. So here are ten exercises that helped me the
most on my way to freedom from stuttering. Some of these are speech exercises, some of
these are probably not, but this is the essence of what worked for me. Exercise Number One
Breaking Tension So speech impediments cause tension in our
body. And tension in our body causes speech impediments,
and this becomes a never ending cycle. We’re not going into science to really decide
which one causes the other one. It’s clear if you’re tensed you will stutter. It’s a clear sign that you are in a stuttering
mode. And you know that you will stutter even before
you start to speak. It’s okay to be kind of a bit anxious or
excited about speaking, but we don’t want our body to be covered and be held by this
tension. We want to break it physically, on a physical
level literally. How do we do that? There are many ways. I’ll give you a couple examples. First, dance. So when you dance, you literally break that
box of tension that is covering you, holding and pressing on you. Now it’s gone. Next, imagine you’re moving a very hard
object like an old-fashioned piano; you need to put an effort, a real effort to move it. Next one, combine moving okay maybe dancing
or just moving your body with speaking You just combine moving and speaking. Okay, just be creative again here but feel that you break
the tension and you say something at the same time. It shouldn’t be a long sentence necessarily. It can be just a sound like boom, boom, boom. And be free, be stupid, be silly it’s your
home exercise; be free. Let’s move to the next one. Exercise Number Two
Voice and Breathing So it’s pretty much the same as with tension. Our speech impediments cause our voice to
be very shallow coming from the thorax, and our breathing is interrupted with blocks and
repetitions. And this facilitates speech impediments
creating that never-ending circle, so we want to do something about it as well. So what we can do, we can sing and read out
loud using our lower part of the chest rather than thorax. There are many apps out there that provide
you with the piano so you can kind of play, and you can sing, and you always can feel
with your hand where your voice and breathing is coming from. And you can read out loud using lower voice. It’s not that we want to use that lower
voice all the time, but it gives you the feeling of where your breathing and your voice should
come from to be round, deep and strong. Exercise Number Three
Articulation Here are two things actually. First, preparing our speaking mechanism and
preparing out mouth muscles for speaking. It may look funny or stupid, but I usually
do like all sorts of manipulating with my mouth to really feel comfortable that I do
open it when I speak. That’s the first thing. And second, while we speak maybe that’s
my personal problem; we usually don’t open mouths because it’s again covered with tension
and by our articulating before speaking and while speaking, we break that tension. Again, maybe that’s my personal big problem,
but if I don’t do these exercises, my speaking turns into mumbling literally. Let’s head on to the next one. Exercise Number Four
Relaxation So relaxing is very important before speaking. There are many exercises; we can relax but
what is most important is how we combine speaking with relaxation. As a result of saying a phrase, we should
not gather tension; we should not get tense. We should get relaxed. We should enjoy our speaking. How do we do that? The most efficient way to relax a muscle is
to put tension on it and then relax. So we gather tension and then relax and then
we add saying a sound into this breathing out and then saying a word and then saying
a phrase, so we go like, I’m saying this phrase in one exhale. I don’t need any other breathing in the
course of saying it so we can produce and model the right way how we say the whole phrase
from the beginning till the end in one exhale without any interruptions or impediments. Let’s move to the next one. Exercise Number Five
Acting I believe that getting free from stuttering
is more about personal change, development, call it whatever, than medical intervention. There is no medical cure, or medical pill
you can swallow or take and stop stuttering and a lot here is about role play about role-modeling. It’s like in programming, you can put a
word or sign which means a whole set of operations, actions, qualities information, so you put
a word, insert a word, and it launches the whole algorithm of operations there. It’s pretty much the same with stuttering,
we get into certain settings, and it triggers, it launches the state of anxiety and tension
we’re getting tuned into stuttering. We are ready for it. We lose the battle even before confronting
the enemy. So one of the things we can play with is acting,
that is taking different roles and expanding our perception of ourselves as people who
stutter. Take a book, any book that you like and try
to role play, use lower voice, relaxation, articulation, move your body, all the previous
exercises. Be really free to try to pass those feelings,
those emotions. Be free to be someone else. And I’m not saying that it’s going to
change everything. It’s not like oh now I’m James Bond, and
I’ve been pressing the wrong button; I’ll click this one this time, and it goes boom! It’s not that easy, but it’s a great exercise. Please don’t underestimate it, just do the
work, do it and see how it goes. Okay, to the next one. Exercise Number Six
Using Hand as a Foundation Now all the previous exercises we’ve done
today, they are just warming up. Because all the exercises, your lower voice,
your relaxation, your acting, your articulation they all fade away usually when we confront
our real-life situations, our real-life settings, boom we forgot everything. So we need a foundation we can put on all those exercises and make
them work automatically. For me, it was using hand. Actually, that’s the heart of the method
that I used. Basically, we use our hand, we put it on our
thigh or put it on any other part of your body but thigh is very natural, and we
do the same thing. First, just relax and press with a thumb on
the thigh. And then we put a sound, say a sound, and
then we put a word and then phrase, several syllables and any kind of phrase that we want
to say in one exhale. So we say everything we want to say and one
exhale. So I used like several fingers like 1,2,3,4,
so in the end of the program, you put several sounds, several syllables on one finger. If you use any other technique or will use
