Tomi Lahren Leaves Chelsea Handler SPEECHLESS On Healthcare

I do want to help people I want people to have health care I want people to feel safe I want people to pay into a system that's going to return the favor you know if and when they need it most people end up needing in medical care it's not like elective no no I understand of like a basic fundamental right right but not for me I know I believe it is my right to purchase health care I don't believe it's my right to pay for it for other people I also think that the universal health care system fails I think it fails the very people because you and I it's so easy to say I'm glad you don't it's so easy for us to say well you I could sit here and say you just want government control and you could sit here and say oh you hate sick and poor people and that's a discussion I don't want to have luckily that's not one more having yeah but for me we almost best for people I just believe that limited government is the way to do it I don't think that government does well in health care I think it's today it's proven by the VA that the government doesn't do well in health care so we need to find alternatives what's what's right now is not working what we had before Obamacare was not working I think you increased competition I think that's the way to do it and I also believe in allowing states to take more control I think that that will help them effectively manage their own citizens because every state is so different I think putting more in the hands of the states if you have a state that needs to expand Medicaid and you need those Medicaid dollars then that state needs to decide it for itself but every state isn't created equal and that's where I align on that it's just I think that the free marketplace does better than okay so do you have a health care plan or no well luckily I'm 24 so I am still on my parents and to say yeah you can laugh I pay my parents for it you can laugh I don't care there are things they can laugh they can laugh at least you spit hit she's me stop suck suck she's being honest has there ever been an event that's happened in the last six months that you that you stopped and said wow this guy's not right you know agreeing with what every move someone makes every tweet they send no I don't but I do believe that the positives outweigh the negatives I do believe that he's a good president I do believe that he's done things and people talk about all the time it's a little he tweeted something and that's mean I can get over the meanness of his tweets if he's helping middle-class Americans if he's helping America if he's putting America first he strengthening us on the world stage if he's enforcing our border I can do with the mean tweet but why but but what but but a mean mean represents so many other things he's he's kind of like a toddler like an angry you know he's a toddler he's lashes out at people and he's vengeful and he says really nasty things and any why he's a crybaby he's a he's like never in modern American history have we ever seen a crybaby of this nature serving as the President of the United States he wines and bitches and moans everything's unfair it's unfair it's unfair he's a fucking president I like it [Applause] so where are you with the trans thing are you you're not into trance for me and I think this has been well-documented through media I'm some awesome tweet but I didn't I didn't understand it and I saw people knew anything about yet so revering oh there's wait we're talking about the issue of LGBT or are we talking about the military let's start with the military okay oh no let's start yes start with me okay we start with the military so for me reinstating the ban on transgenders in the military I think was a very positive step I do and you can do it it's not and they can vote and whatever I would appreciate if they wouldn't because I'm trying to make a point that I think is very important for me it's not because I have anything against trans people if those that follow me and know me and know people that follow me and follow my show before they know that just sup come on you guys we're more mature than this when it comes to social issues I'm libertarian when it comes to social she's as been well documented I don't care what the hell you do I don't want to pay for it that's why I aligned on those things I am NOT anti I am I not anti gay I'm not anti same-sex marriage I am NOT anti most of the social issues I'm not sitting here somewhere I don't know I don't take issue with those things I don't care if you want to bake a cake don't bake a cake I don't give a shit what I care about is military effectiveness and readiness and the facts are this transgenders in the military whereas I have acknowledged this time and time again if you want to serve your country as I know you said the other night you want to serve your country that is perhaps to me the biggest sacrifice you can make it a very strong absolutely and anyone that wants to serve their country I give an enormous amount of respect to those individuals whether you're trans whether you're straight whether I don't care what you are I give you respect and you do their utmost but here's the thing the military is not about the individual it's not just about well I want to serve so I should be able to there are folks that are that have you know severe asthma that are not allowed to serve because of their severe asthma so when you say transgenders in the military when they're when they're heavily medicated or day they just gone through a surgery that makes them non-deployable you've got a military they're gonna be out in the field after they've had an operation you know they're not gonna be heavily medicated exactly that's not fair exactly hormone therapy is a lot different than being like hopped up on pills I know I get it I know but they are not allowed to operate if they are medicated that means that they cannot deploy that's exactly what I'm saying it's not the fact that I were a period of time for that our military readiness I got to with injuries I mean it costs okay if you could apply that