Today’s Takeaway: Mental Health At Risk? Act Now!

You have chosen to be homeless. Not really. But I’ve been staying with friends. The friends you meet at the Facebook. Total strangers are friends, right? Um, I don’t really feel comfortable with him being here. Okay, but you’re not running this, I am. So–
Right yeah. I understand. So, I have a question here. Why are you not taking care of your personal hygiene? I am. That’s his opinion. I mean, what issues–
When was the last time you had a bath or a shower? About yesterday, pretty much. So, yeah. And where was this? At the hotel we were staying at. And were you there when this took place? We had separate rooms. Her idea of a shower is not a shower. What’s your idea of a shower? Getting in the water and what most people would consider a shower, I guess. Uh huh. She just, it tends to mean–
How often do you shower? About once every other few days? But I mean– That’s not true. I’m not really comfortable with him being here, so– There’s some behind you there. So you need to either leave that or take it with you, one of the two. Okay, that’s fine. I’m not surprised. Yeah. In my opinion, she’s either lying to herself or she’s actually delusional. (clapping)
There are times when family members can get to a point that they’re really beyond you loving them out of the problems that they have. There just comes time where the problems get so complex, so layered and so deep that you’ve gotta call in reinforcements. You’ve gotta get professional help. You know, we try to support people. We try to love people. We try to help them where they can overcome obstacles or dig themselves out of holes. But then there are times where it actually rises to the level of a mental illness. Here’s the thing. I think that you are experiencing a lot of anxiety that’s expressing itself in a lot of different ways. There is a place here in California, in Pasadena, California that’s called Las Encinas and it is a private hospital and this is a place that provides medically supervised patient-centered treatment approach. The reason I don’t feel like that’s too necessary is because I thought that she, she’s the one, if anything, has told me to just sometimes either just go on the street or she has told me to live with friends. She’s not a professional. She’s a mother. Because what I’m doing is offering a healthy, therapeutic, supportive environment to give her a restart in her life. And I’m gonna ask that you at least go over there, meet them, and take a look around. Will you do that? Um… I don’t know. Right now, probably not.
Okay, well that offer, that offer expires today. And at that point, you need to not be in denial. You need to reach out and get professional help and maybe it starts with your family doctor, general practitioner. Maybe it starts with seeing a counselor at your church. Maybe it starts with your neighborhood corner psychologist or whatever. But when you are faced with that, it doesn’t get better with time, it gets worse. So, act on it quickly because habits have a way of entrenching themselves and the longer people live that way, the harder it is for them to redefine things. So, if you’re in that situation where you’re just not living in a functional way or somebody in your family is not, acknowledge it. Reach out, get help for it. Don’t let days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months or months turn into years while somebody wastes away their life energy. Get the help you need. (dramatic music)


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  3. What did she mean by friends??

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  7. I love watching Dr phil💓💜💚
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    Support me am a small youtuber

  8. Personal hygiene is one of the indicator used in psychological assessment

  9. Hey I’m 9th comment

  10. i have aspergers syndrome

  11. Lmfao 0:40
    They really just zoomed in on her rats nest in the back of her head
    I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣
    Looks terribly knotted .

  12. She's definitely a weird girl. Look at her hair. YIKES!

  13. How old is she?


  15. I think she has chosen just not to shower. 😂

  16. It must be severe the reason she won't shower and lie that she does regularly. She knows how. Maybe she has no access to one on the streets.
    Or maybe she feels safer being dirty. I can't imagine what happened but something bad must have happened for this outcome. I hope she connects with someone who will give her the help she needs.

  17. I get heart sore to see such people!

  18. But the topic the personal hygiene is a very embarrassing thing to talk about if not a scary and nerve racking

  19. Please brush your hair 😭😭😭

  20. He face be smooth as fvck yet I shower and still have acne🙄

  21. She has an underlining mental health condition. No matter what the cause she’s not competent to be making her own decisions right now. She needs to be in a safe, secure and caring environment.

    The parents are so caught up in themselves they didn’t even notice their child’s mental health was declining. Now she’s an adult and she needs support to get back to a new normal.

  22. i know someone who is mentally delusional, but he such incredibly smart man. he is wasting his life away now by not facing his truths and keeps me in a limbo by making more problems for me. i can say he is very delusional, and now he is facing charges from me because he never wanted to get help. It is sad to say that he had to be this way in order for me to get away from someone who mistreated me. mental illness can affect others too

  23. this girl is an entitled brat. deserves to be homeless. next

  24. Hello!

    – can i go to your program? i could use your help, or your questions.
    – i am too intelligent for no reason at all, I always get answers others can't.
    – I see life in a way I'm sure you have never heard before by a 40 years old man. (I've been here in USA two years, apologize my poor English)
    – all I've done is to have a lot of faith in GOD.
    – what if my brain can prove God's existence? can you try my case? I am an artist who has faith in himself and i want others to find faith in themselves.

