Tips for managing mental well-being with PsA

So firstly I think it’s really important
just to recognise how important mental well-being is in this condition. It’s very
confronting and really difficult to be diagnosed with a condition like PsA and
really it can be a major upheaval. So I think firstly we just need to recognise
that; and that people do often need help managing their mental well-being,
either through their doctors, their support network, their loved ones and perhaps
even through social media support networks. I think I like to
encourage things like meditation to help with stress, to help sleep. Sometimes
people will need more professional advice when it comes to
mental well-being. Seeing a good psychologist or other health
professional, I think it’s really great to have not just your immediate family
and friends in terms of a social network but I think if you can establish a
larger social network, such as sort of Facebook groups or even in person PsA groups; I think that that can be really helpful
to improve mental well-being.

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