to anybody that they have a window after having and not all of them are having surgical procedures some of them are some of them aren't and when they're having the surgical procedures you know they're not scheduling and around the time that they're deployed they're taking care of that and then they're they're coming out there nobody's saying hey I want time off while we're in the middle of a wall at war because I want my penis no one's doing that well I mean that's unreasonable no I agree with you it is unreasonable but it happens here's the problem is this happened when Chelsea Manning Chelsea Manning is a prime example of taxpayers funding hormone treatment therapy for a traitor I have a problem with that I don't want my time because I want to help people they're paying I got a ton in that military budget in that military budget that it would be two point four to eight point four million dollars that they would spend on hormone therapy when they're spending forty five million dollars a year I got a Viagra and Cialis and I don't and I don't agree with that either let me let me be very honest I don't agree that money on viagra I don't agree with that either but trust me I have to tell you this until we can afford treatment in prosthetics for the military and the veterans that have fought for this country I don't believe in paying for a sex change or hormone treatment therapy that's my personal belief okay and I know I understand that there's a disagree with it I understand that but I'm not coming from place of I don't want you there because I don't want you to serve we're coming from a place where it affects military readiness and the military has attested to that but then why don't you make a stand I mean why don't you make it an issue of yours to talk about that how much money they spend on viagra and forget about PTSD this is just so men I mean it's some of it is for PTSD and I guess guys have to come at some point so they need it and I get that fine I'll give you that but some of it isn't for PTSD it's forty five million dollars shouldn't you be focusing your energy towards that rather than people who are already when you hearted I mean I'm not gonna I'm not want to be condescending at all but these people are voluntary voluntary to serve our country and for them to even walk out the door never mind walk into the milk I underst in the and that's I'm not taking away from their bravery I'm not taking away from their courage their bravery or their character whatsoever what I'm saying is the reason that I'm talking about this is because when a general comes are those that are on the battlefield they come and say this is a real problem with someone that's on viagra not being able to serve that being able to deploy then that then that's an issue that's gonna take precedence for me but when it comes to effectiveness on the battlefield I don't believe that the military is a place for a social experiment I don't believe it's the place for feelings and medication but here's what but I here's the thing I don't think it's a social experiment because trans the trans community they're not going away it's only gonna get bigger this isn't this is 2017 it's they're not going anywhere gay people are not going anywhere soon they're gonna probably take over one other set of people that's what it was built on that's how they start with their plan that was a very first 10 another tax cuts for the rich how is that the best interest of American people I think open an attachment that is Medicaid is not in the best in prison even those that are on medically this is not people that are on Medicaid it's better than nothing what Medicaid is failing and many of the states are the very people that it's intended to serve and it's because you could do that would way too much first of all my loyalty doesn't play with Donald Trump my loyalty lies to America first agenda I was only the Trump supporter I was actually Marco Rubio supporter that's almost worse I mean he's [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] at all was it with me [Applause] I think that when you say something about you know Marco Rubio supporter Marco Rubio and then how did you fill out that I started to support each other do they approach you like to relationship without Chuck I do not I got a better person a better person uh-huh but for me it's not about Donald Trump is about the agenda it's about America first what spoke to many million whether Americans with strong border was making the military of capable fighting force once again that's to power America it's always about Donald Trump but I'm not very much I believe that it is about America I do and for me if Donald Trump were to not stand up for those things that I believe and I hold so dearly if you were not a hardliner on immigration on national security on limited government under killing replacing Obamacare yeah I will say but none of that stuff aside from a little with immigration has really started to take effect so the issues that you stand behind and espouse he has that proven to deliver on so what why that's he gonna do it but in terms of energy dependence in a house is green ninety two pipelines which is going to be great for American jobs and then we don't have to ever say that these three – you know okay the shoppers are real energy though this is the way of the future there is the 20% core of each year in our common economy in this country and he's worried about coal jobs which taps out at 80,000 but how good job 80,000 jobs in the entire country that's it but chose a health of those people we're discussing what jobs and what people matter how come a coal miner in their job and their likelihood in their abilities or their family how come they're seen as less than or are there do not see this like them but times are changing we're moving on this manual labor they can install solar energy panels they can retrain they can get a [Applause] TV you know and then TVs obviously you know like now I can't do anything else you do but you have to give those people time which is do it as well you just when you strangled


