*TMI Confessions!!* Birth Control, Lady Parts, Hypothyroidism Update & Supplements

hey guys welcome back to my channel so I wanted to jump on and kind of give you a big update about everything that's going on a lot of you know that about two months ago I went off birth control and it's been a whirlwind of a couple of months I've been sharing little bits and pieces on Instagram of like what I'm doing like how I'm kind of like adjusting and transitioning because I'm not going off birth control to try to get pregnant I'm still trying to avoid that right now and I've been on since I was like 15 so this video is gonna be very TMI like we're gonna be talking about some of the supplements I'm taking the experiences like things I've learned about my body because honestly I learned more about my body in the last two months and I have my entire life and there's a lot of things that like I have an experience because I've been on birth control for so long and it's a little weird so TMI time girl chat like we're gonna dive into it you guys gave me a bunch of questions you had on Instagram so I'll be answering those as well mom and dad if you're watching like this might be the time you want to stop because we're like we're really going after it you guys alright so I think we should start by chatting about birth control because that's been like the biggest thing that's changed the last two months and it all has to do with my thyroid and hormones and everything is all kind of intermixed together so for me I started on birth control when I was like 15 attacked my plants like 15 so I was having horrible ridiculous periods I think it's just that time in your life where like people start doing things and then you just feel like that's what you're supposed to do in normal I call it peer pressure or whatever this but that was kind of time and so like I didn't feel comfortable talking to my mom got it like I didn't know what a cyst you said a girlfriend who took me to get birth control I remember actually my mom saw me packing it to go to a friend's house for a sleepover and like oh my gosh I was in so much trouble but like my like earliest memory birth control but it was just like you start doing it I just started taking like I wasn't having sex at that time like anything it just was like oh I'm supposed to do this so I think that then as you get older you realize like okay well I've been taking it this whole time that's how you avoid getting pregnant and it makes my periods not as bad and it makes my me not as bad all of these things so I'm just gonna keep taking it so like fast-forward like 15 years later Here I am still taking birth control and adding this hormone into my body every single day and this last year I think I started really thinking about it more and more because for many of you that watching my other videos you know that this last year my thyroid has been the craziest has ever been I've been dealing with it since I was 11 but this last year all of a sudden my levels went crazy they were like all over the place no medications were working they kept like going up and down my testosterone levels like plummeted like way below normal for women and my body was just like nope like something's not working here and something is not right and it was like in February or so that I really seriously started like I've always told us an idea of going off birth control but again I think you get so terrified like you think that's the only way you're not gonna get pregnant and to be honest like I didn't have a good sex education growing up like I just I didn't know all the details I literally have learned more in this last like two months than my whole life um so I was so scared like so scared and the more women I talk to and the more people I realized like we're in the same position either terrified to go off it or some like that decided to finally do it had like amazing stories to share so before it like anything I do like I do like a lot of reading and research and I want to hear other women stories before I like dive into a big decision so I did and I'll show you guys a book I was reading Jillian Brighton's book beyond the pill and I had a friend recommend it to me and I didn't like read page page cover to cover crazy but I like really skimmed and went into the sections that I felt like we're most applicable for me to get the most information and there are some crazy side effects going off of birth control like you think they're side effects going on it going off especially after being on it for so many years it can really negatively impact your body things like like crazy mood swings depression hair falling out fatigue like all these things that I already deal with because I might hypothyroidism so I was like oh my gosh just sounds like hell like I don't want to do it plus I'm not trying to get pregnant I would really like to not get pregnant right now so that all these things like tie me no no no no but my body was telling me like yes because I realized I need I need my thyroid medication I'm on a charter right now on my body it's like been like happy the last few months which I don't think is a coincidence that finally my thyroid levels are evened out and I have been off birth control I think there's like a correlation there but anyway so I was like okay I have to take my thyroid I've tried doing like the natural healing of her thyroid thing in the past like I need a combination of good foods and thyroid medication so that has to say what doesn't have to say is this other hormone I'm putting in my body every single day so I did a lot of reading and then I decided like I'm gonna do it and it kind of actually was forced upon me because I was running out of my pack I was like on the last couple days of my pack on my period and I my insurance switched I was like I wasn't gonna be able to get it for like three more weeks and I was like well you know what I feel like this might be a sign that it's time to just bite the bullet go off birth control and give it a