Tips for good dental health


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  5. Hello doctor , thanks for this video , plz can i translator to Arabic & share

  6. Great! This tips is very useful. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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  9. Any orthodontist here for me?

  10. Great video – informative and straight to the point.

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  13. Proper dental care may sound simple but it takes a lot more to protect your teeth.

  14. This video helps in giving light to proper dental care.

  15. Thank you for sharing this! Really straight forward yet very helpful. Keep it up.

  16. Really useful tips! This is indeed helpful for viewers to be aware of proper oral hygiene.

  17. Thanks for sharing.  Proper oral hygiene is extremely important to your health and well-being, no matter your age.

  18. Short but meaningful! Good Job CNN.

  19. Great! This tips is very useful. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  20. Awesome! Thanks for the wonderful tips. It's really a big help. Good Job!

  21. Great video! As a dentist I encourage my patients to do the items you've identified in this video. Thanks for sharing.

  22. too much of anything is bad. Too much salt is bad, too much potassium is bad, too much alcohol is bad, even too much water can cause kidney failure.
    Fluoride in city water supply is monitored and controlled to be at optimal level, much safer than drinking bottle water or well water.
    American Heart Association released a report last month saying there's NO causative effect between periodontal disease and heart disease. Look it up. Don't be misinformed.

  23. What they won't tell you is that excessive fluoride is lethal to humans( fluoride poisoning).
    The water you drink is full of fluorine,just as tooth pastes and mouth wash contains high amounts of fluoride.
    Brushing your teeth properly once a day is enough.
    To keep good mouth dentin, just rinse your mouth after eating especially acidic foods.
    Visit your dentist at least once in 90day for dental check ups.
    Finally Bad oral hygiene is bad for the heart

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