  1. Trump is a national DISGRACE

    Con man, cheater(on his wives, in his business dealings, on the golf course and as president)
    narcissist, a hate monger and just an all around despicable person.

  2. Still on my parents !!!🤣😂🤣

  3. The President is a crybaby?! That’s funny coming from someone like you! A whining, crying, everything offends me, limousine liberal cunt! And btw, go on ‘The Daily Caller’ YouTube video about celebs who have huge walls surrounding their homes. You guessed it! This untalented, unfunny bitch lives behind a secured wall!

  4. Chelsea has the class of an alley cat! So gross! And dumb!

  5. soon the gays will take over lol

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  9. No they are going into our schools teaching kids there is no such thing as gender
    No then there is the exploitation of kids been turned into trans strippers for adult gay ppl,disgusting
    Oh and the oush fr no he/ she etc words
    Or how about man who feel like a woman been able to play in womens sport,disgusting
    Or been able to use girls toilets,whos to say they arent pedos or how about the push to lower the age of sex with kids cause its not fair on pedos
    Or my fav
    How about the murder of full term babies,yip thats a fucking goodie isnt it.

    Well i was a leftie until 2017
    And then thank god i seen the light.

    Cause i got out before anyone could think of me as a mass baby murderer.
    The whole bloody left are insane losers.
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  11. I don't like or trust transgenders. They can't even like or trust themselves. I don't even want to talk to one because they're lying to themselves and others. It's like they're in a constant mental breakdown. They most definitely have an image problem going on. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. It's biological. And the ones that are intersex are anomalies. It's incredibly rare. You can't pick your gender just like you can't pick your age. Transgenders should do some soul searching and love themselves for who they really are and how they're born. It's acceptance and starting from there, you can really build on the "self" and then maybe begin helping each other out instead of worrying about how you can completely change or run away from who you really are. Please look deep down and figure out where your choice to go against your real self stemmed from. You're not going to force the rest of us into your delusion by calling you certain gender pronouns and making way for you to get into your choice of bathrooms. Freedom of speech is very important and so is the safety, privacy and comfortability of all of us. If you want to stick to calling yourself a woman when you're a man…whatever. Or vice versa. But you still have to use a man's bathroom in public or a woman's based on your genitals. Some of you so-called transgenders are using that as a ploy to get away with your perversion. Please seek mental help. Take my advice, you know it's what you need. It's almost as if transgenders are saying "can't back down now., I've gone too far" just because of the movement going on and they don't want to be told that they're wrong or need mental help or advice. Chelsea saying that transgenders are gonna take over is absurd 😂😂😂 Us rational people will never let that happen. Also, stop teaching your children that they can choose their gender. It's confusing them and psychologically damaging in the long run. Their brains are still developing and you not giving them the proper direction and confidence only sets them up for negative outcomes. The bottom line is most of you are delusional and completely wrong. Not to mention suicidal. Seek help.

  12. Fuck you Tomi,Drop dead.

  13. No paying for fucking Viagra either. That's absolute crap . Let em buy their own Viagra. It's no t exactly life and death to have an erection.

  14. The military has no business paying for sex changes
    Ther money is for defense of our country. No free sex cbahges in the military. It's bullshit.trangenders will flock to the military and be expensive. Fuck that

  15. Yes, the donald whines about the press being mean. Welcome to politics. Put on your big boy pants and deal you entitled baby donald

  16. I fail to see that girl won against Chelsea. How come modern cons always declare " victory" every time they speak? Winning like charlie sheen

  17. If healthcare is a right wouldnt that make having enough food be a right? How come no ones pushing for free food for everyone?

  18. Chelsea lookin real old..shes not funny

  19. Hey Chelsea! It takes more than one person (Trump) to change things! All this crap he's trying to change began with before him (Clinton, Obama) and now he has all those damn Democrats that one do a damn thing except try to impeach him. They could care less about getting anything done!! They JUST want to impeach him!!

  20. How can you have a discussion with a one sided biased group? Kinda a waste really everyone just booed with everything Tomi said

  21. Umm maybe cus a some guys saw they’re buddy’s get blown the fuck then have a wife they need to go to Chelsea wtf would u kno

  22. Handler is an idiot !
    Great work Tomi !

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  24. Tomi you are great as always !
    Keep up the great work !

  25. The trans thing- glad Chelsea pushed her on that, as she has no clue what she’s speaking about. Trans people have to get qualified, go through the training as everyone else. This argument holds no weight.

  26. We know she doesn’t want to pay for anything because she’s privilege enough to make her parents pay. Just like her health Insurance

  27. Trump 2020

  28. Two dogs….a mastiff and a chihuahua…. chihuahua always wonders why the mastiff gets more to eat. The mastiff always thinking why the chihuahua needs some of its food when it has enough for itself…. the size difference and need for substance is obvious but with the privileged and unfortunate the “size” difference is nurture over nature… they don’t know that they’re privileged, like the chihuahua the unfortunate are jealous but unlike the mastiff the privileged are the same size as the unfortunate…food for thought

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  34. Wow, Tomi Lahren is only 24 there. She has a wise head on her.

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  40. We pay more than half our income for taxes and pay more than 500 times the cost of our healthcare sometimes we pay 10,000 times the cost. Tomi Is an idiot if you don’t know …go back and look and see what she did at her little beauty pageant when she was left on her own to speak out of her own ass that’s who she really is. She is a well kept woman courtesy of nepotism…with a white privilege attitude and she makes most of us wanna vomit.

  41. These shows pick their audience

  42. Forked tongue lefties have zero principals.

  43. How in the actual hell was a total imbecile like Chelsea Handler ever even considered to be part of this conversation?  She's an entertainer and a terribly unfunny one at that.  She ought to stick to her shitty 'comedy'….

  44. Says the person who is still on their parent's insurance plan, which was possible by Obama. What a joke, if you truly hate ACA so much, get off your parent's plan.

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