#TIU31 Vlog! Snapchat, our daily workouts and healthy meals!

every today I am shooting everything for the 31 day challenge meet up with Freitas Haiti for a new color we're gonna do class and they're giving get over here girls I'll get to it too yeah good job killing it this Stacy feels about the daily mode and your hamstrings are tight how are you doing that good job girls farmers market so we always like to walk down what are you gonna get killed my farmers market lunch sign I got seaweed salad ahi folky I always get the miso dressing but this is a new one I'm excited to try its ginger dressing it's just that chill broth ginger apple cider and pear juice these are perfect to take home for all the meal prep during the challenge Salty's and salad so Sarah and I are doing the daily moves get it girl and Winston they doing them too yeah cat I think you need to clean your windows Winston this is not time for kisses he's all been there great for any of you that are looking for these workouts just go to torn up that comm slash daily workout and grab hair demos or my mother you can have it finished 31 reps anything break and then finish the whole set and if you need to drop your weights down and I just finished my daily move 31 reps each and today those hee-haws and jungkook's really godly you can get your daily workout from your phone or your laptop you just go to turn up calm click daily workouts yesterday we also posted a new video explains your daily workout and um did you see this okay free dinner at our favorite spot work it we're headed home to have some pancake yeah for the 31 day challenge day for m5 it says we can all make our favourite put it up nutrition plan to proof no I'm actually making last night salmon bake because it wasn't able to make it and my number one salad tip is to chop with fish and cheers it's so good it makes it so much easier to eat like a chopped salad and you end up eating way more greens tonight Bobby has requested a trade in ER from the TI you 31-day which challenge plan you get to choose your veggies your protein and then what seasonings I like yeah that's a good one mushrooms what's your protein oh I thought you were gonna have skunk us examine what owned it up tre dinner going in it cook for 20 minutes and we Freddie dinner is ready YUM not only does it look amazing but the house was incredible thank you tonight dinner is a tier used by an approved meal and we're also doing dinner what's your favorite design website Bobby and I are these damping I need some help I want modern and the meat we did it check in today tiu 31 and we'll be looking out for you girls and love you so much


  1. Is there some reason you tend to record vertically?

  2. Bobbie is adorable! You guys fit together so well 🙂

  3. You know they totally jack up the price for that Farmer's Market 🙂 Good stuff though. I think the Hermosa one is better for value…

  4. I love your Snap chats K&K <3 I've been loving how often you've been doing them for the TIU Challenge, and thinking about doing a few vlogs about doing the TIU Challenge myself. <3 you girls!

  5. z gallerie it up, jonathan adler style but slightly cheaper- you guys are adorbz!!!!!

  6. Love your videos! Inspiring my own channel (:

  7. OMG my dog does the exact same thing Winston does! SO CUTE THOUGH XD

  8. Karena, where did you buy your robe?

  9. love you guys, you guys keep me motivated

  10. this was really cute and motivational you guys have such bubbly personalities and the positive energy you bring in your workout videos shines through in all other aspects of what you do and I really want to thank you for not only inspiring me to be better in all aspects of life but showing me how to as well through your complete embodiment of what it means to be healthy and happy and live balanced. love you girls xxx

  11. you ladies are amazing, so inspiring.

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