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welcome to jivayogalive I’m Hillary in
this video we’re going to talk a little bit about tightness and your hip flexors
what are some of the symptoms causes and solutions we’re going to talk about some symptoms
of tight hip flexors so first of all what are hip flexors they’re a group of
muscles they’re located at the tops of the thighs that help give the body the
legs range of motion they help us be able to lift our knees and bend at the
waist and create flexion the opposite of flexion is extension and when we’re
feeling really tight in these muscles we’re not able to extend fully or if we
if we do extend fully we often end up with injury because of lack of
flexibility in these muscles so what are some symptoms of some of the tightness
that you might be experiencing the most common symptom of tight hip flexors is
definitely pain in the lower back especially after activities where you’re
spending a lot of time bending lifting jumping or running perhaps you’re a
runner do a lot of exercise this gives a lot of stress on the hip flexors and
when they’re shortened when they’re not properly stretched even these simple
activities can be quite burdensome on the hip flexors another hip hip flexor
symptom could be pain in the groin area and the inside of the hips that might
result in sensations of cramping or even causing you to be limping while you’re
walking this is going to be some attention that’s really needed for
stretching stretching the hip flexors and a little test that you can do to
determine how tight how short are your hip flexors is simply just lay down on
the ground into a shavasana into a corpse pose
and then just notice how much of an arch you’re having in the lower spine how far
your spine is coming off of the mat if you’re able to just relax the spine
neutrally it’s really indicative that you have a nice openness and your hip
flexors if there’s a lot of curvature in the
spine it could mean that your hip flexors are pretty tight it might be
time to give them a little more attention so what are the causes of
tight hip flexors well like we mentioned at the beginning of the video it’s
related to an extended time of flexion of flexed muscles and
this happens in the hip flexors when we’re spending a lot of time seated so
this could be a symptom you’re having if you spend a lot of time at a desk if
you’re spending eight to ten hours a day seated at a desk or driving in a car
that’s definitely working on your hip flexors it’s not allowing them to open
to be extended they’re always tight and flexed if you’re spending a lot of time
doing explosive movements without properly stretching this could be
martial-arts it could be dancing it could be sprinting if you’re not doing
proper stretching with these explosive movements it might be causing the
muscles to stay flex to stay tense and then resulting in pain that we’ve
discussed so there’s no one specific reason for tight hip flexors and equally
there’s no one solution the best way to approach this problem is through a
holistic holistic approach seeing the whole body as an opportunity to open
more you know what’s good for your legs is going to be good for your arms what’s
good for the hips is going to be good for the spine and it all works together
so just finding ways to create more movement throughout your day to create
some gentle stretching if you’re spending a lot of time sitting you know
just take a minute just a minute to stand up do some some little hip circles
some some static in place lunges a little raise the arms above the head
anything you can do to just give yourself a little more mobility if you
create this if you work this into your daily routines overtime you’re
definitely going to create more flexibility and the more flexibility you
have the more range of motion the less tightness you’re going to experience and
the less pain you’ll experience as well the hip flexors are a large group of
muscles and that means that when we’re not paying attention to them and giving
them the attention that they need what happens is they can pull lots of things
out of alignment and that’s just going to result in more problems of imbalance
and pain so I highly encourage you if you feel like you’re having tightness in
your hip flexors to really incorporate one or two movements into your day be
consistent with it and see what happens and
one or two weeks how you’re feeling and if you’re feeling more open more relaxed
and with Lex less pain thanks for joining us here at geo yoga live I hope
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