try so I did but there was a couple things I did to make sure like I was really really like focused and trying to take the best care of my body to avoid all the craziness cuz I did not want to be like having that so side effects going off of it so I'm gonna show you guys the supplements she recommended her book that I'm taking now I show these on Instagram sometimes to be honest I don't even know exactly what each one of them individually does totally but I do know they're supposed to help get rid of any like toxins in your body that leftover estrogen which can linger for like six months which is insane so I'll link these guys below for you I literally before this this is the only supplements I took everyday I took a multivitamin I took fish oil and I took a probiotic and those were like the only consistent things I took everything now I've like a whole little basket of tricks oh it's ridiculous so dim this is the one that supposed to help with acne because cystic acne especially going to off birth control is super super common like really bad hormonal I've only had like one bad sit so that's good and then glued Tesla glue to thawing glue the thawing and calcium D glue crate I might butcher those names but um taking these every day like really good for like free radicals and detoxifying your body let's just help get all that junk out when you're transitioning and help you avoid some of those side effects so I do really believe that those have helped a ton obviously keeping my nutrition on point keeping my workouts up so I actually haven't had that bad of experience I've had a lot of girls I've talked to go off the pill and their first like two or three months are horrible like hair is falling out all the things happening I haven't experienced that the only really bad thing that has happened bad thing is I've actually gotten my period and it's like it's making up for lost time so like the last year almost I've been on Lola West Rijn which is like a lower hormone one and that one I like literally never got my period I would get cramps kind of barely I would get bloated and like a little bit Moody but I would never actually fully get a period so the last two months like oh my gosh like I was in tears one night up for like three hours with the cramps from hell and just like so much happening that like I could not conceal like nothing could contain it I guess so bad but it no really weird kind of like twisted gross weight I guys like it was really nice because I'm like this is what your body's supposed to do like maybe not have that pain like that's part of getting rid of all those hormones you got to like balance back out but like I'm starting to have things happen in my body that's like what your body is supposted naturally do every month and I feel like truly I was like trapping myself like I feel like I was like a subdued version of myself and I was kind of like forcing my body to kind of be dormant if you will like just like lay low and be dormant in this place it was like not healthy for like mentally emotionally or physically I feel like I am so much happier it's like I have more energy I feel like my sex drive and libido and those things are like back to a healthy normal level where like birth control totally like takes those down my testosterone levels are back to a normal level like that's know Quinn's so that stuff is going back to a healthy level now that I took this hormone that don't eat out and out of the whole equation so to me that's been like really encouraging to see and like you saw friends and tell me like oh they know when they're ovulating or they know in these different times that their cycle were happening with her body and I'm like what are you talking about like I literally never knew what was happening in my body at all all of a sudden like the only way I knew was because I was on the brown pill like that's it literally so this has been a really nice to finally learn how my body works and like what all these cycles mean and do and again like all my levels are starting to normal like my thyroid levels like with my medication are finally like being in a healthy normal place and that's so exciting and and not to mention the fact that like for the most of my life I had tried so many different birth controls I did like nuvaring and literally I like panic attacks which I've heard like I know Ali had the same issue I tried another one where I literally literally literally literally a lot but it's true I got yeast infections every single month horrible yeast infections if you've ever had one you know they're the worst and it just was every single month like and I still thought that that was the answer to like what I was supposed to do I actually I guess I never even really thought about going off like it wasn't even an option that's just what you had to do and it's kind of crazy because now in adulthood doing more research learning and like educating myself on like on our cycle and what a cycle even does and how it like works I realize like there's literally oh my god I'm so sorry I won't say literally anymore I realized that there's really only a few days a month that your body can get pregnant like when you are ovulating and I didn't truly understand that before so I think it's a really educational it's been super enlightening and my body feels so much better really getting that out of my system I'm gonna show you guys an app I've been using to track my periods because that's my thought was like my biggest fear aside from all the side effects was like Ryan they're not ready to start a family right now I don't I don't want to get pregnant and I thought if I stop taking birth control like automatically that's what's gonna happen not the case and it's been really fun like this app really educates you this is not sponsored at all by the way like that'd be super cool if it was but it's not I just love this app and I had so many girlfriends telling me about it so I'm going to show you guys kind of what it does and then break