Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids! I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. All you’ve got to do is copy the
moves I do and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always start
in the same way and that’s by sitting
on our bottoms and crossing our legs and bringing our hands
together at our hearts and saying our secret
yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste There! Now we’re ready to begin. So let’s have a look
through the cosmonoculars and see who we’re
off to meet today. Joining your thumbs
and fingers together have a look through Wow! Look at those colours. They’re all spinning around those shapes, it’s amazing. Oh! look, can you
see the picture? It’s a tiny T-Rex. It’s Tiny, the Baby T-Rex. Hello Tiny! Oh! what’s Tiny doing? He’s doing yoga. He’s doing woodchopper pose. This is so exciting. We are off to meet
Tiny the T-Rex He’s a young T-Rex pretty much the
same age as you and to go and visit Tiny we have to go back in time by
about a hundred million years. Now, here’s the big secret. To go back in time we have to cross
over a rainbow. First we have to
make a rainbow and for that we need
Sun and rain. Let’s start with the Sun. Coming up to stand reach your arms
up to the sky and say hello to the Sun Hello Sun! Now fold all the way forwards bending your knees a little bit and say hello
to the earth Hello Earth! Take one big ginormous
step back behind you and start your
Sun engine with a… Beep! Beep! Now, take your other leg back come down onto your belly hands under your shoulders untuck your toes and lift yourself
up like a snake Hissssssss! Tuck your toes lift your bottom
up to the sky let’s hear your
woofy dog sound Woof-Woof! Woof-Woof! Woof! Lift up one of your legs and give it a wag like a tail and step it between your hands Starting your Sun engine
on the other side Beep! Beep! Step your other leg forwards and say hello to
the earth again. Hello Earth! And reach all the
way up to the Sun and say hello to the Sun. Hello Sun! And there it is. Now we need the rain. Let’s use our fingers to pitter-patter
on our heads and on our faces. Oh! What lovely rain. Let’s go to our chests
and our tummies and all the way down
on our legs to our feet. Can we come back up
again and do our arms? Oh! Brilliant rain and the other arm and look, in the sky
we’ve made a rainbow. This is what we’re going
to cross to go back in time. Come back to your two knees and stretch one leg
out to the side. Take your arms wide and drop down
your hand beside you. Then reach your other
arm up and over your ear making your rainbow pose. Now, we need to do it on the
other side to make a full rainbow. So we come back
to two knees again. We stretch our other
leg out to the other side and our arms out wide. We drop down onto
our hand beside us and we reach our other
arm up and over our ear looking up to the sky
like a brilliant rainbow. Oooh! Brilliant. This is going to be
our bridge back in time. Sitting down on our bottoms bend your knees feet flat hands behind you as we lift up our bottoms
making our bridge we cross over and go back in
time to the time of the dinosaurs. Coming up to stand everyone. Wow! Up ahead we see
Egg Mountain. This is where
Tiny the T-Rex lives. We stand very still
and tall like a mountain taking in the world as it looked
back in the time of the dinosaurs. There’s so much water and look, all the green it’s amazing. Let’s climb up this mountain
now and go find Tiny. We take big steps up
the side of the mountain. Coming all the way back take a big step
forward with your foot big step and back and do it on the other side Big step and back. Can we do it again? Big step and last time big step and all the way back. Look, we made it to the egg patch, the dinosaur egg patch. Sitting down on your bottoms bend your knees and hug your arms
around your legs. Now can you lift up your toes and balance on your
bottom like a little egg. Well done, everyone! Now all of these eggs
look like they’ve cracked. That means all the
dinosaurs have hatched and look, here comes
Tiny the T-Rex clomping towards us making his Tiny the T-Rex sound. Standing all the way up take your feet wide and fold forwards
taking hold of your ankles and let’s do some clumping. Clump! Clump! Clump! Clump! He makes his
little T-Rex sound Ah! Aaaaahhh! and he comes up to stand giving us a ginormous hug. Oh! lovely to see you Tiny. Hooray, you’ve made it. I’m so glad. Let’s go and celebrate and go to the candy cave and get some lovely
candies and sweeties my favorites or the Dino pops. Well, we didn’t know that dinosaurs
like candy and sweets, did we? Hm! But we’ll go and
celebrate with Tiny. Here we are at the candy cave take your arms out and up above your head
