Tom and Charlotte: Relationships

Hi I’m Tom. I’m married to Charlotte.
I’m from Nottingham. I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy which is a serious and progressive
muscle wasting disease. I’m Charlotte. I’ve been with Tom for two years and we got married this August. I’m from Nottingham and I’ve got a progressive neuromuscular disease. Your sex life? Yes, it is quite a few different aspects to
our sex life that I can bring to your attention. One of
the main things we use to help us have sex is the hoist. Basically all it involves is
me or Charlotte getting into the sling and getting
hoisted over the top of each other. Our hoist at home only has buttons that go
up and down, but the one on our honeymoon, had
buttons that go left and right as well and it was like a scene from Wallace and Gromit
where I was just kind of in the sling going backwards
and forwards and up and down and I just couldn’t find the right buttons and legs
going everywhere and yeah it was quite a scene. I think what helps us, I think you’d probably
agree, is that our PAs having a sense of humour. Especially when we call them in and I’m
sort of sitting on your face and you’re suffocating. I think accidental innuendos from PA’s make
us laugh all the time and just having that general
ability to laugh at those things is our confidence and our ability to communicate with them
about sex and intimacy. It takes a lot of relationship building before
you can say Helen could you put Tom in my sexy knickers, please. It’s amazing when you have that relationship that you can do that and
you can feel free to do that with your PAs because, you know, sex is a health and wellbeing need as far as we’re concerned. Get more from The Open University, Check out the links on screen now.

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