Top 10 Dental Health & Oral Hygiene Tips for a Healthy Mouth


  1. No mouth spray 😂 I got two brushes 1 tongue scraper and dental floss 👍

  2. 😂 I have all of these but no mouth wash

  3. Great

  4. as per me, every body neednt be advisedor encouraged to use Listerine oe Spraymints…. thisis what i felt from the c=video

  5. Is flossing necessary??
    Where would I get it?

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  7. Can i eat chocolate brownies without ruining my teeth 🙁 I was told to change my diet to save my teeth how often can i eat something chocolatey like that

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  9. recently i filled my cavities with composite how many days it long last and when i have to refill again if it goes that filling plz tell me anyone

  10. How to maintain your Oral Health? Watch this video. This video solve your oral problem.

  11. Great video

  12. Great video – informative and straight to the point.

    To piggyback on your information, we always notice many patients get confused as to why they might need a deep dental cleaning when they only intended a regular cleaning – maybe you can do a video that addresses these points:

  13. I must share my embarrassing story as a cautionary tale… I have neglected my teeth for about the past 6 years and am now paying the price. The beautiful smile I once had that can be seen in my old videos is now unrecognizable from what it used to be. Up until now I have been too ashamed and phobic to go to the dentist… which logically is the dumbest thing ever, because by not going I obviously have only let the situation get gradually worse and worse and thus am even MORE and more ashamed… terrible cycle, right?

    I have overwhelming anxiety about going next week, especially seeing that I no longer have dental insurance and god knows what all will have to be done & how much it will cost me.

    SO DON'T PUT IT OFF PEOPLE! Please. It's so damn easy to put off going to the dentist and to put off brushing/flossing… but it's a LOT easier to do those things than it is to face the consequences of not doing those things. The consequences = the high costs of dental treatments, prolonged physical pain and discomfort, other health problems in the body that will eventually develop from chronic poor oral hygiene, and the embarrassment / low self-esteem from a physically unattractive smile + shame you feel in failing to take care of yourself.

    The reason I neglected myself for so long was due to severe depression/isolation from the world. I just stopped caring, honestly. Most days I had trouble even getting out of bed. Whatever your reason though, you can catch your bad habit of poor oral hygiene early on and reverse it because you are worth a beautiful smile. It's never too late to adopt good habits. Minutes a day and two dentist visits per year is a very small price to pay to avoid paying the much higher price that WILL be inevitable with prolonged self-neglect. Thanks for reading people, take care and brush on! 👄

  14. I'm going to the dentist so I'm binge watching these

  15. Hi But how can we care our teeth? ?.

  16. Sorry but i hate when indians talk in english u should work on pronounciation . Morrocco people are the best when it comes to prononciation .

  17. stepchild-like treatment HAHAHAHA

  18. What is correct technique for brushing teeth? I saw tips in other videos but they didn't seem practical.Please make a video of it. And yes,this video was helpful too.

  19. Stepchild like treatment…really you couldn't think of another way to say neglect

  20. Hi, Dr. Namrata,

    How to maintain the white teeth constantly? And what foods make them look healthy and white?

  21. using teeth whitening toothpaste works?? please reply

  22. Can you pls answer this ques.. Which whitening method is the best one?

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