coming into your cave pose Inside we find it buzzing with lots
and lots of bees, honey bees. Crossing your legs
and sit yourself down take your fingers
close your ears and hum. Huuuummmmmmmm! Wow! That was a really
good buzzy bee sound and look, Tiny asks
for his sweeties. Oh! please could I have some
of the Dino pops, please? And the bees wrap him up a whole bag of the
Dino pops in a nice leaf. Wrap them up. We say namaste to the bees. One Two Three Namaste Outside the candy cave we take a little seat
on a broken branch. Lying all the way
down on your back stretch your arms
out to the side and lift up your knees Take your knees
over to one side and your head
over to the other. Then take your legs up
and over the top over to the other side and your head over
to the opposite side. This is a wonderful
broken branch and we can sit here with
Tiny and have a lovely chat. Coming up onto your feet we’re going to squat
all the way down bringing our elbows
inside our knees where we can
share the Dino pops with our friend,
Tiny the T-Rex Mmm! So what’s it
like being a dinosaur? Well, it’s pretty cool actually. I’ve even got a wobbly tooth. Huh! We know all about
wobbly teeth, don’t we? It’s really cool when
you get your first one. Having a wobbly tooth
is lots of fun. Hmm! But the only
problem is, he says still eating the Dino pops I keep getting a tooth ache. I don’t know why. Well, hmm! We look at him eating
those Dino pops and we wonder whether
they might be the reason he might be getting holes
and cavities in his teeth. We also wonder whether he knows how
to look after his teeth like we do. Maybe we should take him to go and
visit someone with big teeth like him who can show him how. We go down into
the shallow water where we meet
Colonel Crockles the Crocodile. Lying on our sides make your body
as long as it can go and your arms up
above your head open and close your arms
making big crocodile jaws. Oh hello, have you come
to see my lovely teeth? Well I went to visit Dr. Flossie,
the lovely dentist who showed me how to clean them
every morning and every night also how I need to stay away
from the sugary things and I now have some little helpers
who help me keep my teeth clean. Come and have a look. Oooo! We prepare ourselves
to come and have a look into Colonel Crockles’ mouth. Coming back onto our knees we tuck our toes and sit back getting ready to
head into his mouth. Hmm! Coming onto all fours we have a little look. Wow! Inside Colonel Crockles
the Crocodile’s mouth are lots and lots of
tweety plover birds. Coming up to your knees arms wide wrap them around
and go… Tweet! Tweet!
Tweet! Tweet! They’re pecking away and cleaning
Colonel Crockles’ mouth getting all of those
sugar bugs and bits and bobs
and goo out of them. Maybe Tiny the T-Rex
could do with some of these. In fact we think we should
take Tiny to go and visit Dr. Flossie, the dentist. We head on through
the undergrowth. Coming up to stand
back into your dinosaur pose folding all the way forward take hold of your ankles
and clump away Clump! Clump! Clump!
Clump! Clump! Clump! We arrive at the gum tree where Dr. Flossie, the dentist,
has her dental practice. Bringing your feet one foot on top
of the other using your heel hands together at your heart grow your gum tree
up nice and tall and can you do
a lovely big smile. Dinggggg! Very nice. Let’s try our gum tree
on the other side. Bringing your other foot
on top now using your heel hands together grow your tree up
nice and tall let’s open our
branches this time and another big smile. Dinggggg! Lovely! We take a seat in
the waiting area. Coming down to
sit on our bottoms bending our knees wrap your arms
around your legs and lift up your toes balancing in your egg pose because Tiny huddles up he’s a bit nervous
about being here he’s never been to
the dentist before. He’s not feeling
very happy about it but we tell him as long as
you stay calm it’ll be fine. The dentist is always very gentle
and will make your teeth feel better. It’s time for Tiny’s appointment. So he takes a seat
in the dentist’s chair. Coming up to stand lift your arms up to the sky then bend your knees like
you’re sitting down in the chair. In comes Dr. Flossie, the dentist who is in fact a crab. Sitting down on your bottom bend your knees feet flat hands behind you lift yourself up She digger diggers
into Tiny’s mouth. Digger! Digger! Digger!
Digger! Digger! Digger! counting all the teeth then she digger diggers
the other way checking them for
holes and cavities Digger! Digger! Digger!
Digger! Digger! She sits herself down and uses one of her claws to have a little clean of
all of those sugar bugs. Mmm! She gets them all out. Ehe! Ehe! Ehe!
