Tony Horton on P90X Yoga X

>>Monica: So, my husband is on twitter a lot.>>Tony Horton: Twitter? It’s what the kids
are doing.>>Monica: That’s right.>>Tony Horton: The Kids are doing the twitter!>>Monica: And you know, the general consensus is
– Yoga sucks!>>Tony Horton:Well, oh, really?>>Monica: I know, harsh, but this simple fact is…
>>Toni Horton: You mean…>>Monica: We hear that repeatedly. Yeah, people are like, they love P90X, they are all about you, but yoga sucks. Could you please tell people
why they should do yoga?>>Tony Horton: I feel so sad for you twitterites. You are struggling with your yoga practice. Let me tell you a thing or two
about a thing or two, because I know about a thing or two
about these things. And yoga is, I’ll say it once, I’ll say it loud
– The fountain of youth. Because you can be strong and you can be fast and you can look really cool in your clothes and yada yada yada, but if you wanna get your mind, your spirit
and your body in a place that’s gonna take you to the end of time,
you have to do yoga. Somebody said to me – Tony, you only get type
of exercise to do for the rest of your life. I would pick yoga. You don’t like yoga and
it sucks because it’s hard. If it hurts it works. So, I don’t care what you think about yoga
people. I’m fifty years old and I’m Gumby. And if you wanna be the Tinman in twenty years,
go right ahead. Because if you don’t do yoga, and you keep
exercising, something’s gonna break. Your elbow, your back, your knee, your back
of your thigh, your hips, your ankles. Why? Because you didn’t do yoga! And, so you think you’re all cool with this
big al’ muscles and your six pack. It doesn’t mean diddly-squat until you start
bending and reaching and turning and breathing and shutting of that busy little
mind of yours and give yourself a break and do some yoga. It’s the single most important thing you do. Yoga will enhance all your other rep workouts, it will make you less vulnerable to getting
injured and I think it’s vital and extremely important. Like I always say – yoga truly is – and I said before
– the fountain of youth. You do yoga, you go back in the time, you keep it up, you’ll be an embryo. You don’t do yoga, you’re gonna look like
a wickedly old man or woman and you’re gonna be miserable. OK? So, do it! Do, your yoga! Thank you. I’ve got nothing else to say.>>Monica: He said it!


  1. Tony is such a good speaker

  2. Preach it Tony! lol

  3. WELL….whoa. Really?

  4. love you tony!!!
    Yoga is my favorite, believe it or not

  5. @CODvideoPRODUCTIONS man i'm 14 you can do yoga, your question is like: can i do chest and back ? ofc u can :)!

  6. @CODvideoPRODUCTIONS Yeah thats the problem i don't like it either because its 90 minutes long.. i could stick with it if it was 60 min or something

  7. Holy crap, he's 50??!

  8. Actually, hes 52 😉

  9. @newlandsfaithful Yeah, you've got a point. Since this video Beachbody has released three other individual yoga workouts with Tony and the new one with P90X2. All of them are about an hour long and they are all much improved over Yoga X.

  10. @newlandsfaithful Yeah. They are part of the One on One Series that Tony did over the past three years. Do you have a Team Beachbody account? Yoga X MC2 in Vol. III is probably my favorite. People like Fountain of Youth as well. Patience Hummingbird is slow, but very good.

  11. haha i love Tony Horton

  12. @newlandsfaithful a friend of mine says the only way they can get through the whole thing is after getting….stoned.

  13. Yoga is an excellent workout! Its a great supplement for my running.


  15. @CODvideoPRODUCTIONS i dont think it should b a problem. kids r much more flexible.n it's always better to start earlier than when you reach ur adulthood where it's gonna b much harder to become flexible. it's just like kids doing gymnastics only tht yoga is safer n healthier(i used to b a gymnast when i was a kid n i cn say the flexibility kinda stayed with me but not entirely. but i quit n grew fat, not that it matters to u LOL). anyway, point is, for me it's a yes. hehe.

  16. i was wondering if the yoga is necessary to do if so why. please someone answer because im not doing yoga nor kempo. please someone reply. thanks.

  17. @dantedmc93 Yoga is the foundation of the program. It's the only workout you do every week of P90X. The reason is that it is very important. If you've watched this video, you know why. Kenpo is pretty basic cardio, which you could get from a run or some other substitute. Yoga is key.

  18. @thefitclubnetwork oh alright i guess ill add yoga to my schedule. thanks.

  19. Yoga X rules. All of the workouts are difficult, but Yoga X and Plyo are the two hardest for me. I'm 52 days into the program, and those two workouts still kick my ass the hardest. Out of all the workouts, Yoga X makes me sweat the most. I'm 27, weigh 220, am 6'1", and have broad shoulders with a bigger upper body. I don't know about other guys similar in size to me, but I find that having a bigger upper body makes certain workouts really hard, especially Yoga X. Lots of mass to lift.

