hi everyone welcome back to my channel I hope you're all doing well or as this is your first time here hello my name is Ellie I am a mom of two boys from high school I love with my husband Andy actually on all of our videos – and Marcus who is five month old I do lots of videos on lifestyle parenting fashion den life loaves and Terriers and I've recently started doing a lot more vegetables on cooking and one of the things that has been debated quite a lot has been to share some thoughts on real ideas my little boy Oliver is quite a fussy eater although he's been a lot better in the last month or so he has like his favorite foods which are pizza pasta anything kind of late to max wait he loves cheese he loves bread toast or like bread and inform and it can be quite hard to get him away from his favourites so I've been with him some texts online and one of the things I did was to try them work definitely a shion's of the things they already like and that they added a new flavor to that dish so not necessarily drag you – that you put in front of them that they have to try and talk themselves and – Ethan if you're just giving them what they know but with a little bit extra like what I would show you the meals that we have for lunch quite a lot and in hopefully it will help you if you want to try your fussy eater with some other foods or if you just have a toy low that went some more variety and then you may enjoy this so I'm gonna get sacked it and shear at the fresh meal so first up but we have a healthy teeth or in chips and tomato sauce this is probably feed let me often a lot of fussy towards loads but this is a healthier version I'm going to be using that sweet potato and chopping it into chips or you can make it into wedges if you prefer and then you just want to put them into a little ball with a bit of olive oil mix it all up and put it into the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees so why all the chaps are cooking we're just going to be making the tomato ketchup by the hills is tomato ketchup this is a really versatile sauce and you can use it for so many different lunches and dinners it's a really good pasta sauce as well so it's always best to make quite a lot of it so you can use it again and again I'm just going to be peeling a carrot and chopping an onion as finely as I can and then I'm just hitting some oil and the pan and I'm going to be using garlic purely because I don't have any of my usual lazy garlic left I'm just adding in the chopped onion and I'm going to be using the grater to add the carrot and this is a really good tip if you've got a fast eater because grating things and always makes it less noticeable for them and you can hide lots of vegetables this way so I'm just like nice cookery on a low heat until the vegetables are nice and soft and then when they seem cooked I'm going to add on some tomato passata that's one that we've got from home bargains is actually really good I think it's my favorite one so still worth everything on a low heat I'm just adding in a little bit of oregano and it keeps doing that over a couple of minutes and tell the oven beeps and the chaps are ready so I'm serving us all together on a little divider plate so that I can put the sauce into one section I've given him a few slices of cheese and he just up his chaps right into the sauce he really loved us and it's a really good way for him to get lots of nice vegetables but still feel like he's having a nice fun meal and don't forget to see the leftover sauce so you can use it for pasta for dinner or you can use it next day so next up we're going to be having some cheese toastie soldiers and tomato soup this has been a really good way to introduce Oliver to having soup it's something that I've never really given them and I don't know why but when I dad tried to give him vegetable soup he wasn't really up for it but by doing it this way and let him try it with one of his favorites he is now really enjoying soup and I'm hoping to start making like vegetable soups and stuff like that for lunch and the future so to make a cheese Tuesday it's quite a simple process I'm sure you know how to do it but this is how we do it we don't have a toasting machine it's just a bit bulky we've got a small caption and not a lot of storage so we will just make up a tool state as normal where the cheese and then a bit of butter on the outside and we use toasty bags so you get these from home bargains there about maintain P or $1.99 and you literally just make the cheese to stay up put it in the bag and put it straight and the tool start for a two and a half minutes is so so easy and the bags are reusable as well so they're great to have and they take up no room whatsoever so we're just going to be sharing a ten of heinz tomato soup just basic tomato soup be really good to make it a homemade one but this is just a quick lunch and a good one to have if you have not done much prep before so this is what the tall still looks like when it's done they're not as impressive looking as they would if they came out of a toasted maker but I can promise you they taste really really good so I'm just going to be cutting this into little soldiers because again he really likes the novelty of like dumping something and and it lets him get a taste of syrup and it really really works I had tried giving him tomato soup a few weeks ago and he wouldn't even go need it so having a little toasted effort has definitely helped next up is a really good snacky kind of summers the luncheon if you're going for a picnic and it's just got some really simple ingredients in it as well so I'm just going to be using the grater again and grating up a carrot and grating and some cheese as well so this makes a really good little mix to have in the fridge you can use it for other things you can use it and cheesy pasta or you can make up sandwiches and again it's another good way of sneaking in some vegetables so this is what we call cheese in baskets again it's another fun name just to make it a bit more appealing all over for me having this one D and I'd never thought to try them with all kicks but he really likes it so I just had a little bit of sweetness I'm just using an apple wage and cutting actively and slices actually frustrating watching me do this because the knife is so boring but you want to get into really nice little thin slices and then you just want to put a really thin layer of Philadelphia or cream cheese or butter I'm onto the all cakes just to help everything stack and then you just put on the thin layers of apple slices and a sprinkling of the cheese and carrot on top and then we do serve it with some grapes on the side and it's a nice little snacky lineage to have it's a good one to take away and a lunch box if you need to or if your kids are a bit older they may enjoy putting it all together at themselves so next up is another quick and simple idea that's one is a really good one for days when you've maybe ran out of braids or you don't have much fishing duty inside maybe your duty to go a beg weekly shop that's one uses mostly frozen and like store cupboard ingredients which is really handy so I'm just dying off by heating some oil in a pan and then I'm just going to be adding in some of these frozen diced onions from Iceland these are must-have in my freezer I'm going to be frying these with some garlic beauty on a little heat again just to soften them and next up as another must-have if you want to have a really will stalk these are these are the bird's eye bags or vegetables that you can put in the microwave and steam it for two and a half minutes or if you're making something like this you can just add them straight into the frying pan so I'm cooking this for about three to four minutes on a kid of medium to high heat just until they're defrosted and cooked and once that is done I'm going to be adding in some rice these are the microwave bags again but I'm just going to be start flying them so you don't have to click them first you can just put them straight into the pan I'm going to be using the fill packet because best lunch is for me and all of our and then this is going to be an egg ride race so I'm going to use two eggs again because it's for two people but if it's just for one within obviously just use one egg and I'm going to be scrambling it up and the ball so next I want to move the race and veg over to one side turn the heat down on the pan and a sock every space to scramble your eggs pour it straight in and just keep scrambling the eggs just so that the do it stick to the pan this is a rubbish pani so doesn't work out for me so once the eggs are cooked you can just start to mix the race and and just kind of evenly distribute the eggs through it and that is that ready it so it's a really nice quick and simple lunch lots of colors or lots of vegetables and a really good one to have a mat that you can make up really quickly that's going to be one that I can also feed into lots of other flavors they added more spaces and some sauces and stuff as pink was on I really hope you enjoyed watching this video and you've got some good ideas from the news actually and we don't leave some other veggies like to all that I've done or and towards the meals I think what Oliver eats and the D and things like that if you want to watch the engine just click the links below don't forget to hit the subscribe button before you go and get this video a thumbs up and I see in the next one Hey


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