down like the cycle because I'm sure I'm not the only woman in her thirties or any other time in life that didn't know all this stuff alright so the app I've been using is natural cycles and it comes with this nifty little thermometer and basically it tracks your cycle based on your temperature so it tells you if you're ovulating if you should expect your period if it's safe to have sex or if you should wait or use protection especially like if you're trying to avoid getting pregnant but it's also a really awesome tool if you're someone who's trying to get pregnant because then you can track that all know like when you should try that is the one thing I've learned as I've like gotten more into adulthood and gotten older is that it's actually a lot harder than you think it is when you're younger but obviously you have to be really safe and use protection so basically on the app it gives you a calendar overview and that has like red days and green days so green days are like you're in the clear you're not gonna get pregnant the red days are like use protection days and there's a lot of red day because it's trying to learn you so it's all day like no me or I don't even using it for like two months so it takes more time using and taking your temperature consistently for it to really trust start to track your cycle appropriately but you have to take your temperature first thing in the morning every morning and I don't do it 100% but I try to do it pretty consistently and then you log your temperature and that's how it starts to like track you and the algorithm starts to learn all of your cycle phases so okay the cool thing is in here it gives you like information about your different phases you guys I knew none of this none when I started and I am kind of embarrassed to say that being in the health and fitness space as a professional but like I never really went into any of like women's health this deep and it's I don't know it's sad that I missed out on knowing this for so long cuz I feel like I could have avoided taking birth control for years um how do I prepared myself but I also don't that I was in the right mental space to like put this much effort into it in the past either so and even shows you and here like everything you need to know about the different phases so after you finish your period you then go into the follicular phase and that's the first phase of your cycle so your temperature is a lot lower during this time and you also experience like an increase in the estrogen so that's kind of happens like for your first phase and that's usually about two weeks a little more than two weeks and then your second phase is the luteal phase and a little phase is where you're gonna have an increase in progesterone hormone that causes your temperature to rise and this happens after ovulation so like you have your period then for like about two weeks you have the follicular follicular phase and then you have ovulation for like four to five days or so and then you go into luteal phase um and I think know that there was these different phases and that your body was like making all of these changes during this time and it's so cool to like be able to track that and experience it now like trying to avoid getting pregnant but then at the time that right and I do want to start a family like I feel like I'm gonna be so empowered and have like such a cool tool to be able to know like all right it's go time like this is like the best time to like try to make that happen if that's something that's meant for us um so it's like I don't know it just gives you a ton of like great information and I think that that's been like the biggest thing for me I had to feel like I had some type of power and control over the situation if I was gonna like release some control by going off birth control so I think an app like that there's a lot of different ones out there this one I think is the only one that's technically like FDA approved as a form of birth control which is really cool because it's like so the algorithm is so good on it but there's a lots of different ones and then I started getting like ovulation stick so like tests to see if I'm actually ovulating or not to like be able to track that as well so I can learn my body even better I don't know it's just really cool it's been like weird having my body go through like these different changes and like I said like I like now I get what women say when they like know they're ovulating like there's different feelings and things that start happening that you've noticed when that the case and although it's like kind of odd like it's also a really amazing experience to feel like so in touch with your body and to feel like you kind of have a piece of yourself back but I felt like I was missing for a while like I really felt kind of like muted and subdued and maybe it's like partially placebo mental thing also just like taking not control back but either way like I loved it and it's been like a really cool experience so I'm excited to see what kind of happens over the next couple months if it gets like even easier to transition if the periods don't get as intense and crazy like that would be awesome and then I just is gonna show you guys real fast cause we're getting ready to go to Colorado tomorrow this is my baby bag because we're literally going for one night some of my like must have other supplements and things I've been taking and I'm gonna take with me because they've been kind of lifesavers so I haven't shown love wellness a lot and absolutely just love them this is their mood pill so it's all natural stuff like magnesium which like we know it's like a good like natural muscle relaxer but it's just like supposed to help your mood so you're just chill again my hormones are still trying to figure out what like what's going on with them so hopefully that'll help and then this light out again more magnesium and this one too to help you sleep magnesium it's also really really good if you have cramps like take it