  20. I started out hating Yoga X but now I love it. Im 46 days into the program and all I can say is that Plyometrics is way harder than Yoga X. I hardly sweat at all during Yoga X. Plyo on the other hand, has me sweating buckets.

  21. @thefitclubnetwork You still didn't answer the question. Yoga is important because it is the foundation of the program? what does that even mean? I'm taking P90X, not to lose weight and not to be more flexible. So please, why the heck do I need to take yoga?

  22. god its not even the length of the yoga cause the last half is cake compared to the first 45 min…those vinyasas (or however you spell it) are so intense

  23. @xWCMx Muscle flexibility is a necessity to resisting strain, pulls, stiffness & degineration. That you don't want to be more flexible betrays a deep ignorance of general physical well being.

    If you're not intelligent enough to understand on your own why you need flexibility (plus yoga tends to provide for balance, body alignment and other imortant things) then maybe you should do it because people more knowledgable than you are telling you so. Or you cannot & just live with your body.

  24. @xWCMx Um…I think Tony pretty much covered it. If you don't want to do the Yoga, then I suggest you don't do it. The benefits are really rather obvious and if you aren't going to listen to Tony's advice, I highly doubt you'll listen to mine.

  25. Basically, if Tony Horton says I should do yoga, I'm doing yoga!

  26. Hell ya!! Did it yesterday and today! Thanks Tony

  27. @Enigma71559 I'm with you!

  28. Yoga is hard and does hurt, straight up.

  29. This is my first week of p90x, digging the workouts and definitely feel that their working.Yesterday was yogaX. i thought, cool, yoga, i'll just chill. No WAY, it left me sore in places that i've never been sore before.My back was cracking, i sweated through two t-shirts and a hoodie,it feels great and i'm super stoked! i cant wait to get good at this program.In short,lovin the X !!!!!

  30. @S24995 haha good one!

  31. yoga is legit

  32. he really likes yoga

  33. tony is hilarious but yea seriously listen to tony he is legit

  34. 7 people are going to be tin men in 20 years

  35. yoga kicks ass its hard ass fuck for me but i still push through pain


  37. just did yoga x for the first time today. Yeah it was hard. Kicked my ass when we got to warrior 3 and all the other one legged stands. I'm looking forward to it next week.

  38. I like Yoga X, but I am far from doing what Tony is doing. I have really short arms

  39. did you even watch the whole video? -____-

  40. This is kinda ironic for me coz the only thing I'm doing right now is Yoga X and I'm a dude(and not gay!,lol)

  41. Yoga makes you more flexible as well as working your core. Why is this important? It will make you better and more efficient at every workout. I was 320 when I start this and could barely bend over. WIth Yoga X in the program and can grab my toes palm the floor while standing. Unbelievable it has given me better balance and core strength which is definitely helping with the other workouts. It's hard but worth it. I would be so behind if YogaX wasn't included in the package.

  42. Some personal trainer at LA tried dissing P90X he's like that is all photoshop airbrush ECTECT and I said to him, uh huh cuz everyone that gets on the program and gets results IE MILLIONS all use photoshop and stuff I told him I am not going to say anything else but once I am fit in 90 days I will show you just how much isnt photoshop and I threw the X up at him =D!!!

  43. Nice.

  44. No question. That's the truth.

  45. My fucking Yoga X dvd got scratched! Now it won't work 🙁 now what do I do?

  46. Did you get it from Beachbody? If so, they will replace it.

  47. Did you get it from Beachbody or a Beachbody Coach? If so, you can get a replacement.

  48. Actually fixed it last night. Just needed some Windex and a good wipe 😀 Man, that yoga is tough!

  49. Tony is the man.

  50. Right on bro. Glad you figured it out.

  51. 1:19 that's some Jim Carrey stuff

  52. He's right. Ryan Giggs is still playing football at the highest level with Man Utd and he's 38, which is unheard of. He says it's because he does yoga

  53. so x stretch and yoga x are basically the same

  54. No. Yoga is much harder. X Stretch is just a stretch. It has huge benefits, but it is just a stretch. Yoga is a full blown workout and it's way harder than people think it will be.

  55. Jim Carrey playing Tony Horton?

  56. tony horton looks like crap, WTH

  57. Make mine exlax. Or x-like.

  58. I had difficulty with this workout during p90x. i should have gotten yoga blocks

  59. lol he's so weird in a lovable way.

  60. There you go!!!

  61. who thinks he is..tony horton? lol

  62. maaaaan, i love tony!

