Today’s pioneers in the healthcare sector – Richard Hanbury

at the moment summer relief is the first of its kind to be clinically validated solution for chronic pain the market the moment has implantable devices it has tens devices and it has a very large amount of pharmaceuticals but in terms of wearables that will allow anybody to manage their pain at home we are the only one son relief pain management does work for every person essentially any pain that can be reduced by someone being in a more relaxed state the device works but because the device in its essence is taking someone out of fight/flight out of extreme stress into rest and recovery so with this device this is the latest version the average person gets into a deep state of relaxation and about 10 minutes and it doesn't matter how much pain or stress you're in so things like meditation and trying to do this acupuncture is trying to do this but with the device you're basically having that given to you from an external thing without you having to do any effort which when you're in chronic pain or severe stress is really important [Applause]

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