hi and welcome to my channel in today's video I'm going to share with you some really quick and simple ideas for meals for toddlers now I started weaning my little boy Theo at 6 months he's now 20 months old and over that time I've been introducing him to a variety of different flavors different foods and different textures in the hope that he won't be a fussy eater later on I know it can be so hard to think of different meal ideas especially if you're a busy mom if you're working if you've got lots of other commitments so hopefully this will help you out so without further ado I'm just gonna jump right in starting off with breakfast the most important meal of the day and making porridge and then I use some smooth organic peanut butter mix that in and to add a little bit of sweetness I use either a drop or two of maple syrup or some honey here I have my take on a kind of American breakfast we've got some soft boiled eggs and Kingsmill golden pancakes here we have Weetabix I put them in the microwave for potentially about 10 seconds to warm the milk up a bit the served with full fat milk and he loves them I'll then usually give him a slice of toast to go with it with butter on I use the Kingsmill crustless bread because again it saves precious seconds cutting those crusts off here and making some cheese on toast which is a firm favorite with all of us I use grated red Leicester cheese which is a nice strong cheddar I toast the bread for probably about 30 seconds put some butter on and then add the cheese and then i grill Loum for around about 2 minutes just keep an eye on because it's like a little Inferno in there with that melted cheese I could up into small squares and serve it with some mixed berries if you wanted to mix it off a bit you could do french toast rather than cheese on toast these tiny tins of spaghetti are great because they're the perfect portion size for a toddler also these ones that I buy come with either Thomas the Tank Engine or Peppa Pig on the front so that earns me some brownie points I've saved the spaghetti with yet again mixed fruits here we've got blueberries strawberries and I think that's it there might be some raspberries in there as well and I've made some little sandwiches which are ham and cream cheese on this occasion I served them on white breads but he also eats wholemeal bread are quite like the Kingsmill things which a wholemeal and a little bits more substantial and he really enjoys them as well you can tell he enjoys his mixed berries because that bowl is definitely empty here I'm making some tuna and mayonnaise wraps so quick and easy I do use full fat mayonnaise and then I cut them down into little bite-sized chunks and I've saved it here with some chopped cherry tomato you could add cucumber or maybe a little salad these ones are ham and cream cheese and I've served them with these great Ellis kitchen melty sticks they're suitable from children from around about 7 months onwards and they're so handy to have on the Gugs here we have an all-day breakfast I've used again these Kingsmill golden pancakes which have just been lightly toasted just to warm them up and made scrambled egg really quick really simple this is the best meal of the week in my opinion it's our Sunday roast dinner this is the only meal where we all sit down as a family together so it is really special Theo has a small version of what me and Chris have if you're really in a rush then you can't go wrong with fresh pasta because it's done in five minutes I add maybe one or two spoons of some kinds of playing stairing sauce and I've served it with some chopped asparagus here we have some mediterranean-style roasted vegetables so I've done some peppers and some cherry tomatoes obviously you can put all the things in there as well to make it more interesting and colorful and I've served it with some codfish fingers he loves haddock fish fingers as well so this one is a firm favorite here we have some chicken breasts I've cut it into small pieces again garden peas because he loves them and potato waffles here we insisted in wearing his Woody from Toy Story hat while he's chowing down I've grilled some salmon and removed the skin I also chopped it up and I was really careful to make sure that there was no bones in there I've made some flavored rice to go with it another really quick really simple dinner idea is an omelet it has literally two ingredients as you see here the I usually use around about two eggs to make an omelet for Theo I usually add some grated cheddar cheese you could add in maybe some ham or some really lean chopped bacon and some chopped mushrooms just to make it a little bit more interesting I've served it winter garden peas but you could serve it with salad here we have some trusty chicken nuggets with broccoli and garden peas –there is a big fan of broccoli fitteth it we don't really change it up that often to be honest we just a give Theo and natural full fat yogurts and we serve it with any kind of fruits here a few strawberries again mixed berries are always great or banana you have any tried and true meal suggestions that you'd like to share with me then please do leave them in the comments down below I am always on the hunt for inspiration and different meals that I can try out on Theo thank you so much for watching this video if you've liked it then please do give it the thumbs up and subscribe if you're new to my channel and I'll see you in my next one bye

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