  63. Hey man, you just can't argue with a dude who looks that good at 50. I'm getting into yoga. Besides, have you seen all those hot girls at yoga classes?

  64. The first two weeks, I hated the yoga. Then I saw a few videos like this and decided to fully embrace it…. aside from plyo, it is my favorite routine. I never in my life have felt more relaxed than after the "OHM's".

  65. Why don't you try each and then give us your thoughts LOL.

  66. Is he drunk?

  67. Nope. Just funny. Not a drop the whole night. Before we filmed this he grabbed a spoon, used it as a microphone and belted out "Come Together" (Beatles) while standing on a table. It was my birthday, so that was a nice touch. LOL.

  68. He's perpetually high on life because…he does Yoga!

  69. i used to hate yoga x, but i've done it a few times, and i LOVE IT!

    i hate it, but i LOVE IT! (best ab ripper x line)

  70. ….and down to chaturanga *throws tv*

  71. yoga x=I hate it but I LOVE IT!

  72. Hahaha!

  73. Been doing p90x for years…didn't do the yoga at first but I started it a few months ago. ITS AWESOME!! I noticed an immediate difference after trying the yoga.

    Also, Tony Horton is my hero.

  74. It's hard and long (1hrs 30 mins). The first part kills me – doing the same routine with variations. But It is good. My crane is getting better and that makes it worth it 😛

  75. I love that line I hate it but I LOVE IT !!!

  76. My family laughed when I told them I would bulk up with "Ripped X Beast", but then I showed them the results. Go Google Ripped X Beast to see their reaction.

  77. I did yoga x for the first time today and it was tough but I feel amazing!

  78. Yoga X kicks my ass.. but by the end, especially with corpse pose, I feel euphoric. It's tough, but clearly essential. I don't get how people skip it… Lazy Butts.

  79. Yep. It is the foundation. It's like building a house with straw. Good luck with all that.

  80. Yoga is awesome after it's over. it pisses me off when it's on tho. almost broke the computer on many occasions till i learned how to balance

  81. Ok im 20 years old. 6'1 and about 164(skinny) i want to get big. I REALLY want to skip yoga. WILL I GET THE RESULTS(bigger) IF I SKIP YOGA? or not?

  82. I get this question all the time. Doing yoga, or skipping it, isn't what will define your muscle gain (or loss). That's much more dependent on the food you eat. To gain weight you have to eat more calories than you burn. Those calories need to be in the right macronutrient (protein/fat/carb) ratio and need to be from good quality whole foods. What are you following for a nutrition plan?

  83. All Tony had to say was that he's fifty and I'm with him on the yoga thing…

  84. LOL. And that was 4 years ago, nearly to the day.

  85. I'm on week 6 of this, and though I hated yoga at the start, I love it now. I am dripping wet by the end of it.

  86. I agree … at the beginning of the program I thought it was easy, but I gave up the first 30 minutes

  87. Favorite workout of p90x. Yoga is amazing and I agree with everything tony says. Keep your body flexible and your body will love you. I see all these old people with leg problems or have trouble walking or even slow walking and some may have been due to injury or whatever but the majority is that people don't work on their flexibility.

  88. Yoga is great. P90X Yoga just sucks. P90X2 Yoga is much better so if anybody hates it switch to that. There is a reason they fixed it!

  89. Hello everyone. Fabulous vid. My pal was once overweight. He enhanced himself from 290 lbs of fat into 209 lbs of absolute muscle. I used to be flabbergasted. I just signed up personally as I'd like to greatly enhance my body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  90. Tony is 50? He's f-ing hot… and I'm weird.

  91. Yoga is amazing!!

  92. I dont like the Yoga part of p90x either. So I just replace it with X stretch. What do you guys think about that? Smart plan?

  93. Damn it's yoga day. Have to do it.

  94. K tony I'll do it 🙁

  95. Yoga has turned into one of my favorite p90x workouts. I use to hate it because it was so hard!

  96. Yoga is fun because once you memory's the moves you can actually put your own music and it becomes a kick ass workout.

  97. Amen brother! When I first started p90x a couple years ago, yoga was the single cruelest exercise I could imagine, I hated it… I could only do maybe 15 minutes before I gave up. But I stuck with it, and eventually got to the point where I could do the whole thing. Then I realized that yoga X is by far the most important workout in p90x. It makes ALL other workouts easier. I did X3 for a while to save time, and it's great for a 30 minute routine, but I had to go back to the original because the biggest flaw with X3 is not enough yoga or stretching. Do your yoga, people!

  98. Love this crazy guy!!

  99. "You do yoga, you'll go back into time. You keep it up you'll be an embryo."
    I lost my shit on this one.

  100. I love this man

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