Tony Pearson aka MJ – Workout Motivation

Tony Pearson the legendary classic body butter that's also known as the Michael Jackson hot body pudding now number one they call him that one because he looks like Michael Jackson and number two he had magnificent posing and he moved to the no way that almost looked like Michael Jackson aloof on stage so he was a very very talented poser that's one of the things he was known for so this guy is iconic body blur that had a career and Lahti building this band from 1976 all the way until 1994 so this guy had a three-decade career bodybuilding star we made her I've been doing this 1976 so what happened is you know every decade a body can go through a change this guy looked insane in some of these pictures it's always worth it to do the best and to believe in something and to work towards the attainment of the goal and if it is that you have to expand your vision then climb higher and you do that and don't be afraid to to find what it is to be your best and take aim to do it


  1. Incredible physique from Golden Era of Bodybuilding!

  2. Could you imagine if Michael didn’t have an eating disorder and worked out??

  3. Lmao he doesn’t look like MJ

  4. Cobra Kai like a story for toddler ever going to be like in my god i go

  5. It’s he’s son u twat

  6. Yes he is kinda look like him lol

  7. 1:47
    You're welcome.

  8. Its not MJ

  9. is Tony Pearson Bodybuider Michael jackson sexy :).

  10. michael jackson a jamais eté comme sa

  11. 70% yes look like Michael jackson

  12. Tony Pearson was superb,I ve never understood why he was never Mr O.

  13. Nick strenght and power?

  14. Michael jackedson

  15. If somebody calls me u look alike Michael Jackson … then i would better commit suicide… 😂😂😂

  16. thats is reincarnation of michael jackson

  17. mujhe vishvas nahi hota

  18. Absolutely amazing physique and the fact he's kept it up for so long just shows the type of character this man has, a true lion heart.

  19. LOL

  20. Es igualito 😱

  21. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you

  22. He is very good in posing

  23. coz he's a natural pro body builder
    and never using a steroid in his bodybuilding carrier

    that's why until 60's he's still look amazing

  24. You Are Homosexuell. You Are Ejaculation sehen you looks Bodybuilder????

  25. When you train naturally, all things are possible

  26. Michael is looking good…still years after …I mean Tony

  27. The commentary was done by Nick strength and power. Great YouTube channel that covers just about everything you want to know about bodybuilding.

  28. He he

  29. Cadê os brasileiros,so tem eu aqui??

  30. Que genial físico

  31. YES, and elves is his trainer.

  32. Michael is alive

  33. Hi

  34. Fake! That's not Michael Jackson! He didn't have that much muscle.

  35. 😂😂😂🤣I nun seen it all now

  36. Remember kids stay away from steroids it will kill you like this idiot here wannabe Michael Jackson on steroids

  37. Yep that's Michael Jackson on steroids and ready to have a heart attack anytime what a dumb idiot

  38. kkkkk

  39. Rip king

  40. Is he gay?

  41. massive muscleman

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