any other technique just think about, what is the foundation you can put your exercise
on so that they stick together not fall apart when you’re facing real-time situation. Let’s move to the next one. Exercise Number Seven
Applying New Speaking Skills in Social Settings This is not a speech exercise obviously but
I want to emphasize it as separate exercise. Basically, it’s the most important by far
and the most difficult of all exercises. Whatever technique or method you’re using
you want to make sure that you actually use it in your real-life so it becomes your new
automated pattern. When you have positive experience in your
real-life, it builds up a new muscle memory pretty fast. It’s not that if I stuttered for 10 years
now I need 10 years of this new positive experience. No! The transition goes pretty fast. It was probably the same time as it took for
stuttering speaking pattern to develop. It was not one day when you were born, you
didn’t stutter the first moment. It took some time to develop. Here’s the same thing, it takes some time
to over weigh all those stuttering experiences with the new pattern and for it to become
your automated pattern. When it comes to speaking there are two buttons
and one it like fades really and you’re speaking mechanism all clicks on the right
one and launches it the right way. So it’s extremely important, it’s extremely
hard and difficult. And I’ll probably make a separate video
about how difficult and why it is so difficult; going into details and giving practical tips
how to deal with that, how to approach that to better get through it. Let’s go to the next one. Exercise Number Eight
Recording and Diary Recording is a great thing to do if you’ve
done all the previous exercises, if you have your new speaking skills and if you’re applying
them, try to apply them in real-life and want to see how well you’re doing. Because we perceive ourselves very differently
from the actual thing and I love recording myself using Photo Booth so I can have video,
when I’m making phone calls. When you’re in the street or in some social
setting you can use your smartphone, you can use voice recorder. There are many options but you really want
to see yourself objectively because again, we perceive ourselves very differently. Diary is a great thing to analyze your feelings,
your emotions especially when we have negative experience. For sure you will have negative experiences
whatever method you’re using. And you need to see that you did well here
and there. Diary is like a good friend that supports
you who is always positive and who is ready to help. Let’s move to the next one. Exercise Number Nine
Accountability Partners If you try to remember the latest movies you
watched, the books you read where people acted like real heroes, you probably can notice
that they act like real heroes because they wanted to save somebody, they wanted to defend,
protect, help somebody so they acted like heroes because of somebody else. Let’s call those somebody else ‘accountability
partners’ because if no one knows, no one cares about your effort to get free from stuttering
there’s a big chance that you won’t have enough motivation, enough ‘why’ behind that, why
you’re doing it so that’s a great reason to look for accountability partners. And you can find friends; a great place to
find friends who also stutter is National Stuttering Association Conferences that take
place every year. There are also Facebook groups like Stuttering
Community and some other where you also can find accountability partners. If you go thinking, oh yeah it’s a great
thing I’ll do it someday, Come on do it now! Send me a Facebook message or write me an e-mail
say, “Andrey I want you to be my accountability partner,” and I will. Let’s go to the next one. Exercise Number Ten
Challenge Yourself to Expand Your Land The biggest enemy of ours is fear. And fear actually is a good thing; it prevents
us from doing dangerous things so we can stay safe. But in our case we have a lot of fears connected
with our speaking; what will they think about me, I’ll look stupid, I’ll feel badly, I’ll feel ashamed. A lot of fears and they come down to one thing,
fear of speech. And this fear of speech goes from the
box of all our fears to the box of stuttering. It becomes part of stuttering. I want to repeat that, fear of speech is part
of stuttering not a separate thing and it facilitates, it supports, it feeds our stuttering,
strengthens our stuttering. What we want to do, we want to face that fear. A great way to do it is to have a 30-day challenge. Put yourself in a 30-day challenge, have a
diary and everyday do something small can be very small little thing like asking a new
person, approaching a new person, asking for a new thing, going to a new coffee shop, asking
for a new meal. Everything you feel scary you put it on the
list and you have that 30-day challenge and do every day something small but something
new to expand your land. Of course, this works best if you already
have new speaking skills and you want to apply them in real-life, you have a seed that you
want to grow. If you don’t have that method or technique
to use, you still can use that challenge, you can start with this challenge because
the way to freedom from stuttering starts in our minds, starts with these small victories
expanding our land. For more speech exercises join my Improve
Program. You can find the link down below this video. It’s absolutely free and it’s a good challenge
to expand your land, you can take right now. If you’re watching this somewhere besides blog head over to the blog, and leave a comment, I love them, I read
them all. You also can subscribe to Free From Stutter
YouTube channel, like Free From Stutter Facebook page and I’ll see you in the next video.


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    But when infront of people I speak fast and people are dint understand..
    Sir suggest a good idea?

  98. When I stutter I feel freezed up and my jaws tight, when I’m giving a speech out I freeze up and my heart beets crazy I feel embarrassed 😩 and I feel like people will say “ That girl over there needs help talking” I feel stupid.. so I hope this helps.

  99. In My School I stutter if iwant to talk with any Teacher

  100. Hey, I found out that when I talk to myself I’m holding my breath which won’t make me stutter but talking to someone makes me breath in the middle of a word. Now I’m practicing this and I’ve seen major major major improvement

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