    – do I have a mental illness??

    – I'll sound crazy and abstract, I AM GOD.

    -would you give me an interview? let's see how far my answers and my faith in me can get. I don't want you to heal me, I want you to prove me wrong.

    I AM GOD, you think we can talk in public and try to prove me crazy as the others guys you have heard before? I saw them, I'm honest i don't think I am crazy, I'm just way more smarter than them and than anyone you know.

    -I don't want money, I just want to prove what faith in yourself can make you achieve at any age anything your body allows you.

    by the way, to me Kanye West is my model to be a Messiah, he's already powerful enough and he does Gospel.

    I only will workship him!

  25. I really feel she either saw something in jail that traumatized her or she was assaulted in there. I feel awful for her 😥😥

  26. Regardless what kind of parents she has they love her . I think she has a chemical imbalance and it came on very slowly leading up to what it is and why she has these issues. Without bathing shower and hoarding things and keep in trash. Probably came very on her gradually where her parents didn't notice it. She is definitely sick who would want to live like that that is like a rebellious teenage girl. Hope she gets the help she needs

  27. My friend gained a lot of weight after she was assaulted. She told me she felt safer when she was gross. She has recovered, but it makes me wonder what happened to this girl in 2016

  28. Dirty nit filled cntif she dosnt want negativity then go wash that hair and smelly kitty girl. 💂👅

  29. Grilling her on showering was kinda rude. And embarrassing for a person with the mental capacity of a 12 year old

  30. When Lonni Willison became homeless, she stopped showering because she felt safer from the men. Maybe this girl has the same concern but doing extraodinarly well her job because she really looks repulsive

  31. Dr phil, thought you didn't put victims with abusers without their consent??? She said she didn't feel comfortable. This man was put in jail for assaulting the wife, and admitted to hitting his kid.. the tussle after he got up out of BED.
    You're a pro huh?

  32. I blame the mother.

  33. We need to improve our mental healthcare laws so parents can institutionalize their adult kids specially if they refuse treatment! Every spree killer in the USA has had some form of mental illness

  34. Praying she gets help. So sad!

  35. Why didn’t dr. Phil ask why she’s uncomfortable with that man there! Wtf this was not okay, these questions most likely made her feel attacked and uncomfortable

  36. A Few yrs ago i gone though trauma by me being abuse mental health hospital staff..
    I was looking back for 2+ years Whenever of how bad it went or thinking of my past i was angry a long time of how it was.. When i was Being in shower i was hanging head down for 3 hours often i Had Really bad anxiety & was angry in my mind eventuellty i Had some Really dark thoughts coming wish i could type it But its a bit too much for this comment section.. I quit showering for long time
    Btw ive gotten help nowdays with showering & brush teeth hygiene i have struggled with in The past until like 17 years old i guess learn how To
    Parents didnt tell me how/
    I moved in to special needs home/group home
    1 year ago and I improved a lot i am happier than bef4 But i dont think my self confidence is Really good.. But 2 week ago it was gonna change they said il be doin more things myself i then started yell Screaming Throwing all kitchen stuff on the floor btw i have mild Autism & Intelectual disability..
    I so Happy When ppl give me attention 😁
    I get thoughts to be homeless i run away from home sometimes avoid medicine ive quit medication now for 3 days

  37. I will gladly take the help offered? I suffer from depression and can not afford to pay for it

  38. I just want to smack that girl in the face and drag her to the treatment center, so annoying and entitled.

  39. How Dr. Phil how can ibget my adult son mental help when funds are super limited

  40. I don’t feel bad because the help was there and she was just like “nahhhhhh”

  41. I watch Dr. Phil religiously because with my genetics, I'll probably have kids with mental illness.

  42. It can be scary, to look at getting help, and especially to give up the kind of control that Dr. Phil asks his guests to give up for these kinds of programs. If she has issues with control because of trauma from jail… asking her to make a snap decision to go into an inpatient program is monumental. I'd bet anything she gets very, very little comfort in her life- and knowing that she's in control of it is one of those comforts- so asking her to give that up is a big deal. I hope eventually, she does get the help she needs and deserves- even if it's not with this show- and gets the stability in life she wants.

  43. Did she take the help?

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