Tips to Help You Start Exercising

We all promise ourselves that from tomorrow we will exercise. However, when tomorrow comes, we end up giving some excuse and avoid exercising. We keep postponing our workouts and then months, years pass by and we haven’t exercised. You all know this. If you do not exercise, then you become weak, the body is unhealthy and prone to sickness. But if you want to lose weight and be healthy then you have to exercise. There is no othert option. You have to exercise. Exercise comes with a set of essential Dos and Don’ts. Many are confused and afraid that they may exercise incorrectly and injure themselves. Everyone experiences this. If you do it in the right way then it will make you healthy. Here are some simple tips to help you start working out. 1. Start slow and set realistic goals We decide that today we will exercise very hard and with full determination. This is not right. You must start out slow. Start exercising for 15 minutes and gradually increase the duration. Have realistic goals. You may want to lose weight quickly and become fit. That is impossible. For example, when you start walking you should be completing 5 rounds of a park but you push yourself to 20-30 rounds and run more. The next day you are exhausted, your body hurts and avoid working out for a week due to this. Do you know that over exerting your body takes weeks for it to recover. After this the mind just doesn’t want to exercise. In the end it is your loss. So remember when you start, start out slow. Start with 15 minutes and gradually increase the duration. Set realistic goals. Weight-loss is a long term process and it is slow. Eventually you will become fit. 2. Always stay hydrated You all know that Drinking water is very important. While exercising, you have to keep seeping water. While exercising you cannot drink the whole bottle of water at a time. While exercising keep sipping on water. When you finish exercising take some rest & make sure you drink water. This is because while exercising you sweat if you do not drink water, the body becomes dehydrated. The body’s immunity reduces. To avoid body ache, drink water and remain hydrated. 3. Mind your nutrition We all want six pack abs. So if you want six pack abs, you would go to the gym and workout. No. Food is more important. You need to eat and workout inorder to get abs. Just going to the gym and praying for a fit body won’t work. If you want to lose weight, skipping your meals or fasting will not work. Selecting the right food are healthy, having a balanced diet and exercise regularly altogether will keep you fit. 4. Exciting Activities To exercise you all go to gym, you can also try yoga, Zumba, cycling, go for a trekk, Try different forms of exercises to keep you motivated. If you do the same exercise you may get bored. Try different forms of exercises so that you enjoy and continue working out and remain healthy. 5. Exercise Buddies This is really good. Sometimes exercising, swimmimg or cycling alone can feel boring. Have a exercise buddy. So whenever you feel like skipping a workout your friend will motivate you. For example, if you are running you may think of stopping after running 3 laps and say we will run tomorrow. Your friend will encourage you to run 5 more laps. This competition will excite and motivate you. You will continue exercising and remain healthy. This is why it is better to exercise with a friend. Aren’t these five points easy? You all should follow them. You all must remember, exercising is very important. It will help you be healthy. Start out with exercises that last for 15 minutes, then slowly keep increasing the duration. If you exercise regularly and body hurts then take a day off. There is no problem in that. If you are lazy to do workout, then switch to another form of exercise like swimming, cycling or Zumba. Do anything but don’t miss your workout. Sometimes we are so busy, that we forget to exercise. Ask yourself, did I do any exercise today? You can not lie to yourself. If the answer is nothing, then at least go out for a walk. In a day you must do some form of exercise. If you respect your body, it will protect you from sickness. You will remain healthy. So keep exercising.


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