Ehe! Ehe! Ehe! Then she uses her other claw
to wobble Tiny’s wobbly tooth Ooo-oooh! Ooo-oooh! Huh! And all of a sudden
it comes out. Tiny didn’t even notice. She sits up and she says Tiny, now you need to clean your
teeth every morning and every night and try to stay away from
too many sugary things. We don’t want holes
and cavities in your teeth and here is your
wobbly tooth you might want to put it
under your pillow tonight. Mmm! We say namaste to
Dr. Flossie, the dentist Namaste And on our way back
to the egg patch we help Tiny make
a ginormous toothbrush. Turning around to
sit the other way stretch your legs out long. We take some of the
ferns from the ground fern bushes to make the brush give your foot a little wobble that can be the ferns we attach them to
a ginormous stick. Stretching your leg
all the way up that can be the handle
for the toothbrush. This is the most ginormous
toothbrush we’ve ever seen. We then teach Tiny our
special teeth cleaning song. Holding on to your foot. I’ll sing the first line
and then you sing it back. Ready? Brush brush brush your teeth! brush them every day! Your turn! Next line. If you do not brush your
teeth they will rot away! Yey! Well done everyone! Let’s try it on the other side putting that foot down take hold of the other one and let’s do our
toothbrush move again. Ready? Brush brush brush your teeth
keep them nice and clean! Your turn! Next line… If you do not brush your teeth
they’ll turn brown and green Eeeeh! Your turn! Yey! Well done everyone! We put the toothbrush down and we’ve arrived back
at the egg patch. Bringing your knees up hug them round and lift up your
toes to balance. Huh! Oh! Tiny shows us his
bedroom in the moss it’s really cool. Now we explain about
the Tooth Fairy or should we call
her the Dino fairy who might come tonight
to get Tiny’s tooth? We show Tiny
what she looks like by doing our
fairy dancer move. Coming up to stand we take one arm
to the side and the other
arm to the sky. We hold our foot
in our hand and we start to… Kick! Kick! Kick!
Kick! Kick! lifting it up behind us trying not to wobble and we put it all
the way down. Well done everyone! Let’s try it on the other side. Turning the other way hand to the side other arm to the ceiling Let’s take hold of our foot
in our hand and start to kick focus on a spot
in front of you Kick! Kick! Kick!
Kick! Kick! Try not to wobble. Yey! And bring your foot
all the way down. Well done, everyone! Now, we dig a little hole under
Tiny’s pillow for the tooth to go. Turning to the side take your feet wide crisscross your fingers
behind your back and after three we’re going
to fold forward and dig. Ready? One Two Three Dig! and up and again One Two Three Dig! and one last time
coming all the way up. Ready? One Two Three Dig! Then we crouch all the
way down on our toes as we put the little tooth or should we say the
big tooth into the hole Whoooooo! It makes us think if we found this tooth back in
our time it would be a fossil. Cool. Huh! Look, it’s starting
to rain again. Coming up to stand using your fingers to pitter-patter
all over your head and your face and look the Sun is
still high in the sky. So let’s reach up to the
Sun and say hello, Sun. Hello Sun! Huh! That means our
rainbow is here. We better catch it
so we can get home. We give Tiny a great
big hug goodbye We’re really glad we helped him
have his first visit to the dentist and we go catch our rainbow. Coming back to two knees take your leg to the side your arms out wide drop down to your hand and stretch your arm up
and over your ear like a beautiful rainbow. Then come back
to two knees arms wide stretch that leg
to the side and drop down onto your
hand on the other side. Then lift your arm up
and over your ear looking up to the sky another big beautiful rainbow. Wow! We cross over
making a bridge. Sitting on our bottoms bend your knees feet flat hands behind you and lift yourself up
into your bridge pose. Oh! Wow! We get back
to our own time and we let our bottoms
drop down to the floor. Hah! We’re so glad to be home we stretch our legs down in
our lovely lovely cozy beds and we get ourselves
feeling lovely and comfy letting our arms rest
down by our sides. We close our eyes and we think back to that
moment in the waiting room where we helped Tiny
learn how to be calm and we breathe slowly now [Breathe In] [Breathe Out] so that we can bring that calmness
back into our bodies right now. Oh! It feels very good to be
this calm and this clear. We’ve had such fun in
our adventure today meeting Tiny the T-Rex Colonel Crockles Egg Mountain Dr. Flossie and helping our
lovely friend Tiny with his first appointment
to the dentist his wobbly tooth. It’s good that we know all about
how to keep our teeth clean and that it’s good we don’t
eat too many sugary things and juices and fizzy drinks we don’t really want holes
and cavities, do we? So we look after our teeth. We take some deep breaths [Breathe In] [Breathe Out] and then it’s time for us
to start to wake up. Wiggling our toes and then our fingers and then bringing our
knees up to our chest giving them a little cuddle Ooh! That’s nice. and then rolling
over onto our sides to come up to sit with our legs crossed and our hands together
at our hearts to say our secret
yoga codeword to finish just like
we always do. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste Well done, everyone! That was great. Thanks for coming to visit
Tiny the T-Rex with me. You were amazing. Come back soon for
another Cosmic Kids adventure. Bye-bye!


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