Too Shy To Go To The Gym? (WATCH THIS)

hey guys so in today's video I want to talk about the gym and shyness and this is a topic that doesn't get talked about much but it affects a lot of people so in the past with friends and also clients of health as a trainer I found that many people are actually too shy and or embarrassed to go to the gym and it's going to be a huge reason why some people just never go to the gym to workout and for some of you you may not understand why that is because if you never experienced that before but this actually affects quite a few people especially those who are already kind of fat obese and shy to begin with so this isn't to say that you can't get in shape eating well you know most of weight loss and getting in shape is down to your nutrition how many calories you're you're consuming and the types of foods you're consuming and you can run outside you go do sprints outside you can even get in pretty good shape and build muscle at home with some equipment or even without equipment just doing bodyweight based exercise but there comes a point where the gym becomes necessary in order to make more consistent progress especially when it comes to gaining muscle and it's also generally a better environment to work out harder it's more motivating but some people never end up making that step and going to the gym and signing up not because of financial reasons but because they're too shy and embarrassed so in today's video I want to talk to you if this actually affects you because you need to understand this nothing to be ashamed of or shy about for many beginners the gym is quite an intimidating place I mean you go there you're out of shape you're lifting the lightest weight possible you can only do a few minutes on one of the cardio machines and there are all these huge muscular guys there they're always fit people there and you're just like what the I do not want to be here right now but something you have to understand is that there's nothing to be ashamed of at the gym you should be ashamed of sitting at home and not doing anything about your weight right eating bad food and not exercising that's what's to be ashamed about many people are scared that with the go to the gym and the fat and obese and out of shape well they're not very strong that people are like secretly looking at them and kind of thinking and laughing who's this like who's this new look look at them they suck the so unfit and yeah there might be some people that think that right there's always gonna be people that think that who gives a why would you kit how does that change what you're doing you know most people in the gym are actually very very supportive you'll make some of the kindest people and most supportive people you'll find at the gym because plenty of fit and healthy people were once unhealthy right so they understand where you're coming from everybody began from being less than they are now so they understand the struggle that understand the hard word at it hard work it takes in the commitment and the their confidence it takes to step into the gym so please do not feel embarrassed or shy because of how you're performing or how you look there's absolutely no reason to one of the best things you can do is go with a friend right go with another friend who's fat or out of shape and work out with them that's gonna be much better you're gonna feel more confident you're gonna be more inspired and supportive of each other and that's gonna help a lot but honestly my like seriously just who cares what why would you care about the opinions of others at the gym seriously 99% of the people that do not give a are thinking about how they look they're thinking about their worries in their life and their anxieties and their priorities you're not that important right they're not thinking about how fat you are and even if they do even if they have some sort of judgment like that it's only gonna be for like ten seconds who gives a just go there put in the work and over time you're gonna develop you're gonna become better you gonna become stronger you're gonna lose weight you're gonna get in shape and that's it you know that's what the gym is for right it's if you see a fat person at the gym you're not like haha look it's a fat person you're like holy crap this fat person is in the gym try and make a bit of change for their life so there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of I just wanted to address this because some people inbox me about it on Facebook and on YouTube so I thought it might be a good video to make because there aren't that many videos on this on this topic around so hopefully that helped you if you're in this position or it just helped to reaffirm what you should be prioritizing in terms of your thoughts or when you're at the gym but it's not to say that you can't connect without a gym whether it be for financial reasons or logistical reasons and that's something I'll cover on my channel another time oh and also don't be afraid to invest a bit of money in a personal trainer and I'm not saying that because I'm one I mean I'm not profiting off your German right but personal trainers although they can be kind of expensive can be really great for introducing you on how to use two machines and equipment correctly which is something you want to make sure you nail down in the first few times you head to the gym so I hope you found this video useful showed around with some friends which may benefit from it or who is struggling with going to the gym based on shyness and I'll see you guys in the next video until next time


  1. Thanks man you are the best

  2. Thank you, you inspired me!

  3. I only stick to cardio 😂😳

  4. 😳 I am too shy to walk at gym or using other workout machines 😥😣

  5. I am going to gym from next week but i am too shy because i don't know how to use the instruments and don't know from where to start…. 🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂

  6. thanks man.

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  8. Some of the hardest struggles is to start. The rest of the journey may be much simpler.

  9. GREAT advice 👏👏

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  11. Great video! ;))

  12. I used to be so shy at the gym hha, I thought everyone was looking but in reality no body cares. Nice video dude

  13. Thanks Philip

  14. Great advice Philip, it hits home

  15. I'm going to keep it 💯 you can find ways to workout with going to a gym. Gyms want your money. Not all but most people that go to gyms religiously are on some ego shit. Relying on going to the gym only gives you excuses of why not to go to the gym.

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