so this is gonna like help just like chill you out allow you to sleep and we bring my cordyceps and we go to like Colorado or anywhere cuz they help with altitude and bringing those and then luckily I have not actually had a yeast infection and so long but my body's definitely prone to them and like I told you like when I was on that one birth control I got him so often and they can happen like when your hormones and your ph balance is like out of whack so I'm just like trying to be real prepared knowing that my body is going through a thing right now so this is a lab wellness killer it's a little depository to help if you feel like you're getting a yeast infection to avoid it because no one wants one of those on vacation I mean it's only one night vacation but still like just stay prepared um and I think that's kind of my main oh I have to show you guys this cute little because I'm taking all these supplements now I got this cute little it's like a count watermelon grapefruit take a little grapefruit pill dispenser on Amazon so I'll link that down below for you guys to okay and then lastly because a lot of you asked about my thyroid medication just a little update about where I'm at so again I just finally got the like everything's good and balanced happy and pleased whatever update so I'm currently taking 120 mg of nature thyroid um yes I spell my name wrong I just realized read so that's the thyroid when I'm on a lot of you guys asked me about like to eating food or caffeine or supplements or things in the morning so I normally take that when I wake up like to go to the bathroom at like 4:00 a.m. or something if I think about it I'll just take it then so I don't disturb or II in the morning but that one actually you don't have to wait the like four hours before eating or anything it's like one hour before you have food and then four hours before calcium supplements so you don't wanna put any like calcium supplements but I usually have a couple hours before I have like almond milk or cashew milk in my coffee which my doctor said it was totally fine so I'll do that and then I've been trying to do more of a decaf coffee instead of a full like caffeinated one and that's like for two reasons one caffeine is like not your best friend with the right thyroid issues so I have a cold I'm like a little congested but to also just like hormonal II and going off birth control and stuff like I just want to like let my body be it's like most natural state and not add a bunch of like stimulants to it especially taking other just like supplements and stuff so I've been trying to at least you like a half-caf just to be like a little bit more chill and see how everything goes alright so the very last thing I want to show you is a supplement I take to help with my thyroid and I just I don't take this every day I take it when I think about it I try to take it daily just as always happen but I will say first and foremost this is something my doctor told me was okay for me with my specific thyroid and my medication it is not for everyone and like everything there's going to be tons of mixed research on everything you ever read any supplement because they're not FDA regulated because everyone's unique and different like it's not a one-size-fits-all so some will say don't take anything with actual ganda my doctor and everyone I've talked to said it's fine so I take this little thyroid strength and it helps maintain healthy thyroid strength and balance so it has like iodine zinc selenium which is super important Brazil nuts are a great snack that have a lot of selenium if you guys need a something to add into your nut mix copper holy basil a few other organic kelp other things that are supposed to really help with thyroid function brain function cognitive like everything so yeah that's kind of a long long short update of everything that's going on on my thyroid stuff so end of the day like I'm so happy I would offer birth control I know it's gonna be a little bit of a journey I'm still trying to grow my hair out here oh that's what I should show you guys okay one last thing I promise this is it um so with all my thyroid and all my stuffy not a walk like cuz that's the biggest thing I notice is just like my hair's been kind of thinning and I hate it so I've been taking this guy nutri full every single day mostly if I remember I'm trying to take it every single day adds like biotin more selenium and other things in there that's supposed to be helpful to so that just started like two weeks ago so we will see like I don't know if it's gonna make a difference or not but I feel like might as well try it's not gonna hurt anything it's totally fine for my body so we can give it a go and see if it helps some like why not like then just better chances of feeling better getting my hair to grow back super healthy and strong and get all these freaking hormones figure it out are you guys so if you like that video if you found this like helpful if you want more of these just check in sharing what's happening updates and sharing all my like TMI business like it so the give it a little click and comment below any questions you guys have because honestly like this is how I know what videos to make like if you like it if you want more of it then I will if you're like not so much Katie then I will but it's super helpful so I love you guys so much have an amazing week I'll see you next week bye


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  14. Disclaimer: This is all anecdotal evidence. This is her experience and should NOT replace the advice of your health care professional. Also for everyone considering taking any of the supplements she recommended, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist first! The Mood pills contain St. John's Wort, which is a natural health product with activity similar to antidepressants, and has LOTS of serious drug interactions! Just because it's "natural" doesn't mean it's safe!

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